Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Another Christmas Holiday has come and gone.... happy. sad. happy. sad. happy....
It's seem as each year passes the more vividly I can remember last years' Christmas and other holidays... as if it was literally just a month ago and not a whole entire YEAR.
I guess this is proof that the older you get the faster time flies.

I've never been a huge holiday fanatic, and I think it's because of how commercialized they have become ( especially Christmas) When stores are having Christmas sales in June and stacking all the Holiday "must haves" floor to ceiling the very second November rolls into town .... ehh.
It just puts a slight damper on my "holiday spirit" much to early! annnnd then the Music. I refuse to take notice of ANY of this until December 1st. Otherwise I might turn into a Grinch!! ha ha

This year I realized what I truly love about Christmas. ( besides the reason for this season!)
and I suppose it's just something that comes with growing up.. you see things in a different light then you did before, I've come to appreciate so much more of it and enjoy the process of it all rather then just the end result. I appreciate everything my parents did to make the day possible, the work and thought that was put into each gift. It's a weird weird feeling when you suddenly realize you've changed in some way, not who you are as a person but when you jump from one phase of your life to another... it can make your head spin when you try to catch up!

I love home and the families. I love how my family has little traditions that we do every year... Like having a xmas cookie baking day, watching the Preacher's Wife and Holiday Inn on Christmas Eve, and then White Christmas and It's a Wonderful Life on Christmas day, I love how we all grow even closer to each other, how we sleep in late on Christmas Day and then eat a big hearty breakfast before opening the presents, I especially loved watching my younger siblings experience it all as the day unfolds...... and how I used to light up just like they did and try to contain my present opening excitement while the parents took their time eating breakfast... don't they know we eat breakfast every day... can't they go FASTER so we can get to the GOOD part!!!??? Ha ha, and now I'm one of them who is actually taking her time at breakfast and chatting away.

So I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas Season, whether you are a slight Grinch or a huge fanatic.

Picture via weheartit because I just think it's adorable.

Thursday, December 23, 2010


So I'm in the process of a total complete imightjustbecrazy blog makeover.
{let me know what you think???}

I've missed this, and it's been far too long since I typed in a little blog box.
A lot happened this past semester { for one thing I realized my brain can only hold so much information at one time!) and now I feel I'm on the edge of changed and changes to come. [ the new year is approaching after all!] So when I came back to all this the beginning of winter break... it just felt like it was time to update.

It's like when you suddenly realize that that wall paper that was your FAVORITE forever and ever suddenly doesn't quite fit your mood and taste anymore, time to add some new spazzaz!

So here goes... A new year, new chapter of Euphoria =]

-and to all of you who still follow me. Thank you, It's readers like you that keep me coming back!

Thursday, October 21, 2010


So yes, it has been almost a month.
I am well... quite well actually, just oh so busy.
One week down one more to go.
( I do believe by the time I am done with this program I shall grey hair and ulcers!)
The Vet Tech program is.... INTENSE. I constantly feel like I should be studying... there is so much I need to know!!!
throw in 3 exams huge exams in ONE day and.....
stress has an all new meaning for me... ha ha.
But I am LOVING it, ( sounds like a contradiction eh?)
it's so different from the Gen Ed classes I took before, very focused on the big picture, and I get sad when Thursday rolls around and I have to leave all the other students and my teachers. sure we all look like the blueberry brigade in our matching scrubs...but its kool. lol
I actually enjoy studying a little( more so than before) *gasp*
Throw me a challenge and I am on it. *grins*
I am blessed with great teachers.
-when your Physiology and Anatomy teacher breaks out into a robotic dance during class or throws up his hands and shouts PHYSIOLOGYYYYY!!!! ROCK ON!!!!!! DUUUUUDE!!!- you know you're gonna get through the 2 years juuuussst fine.
I am blessed with AMAZING friends in the program, ehh, stuck with them all for 2 years might as well put on your happy face and make friends! ha ha.
but no, seriously, if it wasn't for the motivating and encouraging folks I found to study with, I would be ,drowning in the overwhelming load, pr no longer in the program!
So I apologize for the absence.... *blushes* I feel awful, but once midterms have passed perhaps a weekly post will be in order =] I do so miss rambling in my ittle corner on web.
I feel like I am learning SO much, I think I have found my "calling"
( midterm results will determine that for me)
School will be my life for 2 years *faints* but Lord willing it will be worth it!!!
..... and maybe I will emerge out of all of this with a slim whim of socialization skills left, and not too many grey hairs.... LOL
Here is some pics of what I've been up to the past month

Studying with a side of Moe's Veggie wrap.. yum

One of the sweetest patients!

Therapy time= spending a day at the barn

Late night splurge at Applebee's after studying= cookie heaven!!

A little friend who was watching me


Thursday, September 23, 2010

Ohhh loook who decided to post, *sheepish grin*

hello. hi. hey. Yo. wassup.
*knock knock*
I promise I have been blogging. Terrific-ly silly ramblings. the usual.
it's just all in my head.
* taps noggin*
If you scroll down to or just click >>> my most recent confessional.... you know I have tunnel vision when it comes to stuff.... with school? not so much.
I am having to super glue my brain to the books dear friends.
( this is why i wish the theory of sleeping with your books under your pillow instantly has you remembering it all...were true)
So I am making myself limit the big wide world of blogging to the weekends..
( which for me starts today. heh heh.) I am obviously posting on an irregular schedule...BUT that just keeps you all on your toes right?
" oooh she's totally stopped blogging, she hasn't posted in a month!! pppfffttt!!!! I give up on that one I tell ya"
"oooh goodness! looky there! a post! who wouldaa thunk it?"
so that's how I make myself feel better about it all. ha ha ha.
plusssss....... I can literally feeeeel my brain growing at times.( or maybe it's about to combust)this program is INTENSE. I never thought I would spend this much time studying. But I am enjoying. ooooh dear. I truly am a nerd now. *blinks*
Youtube. I like youtube. and when I can't take the books anymore I go and watch the videos that I've watched a bazillion times, I dont care how many views it has and how overrated it is, or how looney. I love to laugh and smile and feel happy, and sometimes the sillyest things make me laugh...... and these vids do just that. So here are some for ya..

I think the one of the little girl singing in front of the mirror is a new top favorite, my best friend showed it to me and I have watched it SO many times.

( and apparently I have a thing for cute little kids)

Hope your weekend is filled with laughter!!

Monday, September 6, 2010


It feels like ice ages ago since I blogged, *shakes head*
But diving into this Vet Tech program took some getting used to, I just needed some time folks to get my feet wet and try to organize my schedule.... * I still cringe at the word "schedule". Which meant not being distracted by my precious computer. ( I heart procrastinating.lol)
That last balloon of summer? is being firmly gripped by me even though hurricane winds are trying to take it away.... NO. it's mine.
Anywho. I'm overdue a confession, *wink* so here goes.
-My phobia of knives, sharp pointy objects, and stabbing scenes in movies has yet to go away. I just watched a short movie last night that had me cringing behind a pillow half the time. Guns, guts, and blood? sure, not too bad. Stabbing? *runs away*

-I am very loud in my actions ( so say my family) I SLAM doors and cabinets, I run like an elephant up/down stairs ( I always take them 2 by 2) I drop things ALL. THE. TIME. I would make a horrible criminal or spy.

-I looooove making lists of everything! I also like making lists of goals, especially daily goals. However, most of the time my goals are written down...and that's are far as it goes.

- In my head I can be good at public speaking, or doing things alone up on stage. In real life it still gives me the willys and a case of the shakys. I claim it's genetic. *sheepish grin*

- It's sad when i go shopping because I always become overwhelmed by all the *things* I want to buy! I get all these great outfit ideas in my head, and the decor ideas, and food, and shoes, and the list goes on... until I count the money in my wallet. ha ha.

-I have tunnel vision when it comes to focusing on something I really enjoy or want to get done, I put all my energy and time into it unless someone from the outside starts knocking and distracts me. otherwise I just keep going!!

-I swear half my brain is an ultra freakish health nut, and the other half is a sugar addict. They have a lot of battles and chocolate wins a lot. However chocolate covered fruit makes both slightly happy.

-I really wish I could do a better job documenting with my camera! I always have it with me, but lately unless someone else is already out with their camera taking pics I don't think about it. so sad.

-Sometimes I go thru extremely quiet mellow shy fases. This apparently is a surprise to many people. I do a lot of inner reflection and thinking at times though.

-I forget I have braces , & I'm very happy after eating which means I smile a lot....which means the picture ain't always purty.

-I read a lot of blogs, yet I hardly ever comment. depressing, and im workin on it.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Goin' to College to get me some Knowledge


yeah. that below?
My stack of books for the semester. and a few more on the way. That big ole' thick one near the bottom, I swear it weighs 20 pounds!!
Good gracious me alive!
I cannot. CANNOT.
( or perhaps I am merely refusing)
believe that week numero uno of college 2010 has been completed!!!
Not sure if I feel like groaning, patting myself on the back for surviving, embracing the excitement that's bubbling up, or just pushing the thought out entirely!
What an emotional roller coaster week one has been!
Most of you know..I am enrolled in the Veterinary Technology Program. This is my first term of the program. I really feel like I've found my "element." all my life I have been involved with animals... having pets, reading about them, always wanting to catch them, nurse them back to health,touch them, learn about them, keep them as my own. ( mom turned me down many times on that last one) They fascinate me. Horses have for sure been top on my list, I've been working with them since I was 10 and riding competitively/seriously for close to 9 years.
Let's just say I love my furry friends. ha ha. and no don't worry I'm not secretly working for PETA. [they cross the line of insane in my opinion! sheesh!!]
So why not further my love of animals by making a career of it?!
OH! OH! OH! Yesterday I got my SCRUBS!!! I warned you I am easily amused and excited. You should have seen me. I picked them up at the campus bookstore and clutched them tighter than a momma with her baby. These were mine. My very first pair of scrubs. Ater putting them on I didn't want to take them off!! Nobody told me how COMFY scrubs are!!!! ooooh my goody goodness!! I seriously feel like I'm wearing my PJ's. .yes I am in love. It's so weird though... I kept seeing this girl in scrubs in the window reflections..realizing it was me. I never pictured I would be one of those girls walking to class in scrubs, all official with my name and school program on them. geeez, I suddenly feel like I should feel more grownup. Yet I still feel like I'm a kid most of the time.... a kid in scrubs trying to be smart. LOL.
Are you all still out there? More posts to come I promise! =]

Sunday, August 22, 2010

ONE day left.

It’s thundering and lightning outside like Zeus had one too many extra shots in his coffee!! Goodness gracious. I love me an all out smack down thunderstorm. The sounds and smells…. the way the rain hits the windows and trees and sidewalk . It’s so comforting yet so unpredictable. I think one of the reasons God created thunderstorms was to not only witness his great power and all being, all knowing, and all mighty …but so people would have to slow down and take it easy. Who all, the minute a thunderstorm hits, grabs a good book or movie and curls up on the couch? Or just sits by the window or out on the porch and watches? ( me me me!) or for instance, take the time to update a blog? *grins* I had planned to blog several posts during this finale’ of summer bliss, but I have been quite busy gearing up for *coughs* fall semester *coughs*and all my free time has been spent with family and friends…. I am soaking it all up like a sponge!!!
My blog will always be here waiting for me to ramble….. ( perhaps the readers will move on, but this dear little blog will always have a blank post waiting to be filled with my pent up nonsense)
I will miss the free time that summer offers to just BE with people at any given time doing absolutely nothing. I will miss the feeling you get when you realize you have absolutely nothing planned tomorrow…and the next day…and even the next. Ahhh.
I will miss dearly the nights I didn’t have to roll over and set my alarm for the next day…because I didn’t have to crack open my little peepers at 6am. Ooh my lands sakes!

Ooho what can I say. This summer was incredible. I have been so so so HAPPY! And I don’t think it will be left behind when Tuesday rolls around….just mixed in with some dread and extra responsibility. The “r” word. Yes I just typed it out. For sho. *shudders*
Did this week go out with a bang? I think it did! Maybe it was just a little ole’ grandpa pistol, but it did indeed bang. I had loads of family time, watched a ton of movies I have been meaning to watch, made multiple mall outings and ice-cream stops, and read 2 novels, for fun, for hours at a time. It was deeeeeelightful!!!
[ Take that looming education! ]

I must say from catching up on all of ya’lls blogs ( yes I promise to comment more, really) it has cheered me to hear that you have all had equally ( if not better) splendid summers!!

Ah so, the fall semester starts Tuesday. 8am. bright and early. YIKEY YIKES!
. I gotta tell ya this semester at college ain’t gonna be no picnic with happy balloons and sprinkle cupcakes. No way hoooosea! Anywhoooo…. I have been accepted into the Veterinary Technician Program at the local Community College. ( where I’ve been taking classes already). I was THRILLED when I received my acceptance letter… mainly because I was shocked that they were agreeing to allow me. Rachel. Be around medical devices and equipment. Do pray for me…. I tend to repel and have battles with anything that has bells and whistles, beeping and flashing. You should see the stack of books required for the first term of the program that is breeding like mold on my dresser… nobody mentioned I was entering The School of the Insanely Mad Scientists!!! Lawwwwdamerrciii!!! I think I shall faint. It’s gonna be tough, or so say the brain dead seniors of the program ( seriously! Pick some better spokespeople for your program!!!) I am determined to make it out alive though, probably worse for wear and DEFINITELY lacking any mental ability to think, but at least alive. Oooh goodness I have rambled quite enough for today. I will be getting my navy blue scrubs soon ( required at every vet tech class) so perhaps pictures soon?
. I heart you.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Eleven Days

Ever get that feeling of realization?
.Your eyes get a little wider.
.Your heart beats a little faster ( or even takes a trip in a bounce house).
.Butterflies decide your gut is their new airfield..
.Your hands can't hold diddly-Squat.
.If there is anything above floor level your on your way to sit on it.
.A mixture of dismay/sinking/potential optimism/and reminiscing fill you up.

The end of one mind blowing, fast paced summer is quickly approaching.
Today I glanced at my calender
( for the life of me I am just bad with dates)
and it hit me like a bad rap song.
oooooh. my. goodness.
This just ain't right folks!
What happened to an endless summer????
School is literally on it's way to knock on my door.....
and this summer was sooooo gooood. and sooo busy.
I hope I can hold on to its' blissful memory as tight as a kid would with it's brand new balloon.
.Memories are so important.
I wanted to push the taunting voice of summer's end a.k.a "backtoattemptingtobesmartandresponsible"
into the very deepest darkest hole in my mind.
I tried to for as long as possible but boy is that thought a little Houdini!
I've rather enjoyed acting like a kid for 3 months. thank you verrry much!!

Eleven days.
( and grudgingly counting. veerrrrryyyy slowly)
Cuhh Razy!!! Where did 2010 GO??!!
I want to make this last chapter worth while.
Go out with a bang, shall we say?
ah ha. sounds like I'm planning my funeral.

whatta summer. ( a post about it soon perhaps?)

For those who have yet to enter the "use your brain" world,
how will YOU spend your final chapter?

Saturday, July 31, 2010


( ok, I know I'm cutting it close, cuz it's about 4 minutes until 12) for the first time in, well, quite a long time, I slept in until 11. ELEVEN PEOPLE! woooow.
It felt oooh so good, to just sleep until I woke up on my own... no cringing ring tone or beeping noise bursting through my slumbering dreams like a teenage mutant ninja turtle! I just peeped open my eyes, verrrry slowly, glaceed at the time, and grinned.
and now I'm just sitting here, in frumpy, quite comfy, very baggy PJ's. pushing my glasses back up the bridge of my nose while scraping the last of the oatmeal outta my bowl.
does that sound sad? gawsh. =] ooh sweet summer Saturday. please linger a little while longer!

oooh mee. on a side note I went with an amazing group of people last night ( the majority of them new to me, which made it very entertaining and unpredictable) and we all saw.... *drum roll*


I was so skeptical about this movie. I really was. It looked like overkill waiting to happen.
let's just say, if you saw my face as I stumbled out of the theater after 2 and half hours.I'm pretty sure it wa sa mixture of shock/amazement/bewilderment/and the usual confusement.. the only word that came out of my mouth was wow. That movie was good. it was intense, and my brain felt fried and dazed afterwards.I seriously am considering going to see it again, something I rarely do, but there was SO much to the movie and my poor little brain can only download and process so much. I think I may get more out of it the second time. who knows?

ok ok. the REAL reason I went to see the movie?
cuz he was in it. ( the one on the RIGHT my dears)
and (500) Days of Summer is an all time fav of mine.
and he is adorable. I think we would be GREAT friends.

I hope your Saturday is just SWELL!!!

annnnnd P.S I finally remembered my FormSpring password, trying to decide if it's worth keeping... I love answering questions.... so if you wanna ask just CLICK HERE. but if things stay quiet I will probably just forget about it.. ha ha.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Making My Way Back...

Oh how sweet it is to be typing is this posting section of my blog again...
sweeter than a ripe plum I tell ya! gawsh. I cannot believe I have been away from my computer for over 2 weeks! Facebook was a nightmare when i returned, I feel oh so behind and had an itching to just delete it instead of trying to figure out what's been going on with my friends.
But then I saw a feed for some photo's and was promptly distracted and so you see the thought just skipped right outta my mind. *grins*
and blogger....oooooh me oh my I want to catch up on so many of your delightful blogs! So I'm just gonna start going down the list. oooh I could do this all night!! I love reading what you all write. I feel like summer has started to settle down a little for me,
all the big happenings are behind me.
for now, ha ha!

So house sitting. wow, I came to realize quite a few things while being alone on 55 acres.
- quiet has a whole new meaning
-The TV makes great background noise
and blocks out the sound of scary things at night.
-Mutant Ninja Cows really do exist.
- my dislike for little bitty dogs has once again, been confirmed.
- my laundry can pile up all week and still be done in just ONE load!!
- when it's just dinner for one, the possibilities are eeeeeeeeeeennnnndllessss
-Cow's are horrible listeners, Horses are great conversationalist ( if in the mood) and dogs will adore and agree with whatever you say if you talk in sweet tones.
-If I haven't gone crazy yet, I am now.
-waking up early every single morning during the summer ain't right.
-Coffee really does do wonders for the tired brain.
-Punching hay bales and cleanings stalls is a great stress reliever.
-who knew the love for one's own bed could be so great. ooh bed I missed you.
-having MY family come over to visit ME is..... weird!
-Family. I missed you. so much.
-naps, why didn't I think of them before?!
- I could be such a couch potato
-anything can be turned into a defense weapon.
-hugging a horse makes everything a little better and brighter.

The list could drag on.

So I have returned, and I do hope you continue to visit...I feel lots more posts coming on.

Hello Blogger. I missed you.

Monday, July 12, 2010


lannnnnds sakes!
I'm once again quite sure summer has my heart, but then every season that rolls arounds tends to woo me to some degree or another. *grins*
yet summer, is so carefree.
I feel like such a kid, more so than I normally do. and I LOVE it!!!
I've been eating like a growin boy, gettin' sleep like a baby, and just all around playin' like I'm 10 again! ooooh sunshine, school-less days, spontaneous outings, late night pow-wows with close friends, and sweet family time, summer..... I do believe I shall swoon over you!
I haven't blogged much, I know... this season tends to leave me with an irregular posting schedule...yet from the looks of it everyone seems to be enjoying the warmth just as much as I am so I don't feel like I'm neglecting it too too much, ( am i?....nahhhh)
I've been more busy than I was during a week of finals.... yet it's all been FUN!!! or shall I put it this way..... it's all be things I have CHOSEN to do, or SIGNED UP for, or be INVITED to do.... nothing I honestly HAVE HAD to do or I would " fail my futurE" as some of those silly teachers would tell me. well loooky here.... boo on you! rainin' on my happy parade like that.
summer has been free of the "forced" and filled with the "chosen" *insert Yoda voice*
Since right before Harmony Highlands I have been the happiest that i can remember.
Truly, I have been SO SO SO happy!!!! I have been smiling excessively, laughing way way more, and just sometimes feeling like happiness would come bursting out of me!
(I do believe the majority of the mood was caught from HH, so thank ya!)
I am so blessed, and feel so content and yeah...happy!!!
I've realizing more and more what a bad awesome circle of good, God-lovin' friends I have.
oh what sweet delight. =]
I've also been going CrAzY with my camera, so look forward to pictures!!!
Starting this week I am house sitting at a farm....until the end of the month. It's not too far from my home, but with that added to the list of craziness I can't really say when my next post will be! My computer will be staying at home for now... so blogging and such will be minimal.
sadness..... however, do keep in touch!! drop a line by commenting or emailing me... ( those who have my number go right ahead and text/call away!)
So. How has your summer been? Do share!
photos are from recent pool outing =]

Friday, July 2, 2010

Snips and Snails & Puppydog Tails

Did I ever tell you all how kool & FUN it is to have a brother?
It's the chip in my chocolate I tell ya!
I've always been quite the "Tomboy" of the family....
ever since I was a little kid( yeah once upon a time I was small) I loved getting dirty, catching bugs and lizards, wrestling with the boys on my street( and winning! ha ha!) doing tricks on my bike, being one of the "boys", the outdoors was where I lived and thrived! I hated wearing dresses... and my stockings ( *shivers* I can't believe I had to wear white stockings) never went a Sunday without being ripped. I was very loud and boisterous, always making up imaginary games and going on adventures. pink was considered a plaque in my book...and shoes took way to much time to put on.
I wanted a brother so so badly.
I knew that once I had a brother it would like Batman and Robin, we would have SO much fun!
I'm the 2nd oldest.... with one big sis and 3 sisters after me. I never thought it would happen... even when I was in the hospital room as my brother entered the world, the Doctor holding the very loud and red baby up and announcing " it's a boy!" I remember thinking "no, nooo way, it's always been a girl. Seriously?!"

Abel has been such a blessing in my life!
even though he is the youngest, and the only boy, he is one smart, tough, hilarious, & independent cookie! ( and slightly spoiled I admit, aren't they always?)
Abel and I are 12 years apart. and even though I have quite obviously learned to embrace my girly side and even enjoy it to some extent ( a big extent I admit! ha ha).....
.... I will always have that tomboy inside me...
I have had so much fun with this dude over the past 7 years. we play football, catch bugs/lizards, wrestle, crack endless jokes, act silly, and tease and play tricks on the other sisters.
He's one bad awesome brotha!
with all that said I leave you with a vid of his most recent shenanigan, he's a goofball with some purty insane dancing skillz!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Post HH

wow. what a month.
summer.... you know it's always coming, every year....... yet it's so inconsistent and spontaneous as far as personal schedules are concerned! ( and that my friends is what I loooove about it!)
Except for one thing. Harmony Highlands Singing School.
oooh gawsh, how do i describe it?
.mind blowing.
( this photo courtesy of Laura,^^ I had to share her awesome photo skills!!)

Every year I look forward to going, people who have never been before think it strange that I want to drive 12 hours to stay at a secluded campground where I will be sleeping on a bunk bed in a dorm with 30+ girls ( in fact there were about 88 girls this year...so we had 2 dorms while the boys had 1..goodness) and I'm waking up at 6am every morning and the temperature most of the day is close to 100 degrees. May sound strange, but it's worth every mile and is literally the best week out of the year!!!! We are talking about making lifelong friendships, reconnecting with old ones, hearing the most beautiful sound God created all day everyday- A Capella singing, the feeling of belonging, of teamwork, the closeness you can only feel with your brothers and sisters in Christ, kids of all ages playing together, the best food around 3 times a day,

.... HH is something you must truly experience in person to truly appreciate. I can hardly believe that this was my 7th+ year attending! and every single year it just gets better and better. and even though i sang every single day...I somehow managed to salvage a little of my voice for the final performance.
This year I realized I needed that special week more than ever. ( is it not amazing how God brings about something, someone, or some event in your life at just the right time, when you need it most?) I was so caught up in things at home...with my work and intern. It is scary how easy it is to get caught up in the things of the world, my routine schedule... I was running myself down and didn't realize it. I had tunnel vision, focusing on only a few choice things....and putting the rest on the back burner. Satan was drawing me closer and closer....it was becoming more about what I wanted than what others needed( and what I should really be doing). I felt lost, confused, and out of place. I didn't feel %100 me if you know what I'm sayin'. Something was off. Harmony Highlands turned the switch back on for me. During that week of isolation, as in there were no distractions from work, home, the world. I realized I was stumbling in the dark...trying to find what mattered... when in reality only ONE thing matters.
Serving Jesus. Oh what a blessing last week was! I felt as if someone had splashed ice cold water at my face. I realized that all that matters is following God, praising Him, trusting in GOD, that I was BLESSED beyond what I deserved...

God is the reason I am here, the reason I am alive and breathing at this very moment. This world is not my home. During that week I felt such a peace, a closeness to God. Contentment.
God is in control...and he has done so much for me.. why should I not be content with my life and strive to serve Him better in every aspect of it!?
Blessed Assurance! Jesus is Mine!!
I know this was long, but I wanted to share this experience with you... =]

right now I am just starting to recover from the post HH singing school sickness... some annoying sniffly coughing virus EVERYONE seemed to have caught this year. ( it's worth being able to go though ha ha) GET WELL SOON YA'LL!!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

"What's somebody like you doin in a place like This?"

Mee oh my ooh oh oh my!
So diddya miss me???
ha ha ha.
I know this past month has been really random and inconsistent as far posting is concerned... every summer I think I will have WAY more time for blogging, and every summer I end up posting very irregularly. But for those of you who still bother to comment, thank you from the tippy top of my favorite hat!
Lack of posting just means I'm busy workin' and interning, and squeezing out every last drop of the summer sun and what little free time I have. I feel like the intern is starting to find a happy spot in my schedule and it looks like blogger will be popping up on my comp screen a whole lot ( ok, hopefully) more now! { choose thy words carefully Rachel, verrry carefully}
So summer so far here has been. H.O.T. Florida was unusually warm in May, and then all of the sudden SUMMER hit with sizzling snap! Boy oooh Boy is it humid and hooooottttt!!! The sun is brutal, but in all honesty this weather just makes the pool more inviting, the lemonade more refreshing, the Popsicles more fun, and my tank top tan line more obvious. ha ha.
So what have I been up to besides the intern??

2010 Grad bash parties and ceremonies
a trip to Wet n' Wild where me and the water slides faced off
( bah ha! I HAVE conquered you Brainwasher!!)
Plenty of movie watching: Letters to Juliet, Prince of Persia, Babies, and Robin Hood.
( ooh yes I am a movie theatre junkie!)
A whole lot of sunscreen applying and re-applying...( im learning I really am)
wasting what little money I have on a summer music play list since my itunes is working again.
( I'll be in debt before im 20 thanks to this store!)
driving with the windows down and really loud music
listening to the afternoon summer rainstorms.
Mall time= a lot of laughs, and realizing how much I relate to the Movie "Confessions of a shopaholic"
deciding over and over again that I MUST have a starbucks Frapp because it's soo hot.
Practicing the art of remembering I do OWN camera and I really should take more pictures.

and with that i leave you with some pictures of a recent summer Sunday afternoon
The power of adding extra shots. it's sooo very wicked!!!

Me and my beautiful sisters ( just a few of them ha ha)
Starbucks Love. It's a family affair.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

More Free Time? Pfffttt!!!

So I just wanted to let you all know I am not dead, or sick, or ditching my dear blog.
( perhaps I am just talking to myself these
days and you all have found more consistent blogs to follow. ha ha)

The thing is, summer graced it sizzling presence upon me, I had a few extremely lazy days.... and practically expected the next 3 months to be full of free time and boredom.
I dare say I completely jinxed myself.
*smacks forehead*
You all know a while back I blogged about my intern opportunity?
It was a small intern at this fancy smancy huge lovely Equestrian Center... I just went a couple days a week, and also worked my other job.
welllll....... I was offered a HUGE and AMAZING interning opportunity. Something I have been wanting and praying might come my way for years.
God is extremely good and I am beyond blessed.
I couldn't pass an intern position like this down... and happily accepted!!
It's a very demanding intern the first few weeks,
so this past week I have scarcely been home at all.
I am also working my other job and trying to squeeze in moments to enjoy the summer sun with friends. It's going to take some time for myself and my schedule to adjust... & hopefully blogging fits in the equation *smiles*
I am oh so busy but oh so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I will continue to blog, but I can't promise it will be


Thursday, May 13, 2010

What a Way to Start Summer 2010~

So to celebrate my new found freedom, I met my 2 most Kindred Spirits for Lunch, the day after my last final..... because the end of school and the beginning of summer for sure deserves a Par-Tay! Plus I haven't been able to see my two closest friends in eternity cuz I was so darn busy! I was out voted by the other 2 amigos and was forced to pick the dining place of the day ( we always have mock arguments about who decides where we are eating.. ha ha) and of course I had to choose one of my most favorite Restaurants on the planet. Maybe because the name itself shouts pure BLISS!! Yup. The Cheescake Factory
We had far too much fun, and I'm surprised I remembered to snap a few photos! We laughed until we cried, raised our eyebrows and whispered about the flirting waiter, and were easily amused by our food. the cheesecake? DIVINE.

The Happy Place

The super cool do-it-yourself lettuce wraps Hannah ordered for all of us!

My Creation

My Beautiful friend Hannah

and lovely Kelsey,

I'm gonna have to find a better picture.. this is the only one I took of her there, so I'm posting it. ha ha

and me and my big mouth taking the first bite of my wrap!

We had a lovely Tuesday, it was for sure Terrific ;)

p.s. The bang faze I went through has turned into a side swept bang faze... mainly because I'm too lazy right now to style them everyday, my part is impossibly stubborn, and its so hot they've been sticking to my face. *wrinkles nose*

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Hello hello hello!!!! Oh my goodness gracious. Has it really been oh so long?
It felt like the ice age to me, ( I have yet to watch that movie, come to think of it)
This past week I crammed, stuffed, and shoved way more Algebra , Biology and countless other subjects into my brain than i thought humanly possible. for me.
because my brain is a complete and utter rebel when it comes to what I SHOULD be thinking as apposed to the countless daydreams of Mr. Darcy, the beach, and having my own little bake shop in Paris. ( *coughs* not that those 3 subjects is ALL i daydream about, but it was certainly on my mind the last few days)
ok, come, for real. which would your brain rather dwell on??
Monday arrived. My last and FINAL final!!!!!!!
I was incredibly pumped, oooh slap me silly I was far more pumped walking into that classroom to take my final exam of the semester than my poor dear sweet teacher expected.
I constantly forget that she's slightly delicate when it comes to levels of excitement and sarcasm.
but seriously. I woke up this morning, and you know when you wake up and things just feel different? a good kind of different, " change is in the air!" as they would say.
and after receiving oodle amounts of encouragement from friends, I dare say I drove to campus determined to push this final behind me and be done!!!
and then I sat down and saw the exam before.
ooooh boy. it looked hard, diamond hard.
that's when the feeling of adrenaline/butterflies in the stomach feeling kicked in.
It's a good feeling, I get the same feeling right before I go in to jump a course at a horse show
. Buts it's also the feeling you want to sorta push aside.
My word, you should have seen me fumble with my books after the 2 hours of crisping my brain.
I stumbled, and blundered out the door and some how made it to my car. dark circles under my eyes, eyes glazed over. flyaway hair. I looked like a coffee addict who had gone cold turkey.
My brain was fried, melted, squashed, juiced, and pureed.
and of course, me being the biggest worry wart of silly little things. I couldn't relax when i got home, I HAD to know my final grade. Nightmares of retaking college algebra flashed in my mind. I went online every half hour, I paced around the house, I flipped through a Parenting magazine ( umm... yeah, something I never ever do) I was on the verge of tears and at the same time on the verge of hysteria. so many emotions hitting me at once.
gawsh, im rambling again ( just making up for 2 weeks mmk?)
and then. a little red sign told me the grades were posted.
I cannot tell you the HUGE relief that hit me, like the tidal wave from 2012.
utter relief. *big exhale*
I did the Irish jig, I jumped around, I hugged people, I couldn't stop smiling. I giggled. I went CUH-razy!!!
No more homework.
No more studying.
No more cramming, or late night crunch times.
No more bruised shins from kicking myself when arriving at campus ( for the millionth time)
realizing I had forgotten my homework, textbook, or scantron.
No more early morning classes.
and then another wave hit me.
I've finished my first year of College.
I'm gonna be a Sophomore. in College.
In just a few days it would have been a YEAR since I graduated from high school.
I'm gonna actually miss things about this year.
No more Starbucks runs before or after class.
No more random doodles from friends in Biology class.
I'm Free.
I know and feel this summer will be beyond memorable.
Remember, time flies by. and it's gone before you have a chance to realize it.
Make the most of every Day!!! I plan to!!!
p.s. I'm back, to blogging, can't ya tell??

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Still ridin' the scholastic wave man

First off, I can't believe I've managed to stay away from blogging this long,
BUT, no matter how much I hate to admit it.
It's really helped me focus on finals.
I have such a one-track, short attention, brain, that it was not in the least bit easy,
I would sit down, click on the blogger link... my brain screaming
" yesss!!! yes! finally no more logarithms and mitochondria mutations!!!! do it Rachel, blog the week away"
and then i would hear the
voice on my shoulder,
(who sounds an awful lot like Crush from Finding Nemo) droning out:
" Duuuuuudeeeee. for cereal, you made a promise, man. I conreto promise. Don't let em' down man. Dude ride it out, ride it like a waaaaave man."
BUT taking a blogging siesta
so far has been worth it.
I shall be back soon, only a couple more to go.
Monday, Monday. unlike the song it ain't gonna get me down.
Are you all still out there?

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I've entered the final two weeks of the semester.
quite a few of you know what this means..... oooh it's swell.
for the next 12 days I shall be consumed by
and immersed in studying and cramming and so forth.
So blogging, sadly, will have to be set on the shelf for the time being.
You all now I am a confessed & hopeless procrastinator of many things
( schoolwork being the numerous uno)
and blogging, since a love it oh so much, will be quite a distraction for me.
It needs to take a siesta.

I am so blessed to have such lovely & dedicated followers! I enjoy each of your blogs and reading your comments to my posts make me smile inside and out.
May 10th is my last day.....
and hopefully after that blogging will be in sync with my schedule again.
So if I do post between now and then it will be very little.
GAH! how will I survive?!
Be Back Soon.... summer is oh so close!!

Monday, April 26, 2010

A little Confessional

I regularly visit Bing, even if I don't need to search something, because of the groovy photo.

I am pretty much in a big way a huge fan of Coldplay and One Republic.

It's not bad to be passionate about little things, like grinning.

Slay me modcloth.

little phone calls and little letters.
they make me incredibly happy.

This summer I'm running away to Neverland.

Embrace what makes you, you.
( my little crazy kid side, definitely a part of me worth embracing)

Friday, April 23, 2010

Cheers of Yesterday

Oh mee oh my
I so totally meant to post this yesterday, but I crashed.
I've been extremely tired in the evenings lately,
and my stomach has been doing a lot of flip flops the past few days.
{nothin' serious, it just doesn't feel very happy. psh I hate ranting about myself, cause it doesn't seem fair to you all... so there, my little rant is over. =]
but one of the perks of attending community college is the fact that I never ever Have classes on Fridays. ( which means catching up on sleep)
So yesterday was one hug big ol'e blur in my face. You know, the kinda day where you are going non-stop and you can't even remember if you ate any food that day, or if you brushed your teeth, and your brain is about explode from all the studying.
And driving home from my intern at 7:30pm, I was in a complete daze. ha ha.
I was covered in sweat and dirt and horse hair
( ooh the Florida Humidity is creeping in already, but that means SUMMER!!!)
And my riding boots were caked up to my ankles in mud, and I just sat there, driving like an old lady who had just finished a water aerobics class.
My eyes glazed over and my brain was probably making sloshing noises.
I was pooped.
which means I was in DESPERATE need of a pick-me-up.
I was starving, and thirsty at the same time. but I was far too warm for heated up food.
oooh boy, I seriously needed something fast before I just drove straight off the road and into a house.
And what did I pass while creeping along the highway towards home?
Steak & Shake
Its' red, white, and black little building lighting up like a beacon.
The big milkshake billboard calling my name.

A Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Milkshake? YES PLEASE!

*sigh* yesterday turned out to be a very good day.


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

~tErRiFiC TuEsSdAy~

you know it.
you sense it
you feel it.
so don't be hate'n and don't be ignorin'
Frighteningly good third day day of the week is here.
Go chew some terrific gum and then twirl in the warm sun
while attempting to blow terrific bubbles.
{ anything can be terrific today, even hiding in a corner, I'm just sayin'}
So I don't know about you all , but when I have an awfully hard time falling asleep....
{ where your mind keeps racing with all the things you forgot to do and need to do, and no matter how many times you roll over it feels the same, and there is some ultra annoying sound or light blaring}
.....my ipod comes to the rescue. I have this one song that no matter what, the minute I play it , I can breathe, relax, and it puts me in the perfect mood for sleeping.
I call it my sleeper sound.
and that's today's Terrific Item.
My sleep sound/ artist is
Greg Laswell
his music in general is pure genius.
It gives me that "i'm so happy my heart could burst" vibe every time I listen to it.
His voice is incredible, and soothing.
{ ooh dear, am I facing a crush epidemic here? *sheepish grin* ooooh yes}
The one song of his I always go to play when I can't fall asleep is
And Then You
it puts me into a perfectly relaxed state right away, I'm not sure how or why it ended up being him and this particular song( the lyrics are so sweet!)
but it works. and I heart him ha ha.
So I just had to share this with you, because music,
especially music that helps me chill, is totally terrific.
Here's to a good night's sleep!
& the Terrific Question of the Day is....
What is your sleep sound?

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Spring Break 2010

Pics from my lovely Spring Break are much overdue, [they seriously need to come up with a faster way to upload pictures..... or maybe it's just my little old computer is getting quite tired with the constant bombardment of photos.]
I cannot believe it's been almost 2 weeks since I was celebrating, embracing, and relishing in the happiness of freedom from bookwork.
It was simply delightful. simply. D-E-L-I-G-H-T-F-U-L.
I spent oodles and oodles of quality time with my 4 gorgeous sisters and handsome little brother.
Not to mention my 2 amazing parents. { never realized how the amount of time I spend with them has shrunken until break came along. this must change!}
Besides sleeping in my pool of pillows past 7am ever single morning, and eating 3 meals a day at home, and baking crazy amounts of sweetsum goodies, spontaneously making trips with friends, having time for hobbies that seemed to be pushed to the side when the semester started, and just chilling and reading books(for fun!) My entire family also made a big 'ole trip to Fort Desoto Beach. It was great and had me reliving memories of beach trips when I was a kid. I was incredibly giddy and hyper the entire day, my inner kid easily came out while riding in the car with my siblings.

ah ha ha ha. I laughed so much that day. It was a fantastic way to start off my break.
The funny thing is, the day we all decide to traipse out to the beach is the one day it was rather chilly-ish, and the wind was crazy strong and boisterous. ( seriously, I was almost blown over a few times) and the water was cold cold cold! as most of you may now I'm a weeee bit of a daredevil/thrill seeker. to me, the water was perfect for swimming. or at least presented a challenge ( what is wrong with me?) So yeah, I swam in freezing water with hurricane winds and had a blast. ( the waves were great) and honestly, it was rather refreshing and fun!
and once you get out of the water and wind starts to blow right through you, I discovered that standing as rigid as possible with your back to wind while wrapping yourself in a towel can greatly reduce going into hypothermia.
I'm insane. yeah, I'm pretty sure I am.
After our short beach expedition we drove just a short ways to the actual Fort, and it was very kool.

{you probably can't really tell, but that's my sister chasing her float that's being blown away}

I heart my carefree, laid back, slightly dysfunctional, amazing family.

God has blessed me with more than I truly deserve.