Friday, August 28, 2009

"If no one's in the kitchen, who's to see? "

hum dee dum.
I have been in a extra high mood of cheerfulness since yesterday.
So many many things wonderfully splendid things have happened.
Simple things.
But very pleasant all the same

I have made my way through my first week of learning at HCC
It was extroadinary!
I did dual enrolling there last spring so I already knew the layout
Yay for not having to wonder around aimlessly!
my classes are all convienantly in the same building
My teachers are very nice.
The people are very, very interesting.
It has so far been an all around pleasing experience
you know, the kind where you look forward to doing it again.
Congrats Community College,
you have taken temporary hold of my fascination

My older sister and I have been playing the roll of college roommates
The rest of the family has left us to visit relatives in the real south
they shall not return until Wednesday
So we have been "on our own"
It has been fun really, just the two of us
She works
I go to school.
We play "house" and clean and buy groceries

Last night, having nothing to do, I suggested we go see Julie & Julia
I have been pining to see that movie
One reason was because Julia Child was my favorite cook as a kid
I would watch her show on PBS quite often and then go around the house imitating her.
I knew this movie would be good.

Alas, we only had enough money for one ticket
So after searching the house for loose cash or change..
( ha! how silly of us! imagine finding loose cash in our home.. ?!)
I promptly grabbed my change bag
which was very very heavy
and dumped it on the kitchen table

we had nine dollars in change, enough for another ticket!
So my lovely sister and I headed out to see the 7:30 showing
Julie & Julia?
It was soooooooooooooooo good!
The kind of movie that really makes you feel warm all over
the kind of movie that inspires you to do something amazing!
I wanted to cook and learn french the minute we walked out of the theater
It was funny, romantic, and filled with glorious food and Julia Child!

I could not stop smiling as I drove us home in the rain.
I am still happy from last night....
*sigh* how nice it is to finally have something really worth watching at the theater

Bon Appetit!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Its shiny cars, wistful eyes and roast beef for dinner.
Its questions and answers and 'I dont knows.'
Its finding true love and losing it and finding it all over again.

Its music and sensation and touchdowns and chocolate.
Its spirituality and inspiration and money and traffic jams.
Its disaster and heroism and paper clips and knowing when to breathe.

Its flirting and tasting and curiosity.
Its fast and its slow and its rising and falling.
Its every moment. Every hope. Every dream.
Every piece of the cosmic puzzle.
Its life. And its yours.

I heard this on tv
and I really liked this!

have a splendid evening!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Don't know why you say goodbye, I say hello

Goodbye last week of summer.

Why does it ALWAYS fly by SO fast??
The day before school starts is most definitly one of the most bittersweet days of the year.

Goodbye freedom.....hello responsibility! ( ha, kidding.. )
I had a super fun super busy final week, and like I said before...
School CAN be fun if you think about it with a rather happy outgoing attitude.

~*insert happy inspirational music and thoughts here*~

ah, and now to document my last week...
I'm actually having to run back in time and think of what i did.
Did you know I quite often suffer from short term memory loss?
my brain can only hold so much at a time
this is gonna be a long post. I'm just say'in....

Monday- August 17th

Hooray!! My Mom is such an awesome and cool woman to be around! Be jealous.
She has been trying to find a time for us to go to Universal Studios ( it's my graduation gift from my parents...just belated) and I finally had some free time for it!
So monday my mom and I spent ALL day at Universal Islands of Adventure ( there are two parks at Universal)

You wanna know where I got my rather impulsive obsession with crazy rides and rollercoasters?
my Momma! She is pretty much the only other person in my family who will go on practically every single crazy ride.. no matter how daunting it is! ( except for super spinny ones- not so much anymore) Are you shocked? she seriously loves them as much as I do. We had a blast!

so yeah, we rode pretty much everything we could. Islands of adventure has lots of big fast rides.

Tuesday- August 18th

Suhh-weeet!!! my madre and I head out to Universal studios,
the 2nd park, 2nd day of euphorial fun!!
If you wanna enjoy VERY entertaining shows with neat-o 3D graphics this is the park for you.

plusss.... the Mummy ride is SOOO awesome! Modern technology makes my brain explode. it's unbelievable how real they can make things appear to be now.

Wednesday- August 19th

had to do school stuff and go to the college...


and I got my hair cut ( nothing drastic, just a little trimmed and styled)
I hardly ever go to a hair salon and get my hair cut.. I just usually put it at the end of my list.
But this year I have actually gone severeal times. ( gasp.. a confession)
I just LOVE it when they wash your hair.. it feeels sooo goood....
and the shampoo always smells.. heavenly! ( how do they your hair to feel so silky??)
and then while the salonist is cutting your hair you sorta get that feeling that perhaps this it what it feels like to be really famous.. and how awesome it would be to have your own personal stylist.
I mean really.... does your hair ever look the way it does the minute you walk out a salon? haa. mine never does.

Thursday- August 20th

I did more school stuff... haa, I'm making sound sooo fun huh?


I rode my horse Delilah. I actually spent a good 2 and half hours with her.
Grooming, Riding, Training, and just talking to her.
She even jumped for the first time too, I'm gonna start training her to her jump so that Sara and I can maybe show her! ( post about lil Delilah later)

Friday- August 21st

Family day. oh the joys of summer! I was able to spend a lot of time at home that day with my whole family.


well this was definitely a crazy weekend. I helped a dear friend and former riding instructor of mine move to Illinois. She has 3 kids ( her husband is overseas) , her truck which she drove hauling her 2 horses , and then she needed someone to drive her other car up for her.
I offered to drive for her and let me tell you.. driving nonstop alll day until almost midnight 2 days in a row is pretty exhausting. I've never driven that much, but I was glad I could help her and it was exciting! We drove through Florida, Georgia, Tennessee ( which was GORGEOUS!!) Kentucky, and then Illinois.

So we reached our final destination last night around 12am and I had to catch a plane in St. Louis back here to Florida at 6am so I was up at 4am this morning..

yes. I'm running on 4 hours of sleep right now.

but I did see the big silver arch thingy in St. Louis around 4:30am this morning!

wow... this is long!!! ha ha.
but I like to type and I want to keep a record of at your own risk

yes. this last week was filled with HAPPY HAPPY times and good experiences!!!!!

have a smiley day!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Oh dear dear summer


So I realized today that I had made this blog, and just remembering that one little bit of information made me very happy inside! Ha ha, I am so easily amused and entertained... but aren't we all from time to time? If you are not, take heed while reading this blog because I am sure it will be filled with things I find extremely interesting.... *coughs*

oh dear dear carefree summer.
I will miss so many things of summer.

week long vacations, spontaneous trips with best friends to the beach,
singing school, church meetings, and so many little things like big floppy sun hats and just knowing that you could pack up and go anywhere or spend time with your friends at almost anytime..not having to even THINK about school.

The feeling of summer will be missed.. it's hard to describe that feeling, but I am sure each of you have experienced. Summer seems to have some sort of extra happy/lazy vibe to it.

I like to think positively about everything in my life, sometimes I do fail... but I just love being happy ( who doesn't?!) and making other people happy as well.

So. Going to college. it can either be dreaded as a death sentence, or looked at as a fun and exciting adventure.

I do love I choose the last statement.
I think it will be fun. Sure going to college means I'm growing up..have to be responsible..and be smarter then I was before... all those kinda things.

But seriously. College is like one of those adventure/drama/thriller movies waiting to be made!!

I have never been in any sort of "public" school building
or been in any "real" classes,
so this is all new.

I like to watch people, and learn about people, and meet people. This is the PERFECT opportunity.

am I boring you? ( or scaring you?)

Summer. I have exactly 9 days until my first " official" class starts. I will savor EVERY last second.