About Rachel

 Horse: Delilah                                   Pup: Titus
  • I am a gal in my 20's who is passionate about the life God has given me!
  • In May 2012 I graduated from college with a degree in Veterinary Technology.  The journey was not without it's challenges and I am beyond happy to finally be done with school! I feel like God has really blessed me with an opportunity in this field. As far back as I can remember I have always loved caring for the animals. 
  • I currently work as a Technician at a small animal clinic near my home here in Central Florida and I look forward to growing in this field and seeing where life takes me!
  • I am an Equestrian. I have been riding  since I was about 12 and if you know me personally you know I'm quite the horse crazy gal! I focus mainly on Hunters/Jumpers/ and Dressage but love all disciplines of riding!
  • I am a bible believing, church going, born and raised Primitive Baptist. Without Jesus Christ I would be nothing. 
  • I am a firm believer in family. I come from a very large, very tight-knit bunch and I absolutely love it!
  • I am a health & fitness enthusiast and love to learn new things regarding health and to love physically  challenge myself!
  • I love to ramble, and blogging is the perfect way for me to release my scattered thoughts and document my ever growing life!