Thursday, February 23, 2012

iPhone Fever

hey all!

This past week I managed to kill my phone, and I have absolutely no idea how I did it. ( true story)
With that being the case I decided it was finally time to really upgrade and add internet to my phone, and I had been eyeing the iPhone4 ever since the price went down on it. ( and then I found out I had a very nice discount on my phone plan, SUH-WEET!)

Let me tell ya folks, within the first hour I was incredibly impressed & totally HOOKED on my new phone!!
I knew there was a lot you could do with the iPhone, but I didn't realize the magnitude of what you can do on this little device! It's a very "Rachel Friendly" phone ( if you know me personally then you totally know why ha ha) It's also really great to have everything from email, messages, photos, videos, and school related stuff all on one device and right at my finger tips... I'm looking forward to being able to organize my life a little better with the help of the iphone.

Now, I know you're probably thinking," uhhh, Rachel, why are you gushing over this phone so much? The iPhone has been around for AGES. everyone knows what it does already!"  but it's new to me, the last upgrade I got on my phone was texting.... so I'm going to be a little excited about this. ha ha

I also just ordered an EPIC case for my phone, can't wait to share it with you all!
I'm also looking forward to taking TONS of pictures and videos now that it much easier to do so. Hooray!

With that little update, I thought I would share with you some pics and videos I took.
and if you have twitter, feel free to follow me! ( click the twitter box to your right) I'll be updating a lot more now! and I also recently joined Instagram ( a photo sharing site) , you can find my account by going to my twitter.

Hope you're having a great week!

1. Titus being his happy self in the AM  
2. Making my Wed smoothie king visit, their Apple Acai is da bomb!
3. Chewbacca, the highlight of work night yesterday! 

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Kelly Moore Giveaway

This lovely blog is hosting a fantastic giveaway. 
I have always loved this style of bag! ( the blog is lovely as well, so be sure to go pay her a visit!)

Friday, February 3, 2012

January Updates

hello there!
January was a whirlwind. Where in the world did it go?!

-Resolutions Updates-
*disclaimer ( so, I made a simple list of resolutions for this year, ( click here to see them) but I just want ya'll to know that I am not going to drown myself by trying to perfect these goals every single day ( click here to find out why)..but merely DO them as best I can with the mentality to put God first in every aspect of my life, to be selfless. That is my ultimate goal.

Bible reading- I'm still attempting to be consistent with my daily bible reading( the world just loves to come between me and the Lord!)  but I have noticed that when I do read I am taking the time to really study what I read, I think that's what maters.  I am so blessed to have the opportunity to read God's word whenever I please.  I need to make sure I don't treat this like any other book I would read...God's word does not deserve to be glanced through like a novel or magazine.

Diet Change- so far so good! I have been sugar free and gluten free ( along with some of my family) for an entire month now! Let me tell ya, the first few weeks were pretty tough because I would constantly find myself about to eat something that had sugar or gluten in it! ah, but I have survived, no?
Some people have found my sudden change in diet really extreme, but honestly I haven't  felt a hundred percent in SO long that I was willing & ready to make the change and excited too because I finally felt like I had found something that would work.

Let me tell you , cutting the gluten and sugar cold turkey has so far been the best health choice I have ever made. I am positive I was allergic to gluten because once I completely cut it out I no longer suffered from extreme bloating, cramping, headaches, and queasy stomach. I can also tell a huge improvement in my overall mood and the way I feel since cutting out the two. I have far less mood swings, am less tired/lethargic feeling-I just simply feel better all more 2pm slump!

Guitar- Folks, I am currently learning to play the song " You Are My Sunshine" ( one of my favorite songs from a long time ago) and while my fingers do not always cooperate, I am loving it!!

Graduation Status- about 93 days to go!!!! Praise God!!

January Favorite
 My favorite this month was music. ( well, that's a favorite every month..ha) I discovered a band that I am ABSOLUTELY obsessed with." First Aid Kit  " I love their style, their sound, and not to mention the fact that they are sisters from Sweden! LOVE! I've had them on repeat practically every day. Beautiful.

feast your ears on this. now.