Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Post HH

wow. what a month.
summer.... you know it's always coming, every year....... yet it's so inconsistent and spontaneous as far as personal schedules are concerned! ( and that my friends is what I loooove about it!)
Except for one thing. Harmony Highlands Singing School.
oooh gawsh, how do i describe it?
.mind blowing.
( this photo courtesy of Laura,^^ I had to share her awesome photo skills!!)

Every year I look forward to going, people who have never been before think it strange that I want to drive 12 hours to stay at a secluded campground where I will be sleeping on a bunk bed in a dorm with 30+ girls ( in fact there were about 88 girls this we had 2 dorms while the boys had 1..goodness) and I'm waking up at 6am every morning and the temperature most of the day is close to 100 degrees. May sound strange, but it's worth every mile and is literally the best week out of the year!!!! We are talking about making lifelong friendships, reconnecting with old ones, hearing the most beautiful sound God created all day everyday- A Capella singing, the feeling of belonging, of teamwork, the closeness you can only feel with your brothers and sisters in Christ, kids of all ages playing together, the best food around 3 times a day,

.... HH is something you must truly experience in person to truly appreciate. I can hardly believe that this was my 7th+ year attending! and every single year it just gets better and better. and even though i sang every single day...I somehow managed to salvage a little of my voice for the final performance.
This year I realized I needed that special week more than ever. ( is it not amazing how God brings about something, someone, or some event in your life at just the right time, when you need it most?) I was so caught up in things at home...with my work and intern. It is scary how easy it is to get caught up in the things of the world, my routine schedule... I was running myself down and didn't realize it. I had tunnel vision, focusing on only a few choice things....and putting the rest on the back burner. Satan was drawing me closer and was becoming more about what I wanted than what others needed( and what I should really be doing). I felt lost, confused, and out of place. I didn't feel %100 me if you know what I'm sayin'. Something was off. Harmony Highlands turned the switch back on for me. During that week of isolation, as in there were no distractions from work, home, the world. I realized I was stumbling in the dark...trying to find what mattered... when in reality only ONE thing matters.
Serving Jesus. Oh what a blessing last week was! I felt as if someone had splashed ice cold water at my face. I realized that all that matters is following God, praising Him, trusting in GOD, that I was BLESSED beyond what I deserved...

God is the reason I am here, the reason I am alive and breathing at this very moment. This world is not my home. During that week I felt such a peace, a closeness to God. Contentment.
God is in control...and he has done so much for me.. why should I not be content with my life and strive to serve Him better in every aspect of it!?
Blessed Assurance! Jesus is Mine!!
I know this was long, but I wanted to share this experience with you... =]

right now I am just starting to recover from the post HH singing school sickness... some annoying sniffly coughing virus EVERYONE seemed to have caught this year. ( it's worth being able to go though ha ha) GET WELL SOON YA'LL!!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

"What's somebody like you doin in a place like This?"

Mee oh my ooh oh oh my!
So diddya miss me???
ha ha ha.
I know this past month has been really random and inconsistent as far posting is concerned... every summer I think I will have WAY more time for blogging, and every summer I end up posting very irregularly. But for those of you who still bother to comment, thank you from the tippy top of my favorite hat!
Lack of posting just means I'm busy workin' and interning, and squeezing out every last drop of the summer sun and what little free time I have. I feel like the intern is starting to find a happy spot in my schedule and it looks like blogger will be popping up on my comp screen a whole lot ( ok, hopefully) more now! { choose thy words carefully Rachel, verrry carefully}
So summer so far here has been. H.O.T. Florida was unusually warm in May, and then all of the sudden SUMMER hit with sizzling snap! Boy oooh Boy is it humid and hooooottttt!!! The sun is brutal, but in all honesty this weather just makes the pool more inviting, the lemonade more refreshing, the Popsicles more fun, and my tank top tan line more obvious. ha ha.
So what have I been up to besides the intern??

2010 Grad bash parties and ceremonies
a trip to Wet n' Wild where me and the water slides faced off
( bah ha! I HAVE conquered you Brainwasher!!)
Plenty of movie watching: Letters to Juliet, Prince of Persia, Babies, and Robin Hood.
( ooh yes I am a movie theatre junkie!)
A whole lot of sunscreen applying and re-applying...( im learning I really am)
wasting what little money I have on a summer music play list since my itunes is working again.
( I'll be in debt before im 20 thanks to this store!)
driving with the windows down and really loud music
listening to the afternoon summer rainstorms.
Mall time= a lot of laughs, and realizing how much I relate to the Movie "Confessions of a shopaholic"
deciding over and over again that I MUST have a starbucks Frapp because it's soo hot.
Practicing the art of remembering I do OWN camera and I really should take more pictures.

and with that i leave you with some pictures of a recent summer Sunday afternoon
The power of adding extra shots. it's sooo very wicked!!!

Me and my beautiful sisters ( just a few of them ha ha)
Starbucks Love. It's a family affair.