Thursday, September 23, 2010

Ohhh loook who decided to post, *sheepish grin*

hello. hi. hey. Yo. wassup.
*knock knock*
I promise I have been blogging. Terrific-ly silly ramblings. the usual.
it's just all in my head.
* taps noggin*
If you scroll down to or just click >>> my most recent confessional.... you know I have tunnel vision when it comes to stuff.... with school? not so much.
I am having to super glue my brain to the books dear friends.
( this is why i wish the theory of sleeping with your books under your pillow instantly has you remembering it all...were true)
So I am making myself limit the big wide world of blogging to the weekends..
( which for me starts today. heh heh.) I am obviously posting on an irregular schedule...BUT that just keeps you all on your toes right?
" oooh she's totally stopped blogging, she hasn't posted in a month!! pppfffttt!!!! I give up on that one I tell ya"
"oooh goodness! looky there! a post! who wouldaa thunk it?"
so that's how I make myself feel better about it all. ha ha ha.
plusssss....... I can literally feeeeel my brain growing at times.( or maybe it's about to combust)this program is INTENSE. I never thought I would spend this much time studying. But I am enjoying. ooooh dear. I truly am a nerd now. *blinks*
Youtube. I like youtube. and when I can't take the books anymore I go and watch the videos that I've watched a bazillion times, I dont care how many views it has and how overrated it is, or how looney. I love to laugh and smile and feel happy, and sometimes the sillyest things make me laugh...... and these vids do just that. So here are some for ya..

I think the one of the little girl singing in front of the mirror is a new top favorite, my best friend showed it to me and I have watched it SO many times.

( and apparently I have a thing for cute little kids)

Hope your weekend is filled with laughter!!

Monday, September 6, 2010


It feels like ice ages ago since I blogged, *shakes head*
But diving into this Vet Tech program took some getting used to, I just needed some time folks to get my feet wet and try to organize my schedule.... * I still cringe at the word "schedule". Which meant not being distracted by my precious computer. ( I heart
That last balloon of summer? is being firmly gripped by me even though hurricane winds are trying to take it away.... NO. it's mine.
Anywho. I'm overdue a confession, *wink* so here goes.
-My phobia of knives, sharp pointy objects, and stabbing scenes in movies has yet to go away. I just watched a short movie last night that had me cringing behind a pillow half the time. Guns, guts, and blood? sure, not too bad. Stabbing? *runs away*

-I am very loud in my actions ( so say my family) I SLAM doors and cabinets, I run like an elephant up/down stairs ( I always take them 2 by 2) I drop things ALL. THE. TIME. I would make a horrible criminal or spy.

-I looooove making lists of everything! I also like making lists of goals, especially daily goals. However, most of the time my goals are written down...and that's are far as it goes.

- In my head I can be good at public speaking, or doing things alone up on stage. In real life it still gives me the willys and a case of the shakys. I claim it's genetic. *sheepish grin*

- It's sad when i go shopping because I always become overwhelmed by all the *things* I want to buy! I get all these great outfit ideas in my head, and the decor ideas, and food, and shoes, and the list goes on... until I count the money in my wallet. ha ha.

-I have tunnel vision when it comes to focusing on something I really enjoy or want to get done, I put all my energy and time into it unless someone from the outside starts knocking and distracts me. otherwise I just keep going!!

-I swear half my brain is an ultra freakish health nut, and the other half is a sugar addict. They have a lot of battles and chocolate wins a lot. However chocolate covered fruit makes both slightly happy.

-I really wish I could do a better job documenting with my camera! I always have it with me, but lately unless someone else is already out with their camera taking pics I don't think about it. so sad.

-Sometimes I go thru extremely quiet mellow shy fases. This apparently is a surprise to many people. I do a lot of inner reflection and thinking at times though.

-I forget I have braces , & I'm very happy after eating which means I smile a lot....which means the picture ain't always purty.

-I read a lot of blogs, yet I hardly ever comment. depressing, and im workin on it.