Wednesday, March 31, 2010


They say it's good for the soul....

~1. Sometimes I purposely don't accomplish what I have set out to do

~2. I adore my honey oh-so-much that I will pour/mix/& spread it on practically everything (within reason...or not)

~3. Sometimes I feel like I have missed a big important deadline when I'm not able to blog everyday.

~4. I am really attached to blogger.

~5. When I ride down the highway while listening to my ipod I make up movies scenes in my head.

~6. I can sound just like a guy singer when I want to. but get incredibly tongue tied when i try to rap.

~7. I find shopping overwhelming because I want to buy everything.

~8. I've stalked someone I didn't know with my car before.

~9. I've stalked multiple people in the mall before..

~10. ok. Im a stalker. but a nice one!!

~11. I secretly ( ha! not anymore) love reading children's books, and stories with magical happenings and cheerful endings.

~12. I have no sense of style when I'm at home, sometimes it's PJ's, glasses, uncombed hair and unshaved legs all day long.

~13. I could sit here at the comp for hours reading the blogs I follow... you are all such lovely people, you make me slightly jealous and incredibly euphoric! I wish I could come and visit.

~14. One day I am building a room. Where I can go in and scream at the top of my lunges for extended periods of time and no one will care. Or perhaps sing in my whiny off-key voice. Or whistle the same tune over and over and over. A place where I can let loose....a place where all my caged up quirks and can have a voice. how lovely...You should come visit. =]

~15. I often have conversations with my imaginary future husband while driving alone to class. or my future self, or my present self. It can get a little loud.

~16. Mr. Darcy? I'm waiting.

~17. I love wearing sunglasses so I can people watch without being too obvious.
( again with the stalker issue)

~18. I wonder if WeHeartIt will arrest me for obsessive browsing and borrowing.

~19. I purposely sit down and watch Criminal Minds or Law & Order:SVU and then scream and hide behind my ever ready pillow at any image of a sharp object , stabbing, or mutilated body. Why do I do this? ......I must be crazy.

~20. I am a all too easily amused, easily distracted, insane, rambling, confessing, multi-tasking failing, blundering, bouncy, happy seeking gal.

I heart you all!!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Spring Break......

IS fInAlLy HERE!!!
{well, it's actually been here since friday... but the weekend was crammed with work and what-not}
ooooh how I have longed for this week to arrive.
I'm making a mental note to relish, embrace, and cherish every waking moment of this Spring break.
I know it will fly by much too fast if I don't, and I will be trapped and overwhelmed with homework and exams the minute it ends and shall not be free until mid-May!
{ok, it's practically illegal to talk school stuff during break so that is the last you shall hear of it from me for now!}
but like I've come to learn, I may not be driving the all known-too-well route to campus every morning.... But I still somehow have to balance my frolic time with a little studying.
curse you "welcome back" exams!!!!
{ok. I promise that is the last of my rants on bookwork.}
In case you all didn't know...... I am BIG into list making.
I suppose you could say I am one of those "visual" people.
I have to write it down the minute I think of it
or otherwise it is lost to the Black Hole { a.k.a my Brain}
It's true, I for sure have a one-track mind, am hopelessly forgetful and scattered the majority of my day, and am always for some reason so sure I have the power to multi-task.
pssshhhhhh, how silly of me!
and it is here my friends that my beloved lists come into play.
I makes lists for EVERYTHING!!!
{ to-do lists, what not to-do lists, what I should-do, don't forget, forget, on and on and on it goes.}
Today I got to make a FUN list!!!
My Spring Break List!!!
and because I am a world class champion rambler... I am sharing it with you.
teh heh.
Spring Break 2010
1. Acknowledge, embrace, and pursue my love for salty air, sandy sand, sunscreen, big waves, towels, flippy-flops, sunshades, and inner-beach bum.
2. sleep past 8am -every. single.morning.-
3. Soak up plenty of happy mood-boosting vitamin D
4.Drive everywhere I go with the windows down ( duh it’s Florida) while blasting Oldies.{ it just fits spring and summer, and literally lifts my spirits whenever I play it!}
5.Read books. For fun. For more then a few minutes at a time.
6.Take walks, dance, skip, twirl, and frolick.
7. Consume crazy amounts of ice-cream, smoothies, frappuccinos, popsicles, and chocolate covered strawberries.
8. Complete tasks on my long-term ohmyIamnevergonnahavetimeforthis List
9. Hang with lovely friends, Family, and bosom buddies as much as possible
10. Thank God everyday for His blessings.
11. Take it easy.
I am heading to the beach with my family tomorrow!!!
Hoorah and Huzzah for being productive with my to-do list!!!
So. Do share, for those who make lists, or for those who are on break,
what to do?

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sunshine and Metal

So today I felt strangely accomplished.
perhaps it was because I finally lugged my little red camera friend with me and took pictures!
( like I have been meaning to do..but my brain is still not used to owning a fully working camera)
it was a blast.
aaaaand errrr I did get a tad carried away, maybe?
nah. No one could ever take too many photo's.
.except of themselves.
you vain person you!!!
{oooh darn and dagnabbit.}
I failed.
well, I was alone all day, so whaddya expect?

It was incredibly foggy early this morning on the way to class... I loved it, reminded me of my FAVORITE scene from Pride & Prejudice when Mr. Darcy is walking towards Elizabeth in the morning fog =] I indulged myself ( and rewarded myself for making it thru algebra without dozing and also getting to skip class because of my orthodontist appointment heh heh) by making a stop at Starbucks ( college moment!! ha ha) and tried their new Dark Cherry Mocha ({oh so deelish!!) with a Petite Vanilla Bean Scone to go. scrumptious.The weather turned out to be BEAUTIFUL today! Thank you God for the sunshine and warm breeze!!It was most certainly a TOMS day.

{ actually, in my opinion, everyday is a TOMS day. I heart my comfy shoes} Oh Spring, you greeted me so cheerily when I came home today.
Ho humm I did indeed get my braces today.

and all those painful horror stories people told me of when they put them on?
( always right after I would announce I was getting braces.. umm. really? ha ha)
I have to admit I was OH SO disappointed ( NOT!!)
It went great actually, (besides having extremely dry and chapped lips after the whole process, and a lot of drooling, and lots and lots of metal in my mouth.)
It was a pain free experience and went by rather quickly!
So yes, I am missy Brace Face ( not a nickname for future reference btw)
although I have yet to attempt eating anything yet ( ooh geez I am already such a hog when I eat, this will be just a lovely sight) but I do recommend a Smoothie from Smoothie King too sooth and satisfy your tummy after it all.
Braces will be for sure be an interesting experience, *grins*

Monday, March 22, 2010

Happy Birrrffffday!!!!

That's her in a nutshell
My Beautiful, Hilarious, fun-lovin younger sista
she's sweet sixteen today
She is amazing, my best friend,
we get each other, and scarily are able to finish each other's sentences.
we are constantly thinking the same thing and "jinx" each other
or double jinx, even triple jinx ALL the time.
we have a bazillion inside silly cuh-razy jokes that make no sense whatsoever,
except to us of course. teh heh.
She has the most funny sense of humor and way of looking at things.
I laugh when people think she is shy and quiet.
they obviously haven't had the blessing of getting to know her.
she if a certified goofball, super sweet, way more grown up then most girls her age, yet still able to swing it with the peeps.
She has a different laugh for everything, and is the most loyal friend I have ever seen.
Hannah Banana Montana from Alabama who moved to Indiana

Friday, March 19, 2010

Come Steal My Heart Please

I swooned when I saw this the other day.

I heart this video

I heart books and Amazon

I heart the song they use

I heart Fridays

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Straight to the Point

Yesterday I stared at a florecent lit ceiling, spotting faces in the cracks, as I tried to keep my mouth open while a purple putty type mold was being set. In my mouth. Sound familiar?
You guessed it! I paid a special visit to the orthodontist because I heard from so many people how fun it is to have molds made of your teeth!!!
ah ha ha,
.no. I'm totally kidding.
I did however go to the orthodontist for a consultation and such.
Because next Wednesday I will be getting braces.
Yes, and I am really thankful and blessed that my parents are able to do this for me!
I've had a long and not so great relationship with the dentist and such due to an accident as a kid, and now I will finally be able to straighten those babies up.
{Am I excited? huh, should I be?}
The funny thing is at my age most everyone has their so called "awkward brace face teenage years" behind them. They are all young college attending adults with straight, beautiful, pearly white chompers.
bah ha, even my younger sister's friends have either just gotten their braces off or will be soon.
So yeah... you could say I'm way behind the flow of things.... but compared to the 50 something lady at the desk who made my next appointment, completely decked out in her braces,
I think not!!
It just didn't work out for me until now. and I am thankful it's workable.
2 years is the jail sentence for my naughty crooked teeth.
{Will it seem terribly long to me? I have no clue.}
So readers, I will soon be entering the world of no chewing gum, rubber bands, and lots of metal. (Rock on dudes!!!)
I'm depending on you seasoned pros to give me tips and advice and encouragement! ha ha
sheesh, I'm sure you all REALLY wanted to know about this huh?
Anywho, expect brace face pics next week. heh heh.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I Fail at Irish Accents

This Holiday always makes me long to be there........ so much....

and I notice the folks with red hair everywhere I go

and I also realize I have no talent looking for four leaf clovers. ( or patience)

and I love the fact that people who despise green will actually where some form of it.

and in my thoughts everything has an Irish accent

and I like to buy chocolate gold money.

I'm wearing 3 different shades of green today.

Happy St. Patty's!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Terrific Tuesday

I really like Pie.
No, seriously.
I really really love pie.
I'm honestly not much of a cake fan....
[aside from my cupcakes, and cheesecake-which is more like an overgrown scrumptious pie]
Pie on the other hand is delightful, and it's just so much fun to say.
Pie, pie, pie.
(ever notice how the word starts to look funny when you keep typing it out? psh)
Pie is just amazing, delectable, homey, my comfort food...and
there are SO many kinds and choices.
I had a chilled bite of pumpkin pie from the fridge this morning.
oooh la la.
perhaps that is why I have it on the brain.
Blueberry pie, strawberry pie, apple pie, lemon meringue pie, peanut butter pie, oreo pie...oh my gosh the list will go on forever.
Perhaps I am thinking of pie so much because it really is the summer treat, or at least for me it reminds me of summer and spring whenever I eat it.
oooh snap it's Terrific Tuesday.
oh snap!! *grins*
I know, I am totally not doing this the normal way, but quite honestly I just could not get my
mind to start blogging in the usual Terrific Tuesday context.
Don't you love how blogger doesn't force those kind of limitations on you?
You can just let it flow...or rock...or tumble...
but this has been going on for some time, the whole weekly frighteningly goody good third day of the week terrific-ness.
Take a breather, bake, hug a pillow, fold warm laundry, sneak a bite of pie, enter a giveaway..
take a moment to explore Terrific.
Today's terrific item is something ALL of you should take part of!!
I am beyond excited, it's so flipin' awesome!!!!
Chelsea-Rebecca over at her amazing blog is hosting her very first giveaway!!!
I must say this delightful, creative, beautiful, and just plain funny lady has outdone herself!!!
really you should. It's Terrific Tuesday.
what pie do you like?
*sheepish grin*

Monday, March 15, 2010

Taggity Tag Tagaroo!

I was tagged this past week by two very sweet and lovely ladies, Eldarwen and Amber ( who have quite awesomely splendid blogs by the way that you should go visit)and I have to admit that usually I forgot to ever do these, or I procrastinate on them, or I just don't do them... I get impatient, or I say I don't have time, or I get bored with them, .... I'm not quite sure why.... ..But! Today is Monday... and I am feeling extra chipper at the moment ( perhaps it's the granola bar I just scarfed down, oh I heart my granola!)
Anywho, I am actually going to do one of these! I am turning over a new leaf folks! So bare with me...and I do think this will be quite interesting and fun =]

1. High heels or boots? gahh, would you be surprise to hear from a 6ft tall lady that I love to put on a pair of cute heels and teeter totter around? 'tis true, I have a thing for cute shoes, and for some reason am always drawn towards the ones that ironically have the 2in or more heels. ( and I'm such a clutz yet I still wear them!!) they tell me that a girl my height doesn't NEED to wear heels, " umm, excuse me? I can't hear you all the way up here, sorry, but I'm not gonna be left out!" but in the end my all time favorite is my well worn and comfy pair of riding boots. yeesss I even wear them when i am not riding.

2. What time did you get up this morning? well, I'm usually am up by 6:15am to get ready for class, make sure I eat something, and do a little reading or list making... but my brain was holding on so tight to the weekend sleepiness and I think I hit the snooze button twice... and didn't get up intil 6:45am(still made it to class on time!). I can be a night owl or a morning person no prob, although I tend to be more of a morning person ( no hatin'!)

3. What was the last film you saw at the cinema? The Young Victoria. Best movie of the year so far, amazing. seriously. SO good!

4. What is your name? Rachel, Rache-, Ra-kell, Tall girl, and so forth. ha ha

5. What is your favorite TV show? hmm, I kinda breeze thru tv and watch whatever I find amusing that evening, or whatever fits my mood. Sometimes it's Criminal Minds, but as of late it's been a lot of The Office. Michael Scott, Jim, and Dwight. bah ha.

6. What do you usually have for breakfast? oatmeal( I experiment with it all the time by adding different things, like fruit, chocolate, honey, etc) and my 2nd fav is peanut butter/honey on an english muffin or nutella on toast.

7. What is your middle name? Maria!! *coughs* nah, it's just Marie.

8. What food do you dislike? is it a bad thing that I had to think on this one? hard? COOKED cold broccoli and Gator meat. *gags*

9. What is your favorite CD at the moment? Haywire, only cuz Josh Turner said it was. ;)

10. What characteristic do you despise? I would say someone who is quick to judge ( or lable) someone as to what kind of person they are before they take the time to really know them and learn about them. Don't categorize!

11. Favorite clothing? I do love my dresses, skirts, jeans, cute tops and hats....but my inner nerd/lazy bum could live the rest of its' life in gym shorts and a big baggy T-shirt.

12. If you could go anywhere in the world on vacation, where would it be? gah! such dreams in this department!!! It's a three way tie between France, Ireland, and Rome

13. Are you an organized person? It all depends on the situations, I am a neat freak and highly organized when it comes to my job and career as an equestrian, and then at home I can sometimes be a real slob. But you will be glad to know that last week I completely organized my room and car and got rid of lots of useless things( off to goodwill!).. so I'm getting better on that end =]

14. Where would you retire to? In this world? probably Europe...ha ha. ( I wish) in the long run? Heaven =]

15. What was your most recent memorable birthday? My sixteenth birthday (2007) I went to Estee Lauder and had a makeover, first time, I felt like a model.... and pretty pleased with myself because that was the most girly thing I had ever done!

16. What are you going to do when you finish this? Go to work( at the barn) and give my sister a riding lesson.
17. What is your Birthstone? I thought it was Ruby and i cheated and Binged it and found out it's actually Garnet. ha ha.

18. Person you expect to publish this first? whoever has the time and courage to fill this out (ooooooh)

19. When is your birthday? January 4th

20. Are you a morning person or a night person? ha ha like I said earlier I can go either way, but more so an Early Bird.

21. What is your shoe size? 10, dont judge, the big feet just balance out my tall frame. ;)

22. Do you own any animals? A dog, Lucy, she's the family dog going on 6 years now, and I also have a Quarter Horse named Delilah.

23. Any news you'd like to share? My spring break is next week, salty air and sandy beaches here I come!
24. When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up? I never really knew, I just wanted to be a horseback rider. =]

25. What is your favorite flower? since you probably don't know..... it's the sunflower ;)

26. What is a day on the calendar you are looking forward to? March 26th! (break!)

27. If you were a crayon, what color would you be? Sunglow

28. How is the weather right now? Super sunny with a gusty wind. delightful!!

29. Last person you spoke to on the phone? My madre.

30. Favorite drink? I heart my H2O

31. Favorite restaurant? GahH, I love my food, and I love my Panera Bread, Cheesecake Factory, and Olive Garden. =]

32. Hair color? Brunette! ( chocolate covered blonde, cuz I have my "moments" ha ha)

33. What was your favorite toy as a child? My bike, and my collection of toy horses. my favorites were my Grand Champions from Wal-Mart. tee hee!

34. Summer or winter? I like snow, but I for sho adore my summer days.

35. Chocolate or vanilla? *coughs* seriously? You need ask a girl this question? Chocolate all the way!! especially Dark Chocolate. *drools*

36. Coffee or tea? gah, tea and I are great friends over books. and Coffee is my college pick-me-up.

37. Wish you were still young? I will always be a little kid trapped in an ever older growing body.

38. Do you want your friends to publish this? I admit this has been pretty fun ( even if it is long, bonus points and virtual sprinkles to those who read it all!!) and it would be kool to read about other bloggers through this =]

39. When was the last time you cried? about 2 weeks ago, but it didnt last for much, I can't stay sad very long!

40. What is under your bed? Organized boxes and a lot less junk, ah ha!

41 . What did you do last night? I chilled with my sisters while watching Celebrity Apprentice....farewell weekend.

42. What are you afraid of? disappointing others

43. Salty or sweet? sheesh, everyone knows they go hand-in- hand!! but I give into sugar so much easier.

44. Best quality you have? ha ha, I don't know! I would hope it's making others happy. oooh wait a minute, being tall. I win.

45. How many years at your current job? I've been in the horse business for 7 years and my current job 5 months and internship for 2 months.

46. Favorite day of the week? oooh so obvious, it's TUESDAY!

47. What four people will you tag? Anna at Popsicles, Emily at The White Way of Delight, Laura at Always Losing My Chapstick, and Whitney at Happy Thoughts

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Sunny Motivation

Happy Saturday !!
What a beautiful day God has blessed me with!!
after a soothing ( but extremely wet) rain for 2 days I woke up to sunshine trying to seep in through my closed blinds.
*smiles* Oh sunshine you make my day!
So I just got up, threw open my curtains and opened those blinds and the cheerful warmth lit up my entire bedroom.
It's going to be a good Friday was ultra laid back and lazy because of the weather. ( so nice compared to my non-stop hit the floor runnin' weekend last week!) and when the warmth woke me up this morning, ya'll I feel motivated!! woo!! (I'm sure the sunshine and extra sleep is helping a lot ha ha)
I've got me some motivational Shontelle and her song Battle Cry blasting right now as I finish off a tasty and wholesome bowl of steel cut oatmeal ( I just recently started eating this type of oatmeal, it's supposed to be purty durn good for your tummy and I love my oatmeal and this is actually really good! I top mine with/ cinnamon, honey, a little peanut butter and yogurt! yumm-o!!)
aaaaaannnnd after I finish my late breakfast I'm going to squeeze in a quick new workout I want to try. ( bah ha, see how motivated I feel today??? shocking) and then it's off to the barn to work, and of course give my horse a training ride.
Its' a beautiful day!! I hope each of you have been having a super duper fun, or relaxing, or perhaps uber productive weekend. God is good.
I would love to stay and ramble on and on and on about this day, but the sunshine outside is far too lovely and tempting and warm to just stay here inside and blog.

Thursday, March 11, 2010


{One must always ride the Ferris Wheel to experience the full festival effect}

That's the word I choose to describe the past few days. SPLENDID.

The concert??? AHHH-MAZING!!!
Josh Turner sounds even better was great. I'm still pinching myself to see if I was just dreaming the fact that I went to my first concert and had such an awesome experience.
*ough* I'm such a puny pincher.
He sang some of my favorite songs....2nd row was the perfect place to be....and towards the end I got to stand RIGHT up against the stage as he sang!! I could have touched him!!!

aaahhh, but no worries I'm not that ga ga over him.

( although my eardrums tell me that many other girsl were)

His wife was in the the band with him, and even sang a song with him.

ummmmm, can we say ADORABLE?? And when he hits those low notes???
Spending 2 days in a row at the Strawberry Festival?

ummm, hello!! It is practically mandatory to consume strawberry shortcake and chocolate covered strawberries at the Festival. Seriously, they won't let you out until you do. I of course fully embraced this rule and indulged in some yummm-O treats!!!

After the concert I went on a mission to find me a vendor selling those tasty frozen bananas. I mean, come on, it's fruit. and chocolate. Where in the world could you go wrong with that??? As I was watching(and drooling) the lady carefully dip my banana in chocolate I practically gasped when I saw a humongous tray of SPRINKLES!! I waited, and waited, and then she asked " would you like that rolled in nuts?" --"noooo" I said not taking my eyes off the tray. " well, would you like it with just the chocolate then" ----- " umm, noooo" still bambi eyeing the tray. " okay, then how about sprinkles?" ----" OH YES PLEASE!!!!" and the I pretty much squealed as she rolled and rolled that chocolate covered banana in colorful goodness.

It's raining today.

Perfect for some casual shopping, baking ,and a good book.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Terrific Tuesday!!

Huzzah. Hoorah and all things fabulously Terrific and delightful.
Indeed it most certainly is the frighteningly GOOD third day of the week!!!
Terrific Tuesday.
That's right, take a breather.... peek at the sunshine( I hope you're being greeted by warm rays like I am right now) sink deeper into your seat, eat some ice-cream, sprinkle some cookies.
It's a Terrific day and you should make the most of it!! Remember just because everyone is talking about this March maddness doesn't mean you have to let it fold in on you.
Everyone needs a mental break... and I do hope my little terrific posts give you that. =-]
So even if you are just taking a moment to think of a terrific happening today... do it!
Okay...okay ok ok. So today's TERRIFIC item may not mean a single thing to you at all. But it's happening tonight and I just CANNOT stop thinking about it!!!! So here I go taking total and complete advantage of the fact that one of the reasons I created this blog was for a moment just like this! To blab and ramble about who knows what. bah ha.
So, shocked some of you may be in a moment, but I am confessing right here and now that never in my entire life have I EVER been to a concert. NEVER.
aaaand boooyyy ooh boy do I LOVE LOVE LOVE my music!! I mean, my ipod has artists of every genre and type..( my taste is extremely random and out there) and you would think I would have dozens and dozens of concerts of various artists and bands under my belt.
nope. I'm not sure why....but the opportunity for me never came around, and perhaps it was because I never really looked into it when i was younger. Anywho...for whatever reason I have yet to enter the stadium or face the stage and here the crowd and tuning up and bass....*sigh*
Well whoopdeeedeee that is all about to change. This very night I am revisiting the Strawberry Festival with my kindred spirits to hear my one and only favorite country singer( not a huge country music fan but ooooh my I do love this guy and his voice!!!)
Josh Turner.
2ND ROW!!!!
2nd row!!
His voice, *swoons* ( and yes I am aware he is married, but still....)
I am beyond excited..... ha ha. really!!! I have never been to a concert, let alone 2nd row... and I have noo idea what to expect, but it's Josh Turner so I highly doubt I'll be disappointed!!
well that is my Terrific News. ha ha, I know...not much. but BIG to me!! and for sure TERRIFIC.
So, what about you? Tell me of your first concert experience.

Monday, March 8, 2010


HELLO!!!!! Have ya'll missed me??? ha ha
I had a crazy busy non-stop weekend...I wasn't anywhere near a computer until Sunday night and no chance to blog until tonight. and you know what? It was actually kinda nice. To take a leave of absence from the world of blogging and facebook... but I am sorry I didnt have a chance to blog a goodbye to you all or wish you a happy weekend, I literally blogged about the giveaway and was out the door.
bada bing bada boom.
How was your weekend???
( and wasn't that giveaway just jolly good fun?? I plan to pick up a few things tomorrow to add to the box and soon it shall be on it's journey to Taylor!!)
Sooooo.... to sum up my fab fab ,fun, mind ,blowing, anxious, stressful ,splendid, tiring, busy, crazy , and much more weekend....
I first traveled to Venice, Florida , Friday, with the barn I Intern at
Where Fox Lea Farm was hosting an Equestrian Competition ( Horse show)
Let me tell you it was a long 2 days but so much fun!!! I Showed and competed and did what I love to do most. Ride. *smiles* I competed in a Show jumpers....oooh I could blab on and on and on about horse showing and riding and training and jumping. It's my passion, I do it everyday, it's my job, I love it. GOD. IS. GOOD.
aaaaand then on Sunday I was able to meet up with some dear friends who had either moved out of state or we had just lost touch over the months. I HEART and ADORE those kinda meet ups, it's so motivating and sweet...and makes you cherish the fact that they are still so close to you even with the distance and set-backs.
aaaaaaaaand today I went to the Florida Strawberry Festival!!!!!
held every year in a town just minutes from my house.
(it's so big that school, including my college, get a day off for it)
Strawberries people. a festival about a delightful tasty fruit!!!
gaaaaaah I love fruit. and this festival is just so amazingly awesome and fun and tasty and cool.
groovyness. I ate so much festival food( I mean honestly I hardly ever touch deep fried stuff..but that's because I wait up ALL YEAR for this very week and then indulge for a day on fried oreos, strawberry shortcake, Kettle Corn and chocolate) It's once a year folks... so sue me.
anywho... it was awesome and....I'm running out of time to blog more tonight.
tomorrow is a brand new day, a terrific day, I am back to blogging, and I hope all of you had a delightful weekend!

Thursday, March 4, 2010


finally, it's the moment we have all been waiting for.....
I am still surprised that I've reached 100 posts.
yupppp, this is numero one hundred!!!
and I want to thank each and every one of you for visiting my blog, leaving me bright rays of sunshine, encouraging me, taking the time to read my rumbles and rambles.
It's a blessing and I want to just hug you all!!
I hope to continue writing my thoughts here, it's been a great place to release what's swirling in my mind....and this blog keeps me happy, and your comments make me smile =]
thanks oodles and bunches to everyone who entered my giveaway!! and especially for the amazingly sweet mentions that some of you took the time to post on your own blogs.
aaand for those of you who didnt have the chance to enter, this was SO much fun to do that perhaps I will try it again sometime.

aaaaand now.
*drummmmm rooooollllll*



hoooray! huzzah!! hippy hip!!! yahoo!!!

I am super duper excited, and will soon have a box of happy on its way to you!!

So so close *smiles*

what comes after 98?
Just ONE little number away from
I can hardly believe that I am SO very close to 100 posts!!
crazy crazy crazy cuuuh-razy!!
and it has been such a whimsical, looney, fun, joyful time.
Readers, stalkers, followers, glimpsers, peekers, and casual scrollers...
I shall announce the winner tonight when I type out my 100th post.
that's right, it will probably be fairly late in the evening...
you have until then to ENTER.
embrace this day, it's going to fly by!!
spread the word!!! tell all your friends!!!
good luck!!
good goody gumdrop. what fun this will be!!!
p.s I am also one away from 40 followers, how neato and surprising is that?!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

She needs her brain you see....

Dear Algebra,
I do not mind you, when I understand you.
( is it even safe to say I enjoy you when I understand you??)
but alas our relationship is hardly ever on the same wave link
and I rarely understand you fully.
therefore I do mind you quite a bit.
so sorry.
Please be a nice exam and let me pass.....that's all I want. seriously.
but ohhh algebra you are sneaky sneaky sneaky!!

Dear Algebra and other such things,
I am very small, and quite delicate.
I'm highly unorganized...seriously, where in the world is the floor in here?
one of these days I might start cleaning up this jumbled mess.
I am soo easily distracted, and I constantly forget where to save important things! soo forgetful. There's not much in here you see, and you algebra make me tired and confused and mushy. You think you can come in and mix things up, and then you start swirling all around my home pad and make me dizzy.
Please be nice.
-Rachel's Brain

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Monday, March 1, 2010


this is post NUMBER 97!!!!!!
ha ha, and if you didn't notice...... yes. I am very excited about my first giveaway.
yes. I do think if you are reading this at this very moment you should enter it.
( if you haven't already click here to enter) yes. I didn't post yesterday because Sunday is usually very busy for my family. yes. I am going to post 2 times today...or perhaps tomorrow... or something like that cuz im trying to speed the process along. Stay tuned.
Farewell February.
you were a delightful month. filled to the brim with love and blessings.
you were an easy going month for me...probably because you were making sure I rested up for this crazy month. I baked a lot during your visit. Made me very happy. You were a kind and friendly month. I made new friends and waved goodbye to visiting old ones. although you were slightly depressing and sad for a brief moment February. You were a turning point month for me, I finally made it over some hard to climb hills...I started some good habits and they are sticking. my perspective was changed on some things but in a good way. I gained some knowledge and learned from some mistakes. You were a FUN month, I felt so carefree and had so many pleasant outings with kindred spirits!
Thank you God for another month of good health, and many many blessings.
Hello March.
you graced me with your presence by greeting me with a somewhat chilly dawn that blossomed into a sunshiny morning. Although normally Florida should be rolling into a early summer by now, it's not... im actually experiencing a nice spring-ish, cold-ish, weather. especially today. *sigh* spring. I love spring!!! I love this month, esepcially this first day becuase it FEELS like spring!!! ( so I classify you as somewhere between an unruly little lamb and a very tame lion) I'm hopeful March, you hold some very exciting events and happenings....I just pray you don't get too March Madness on me ( fat chance, eh?) This month feels like it's going to be all about staying one step ahead, not falling behind, but also making sure I don't get too caught up amidst the craziness. For sure March will be a challenge....but there are some super big fun highlights that I will share with you soon that will make the busssssy month worthwhile.
p.s I have 2 very big exams this depending on how much studying I achieve and how little I procrastinate I may not be posting much until after Wednesday morning...but we are only THREE post away from the giveaway so the winner will be announced sometime this week as soon as I reach 100!!!