Saturday, March 27, 2010

Spring Break......

IS fInAlLy HERE!!!
{well, it's actually been here since friday... but the weekend was crammed with work and what-not}
ooooh how I have longed for this week to arrive.
I'm making a mental note to relish, embrace, and cherish every waking moment of this Spring break.
I know it will fly by much too fast if I don't, and I will be trapped and overwhelmed with homework and exams the minute it ends and shall not be free until mid-May!
{ok, it's practically illegal to talk school stuff during break so that is the last you shall hear of it from me for now!}
but like I've come to learn, I may not be driving the all known-too-well route to campus every morning.... But I still somehow have to balance my frolic time with a little studying.
curse you "welcome back" exams!!!!
{ok. I promise that is the last of my rants on bookwork.}
In case you all didn't know...... I am BIG into list making.
I suppose you could say I am one of those "visual" people.
I have to write it down the minute I think of it
or otherwise it is lost to the Black Hole { a.k.a my Brain}
It's true, I for sure have a one-track mind, am hopelessly forgetful and scattered the majority of my day, and am always for some reason so sure I have the power to multi-task.
pssshhhhhh, how silly of me!
and it is here my friends that my beloved lists come into play.
I makes lists for EVERYTHING!!!
{ to-do lists, what not to-do lists, what I should-do, don't forget, forget, on and on and on it goes.}
Today I got to make a FUN list!!!
My Spring Break List!!!
and because I am a world class champion rambler... I am sharing it with you.
teh heh.
Spring Break 2010
1. Acknowledge, embrace, and pursue my love for salty air, sandy sand, sunscreen, big waves, towels, flippy-flops, sunshades, and inner-beach bum.
2. sleep past 8am -every. single.morning.-
3. Soak up plenty of happy mood-boosting vitamin D
4.Drive everywhere I go with the windows down ( duh it’s Florida) while blasting Oldies.{ it just fits spring and summer, and literally lifts my spirits whenever I play it!}
5.Read books. For fun. For more then a few minutes at a time.
6.Take walks, dance, skip, twirl, and frolick.
7. Consume crazy amounts of ice-cream, smoothies, frappuccinos, popsicles, and chocolate covered strawberries.
8. Complete tasks on my long-term ohmyIamnevergonnahavetimeforthis List
9. Hang with lovely friends, Family, and bosom buddies as much as possible
10. Thank God everyday for His blessings.
11. Take it easy.
I am heading to the beach with my family tomorrow!!!
Hoorah and Huzzah for being productive with my to-do list!!!
So. Do share, for those who make lists, or for those who are on break,
what to do?


chelsea rebecca said...

such a good list!
i hope its absolutely incredible!!!

Elizabeth said...

Well I loved the first items on your fun list!!! EVERYTHING on your list!!! :P I always leave your page with a happy sigh and a smile on my face. You are such a joyous person :) Thanks for spreading it!!!

I am currently residing in Jacksonville, how about you? :)

Hannah Sue said...

sounds like summer.
*sigh* i miss summer...
and relaxation
Have fun tho!

Brittany said...

#4 is my favorite!