Saturday, July 31, 2010


( ok, I know I'm cutting it close, cuz it's about 4 minutes until 12) for the first time in, well, quite a long time, I slept in until 11. ELEVEN PEOPLE! woooow.
It felt oooh so good, to just sleep until I woke up on my own... no cringing ring tone or beeping noise bursting through my slumbering dreams like a teenage mutant ninja turtle! I just peeped open my eyes, verrrry slowly, glaceed at the time, and grinned.
and now I'm just sitting here, in frumpy, quite comfy, very baggy PJ's. pushing my glasses back up the bridge of my nose while scraping the last of the oatmeal outta my bowl.
does that sound sad? gawsh. =] ooh sweet summer Saturday. please linger a little while longer!

oooh mee. on a side note I went with an amazing group of people last night ( the majority of them new to me, which made it very entertaining and unpredictable) and we all saw.... *drum roll*


I was so skeptical about this movie. I really was. It looked like overkill waiting to happen.
let's just say, if you saw my face as I stumbled out of the theater after 2 and half hours.I'm pretty sure it wa sa mixture of shock/amazement/bewilderment/and the usual confusement.. the only word that came out of my mouth was wow. That movie was good. it was intense, and my brain felt fried and dazed afterwards.I seriously am considering going to see it again, something I rarely do, but there was SO much to the movie and my poor little brain can only download and process so much. I think I may get more out of it the second time. who knows?

ok ok. the REAL reason I went to see the movie?
cuz he was in it. ( the one on the RIGHT my dears)
and (500) Days of Summer is an all time fav of mine.
and he is adorable. I think we would be GREAT friends.

I hope your Saturday is just SWELL!!!

annnnnd P.S I finally remembered my FormSpring password, trying to decide if it's worth keeping... I love answering questions.... so if you wanna ask just CLICK HERE. but if things stay quiet I will probably just forget about it.. ha ha.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Making My Way Back...

Oh how sweet it is to be typing is this posting section of my blog again...
sweeter than a ripe plum I tell ya! gawsh. I cannot believe I have been away from my computer for over 2 weeks! Facebook was a nightmare when i returned, I feel oh so behind and had an itching to just delete it instead of trying to figure out what's been going on with my friends.
But then I saw a feed for some photo's and was promptly distracted and so you see the thought just skipped right outta my mind. *grins*
and blogger....oooooh me oh my I want to catch up on so many of your delightful blogs! So I'm just gonna start going down the list. oooh I could do this all night!! I love reading what you all write. I feel like summer has started to settle down a little for me,
all the big happenings are behind me.
for now, ha ha!

So house sitting. wow, I came to realize quite a few things while being alone on 55 acres.
- quiet has a whole new meaning
-The TV makes great background noise
and blocks out the sound of scary things at night.
-Mutant Ninja Cows really do exist.
- my dislike for little bitty dogs has once again, been confirmed.
- my laundry can pile up all week and still be done in just ONE load!!
- when it's just dinner for one, the possibilities are eeeeeeeeeeennnnndllessss
-Cow's are horrible listeners, Horses are great conversationalist ( if in the mood) and dogs will adore and agree with whatever you say if you talk in sweet tones.
-If I haven't gone crazy yet, I am now.
-waking up early every single morning during the summer ain't right.
-Coffee really does do wonders for the tired brain.
-Punching hay bales and cleanings stalls is a great stress reliever.
-who knew the love for one's own bed could be so great. ooh bed I missed you.
-having MY family come over to visit ME is..... weird!
-Family. I missed you. so much.
-naps, why didn't I think of them before?!
- I could be such a couch potato
-anything can be turned into a defense weapon.
-hugging a horse makes everything a little better and brighter.

The list could drag on.

So I have returned, and I do hope you continue to visit...I feel lots more posts coming on.

Hello Blogger. I missed you.

Monday, July 12, 2010


lannnnnds sakes!
I'm once again quite sure summer has my heart, but then every season that rolls arounds tends to woo me to some degree or another. *grins*
yet summer, is so carefree.
I feel like such a kid, more so than I normally do. and I LOVE it!!!
I've been eating like a growin boy, gettin' sleep like a baby, and just all around playin' like I'm 10 again! ooooh sunshine, school-less days, spontaneous outings, late night pow-wows with close friends, and sweet family time, summer..... I do believe I shall swoon over you!
I haven't blogged much, I know... this season tends to leave me with an irregular posting schedule...yet from the looks of it everyone seems to be enjoying the warmth just as much as I am so I don't feel like I'm neglecting it too too much, ( am i?....nahhhh)
I've been more busy than I was during a week of finals.... yet it's all been FUN!!! or shall I put it this way..... it's all be things I have CHOSEN to do, or SIGNED UP for, or be INVITED to do.... nothing I honestly HAVE HAD to do or I would " fail my futurE" as some of those silly teachers would tell me. well loooky here.... boo on you! rainin' on my happy parade like that.
summer has been free of the "forced" and filled with the "chosen" *insert Yoda voice*
Since right before Harmony Highlands I have been the happiest that i can remember.
Truly, I have been SO SO SO happy!!!! I have been smiling excessively, laughing way way more, and just sometimes feeling like happiness would come bursting out of me!
(I do believe the majority of the mood was caught from HH, so thank ya!)
I am so blessed, and feel so content and yeah...happy!!!
I've realizing more and more what a bad awesome circle of good, God-lovin' friends I have.
oh what sweet delight. =]
I've also been going CrAzY with my camera, so look forward to pictures!!!
Starting this week I am house sitting at a farm....until the end of the month. It's not too far from my home, but with that added to the list of craziness I can't really say when my next post will be! My computer will be staying at home for now... so blogging and such will be minimal.
sadness..... however, do keep in touch!! drop a line by commenting or emailing me... ( those who have my number go right ahead and text/call away!)
So. How has your summer been? Do share!
photos are from recent pool outing =]

Friday, July 2, 2010

Snips and Snails & Puppydog Tails

Did I ever tell you all how kool & FUN it is to have a brother?
It's the chip in my chocolate I tell ya!
I've always been quite the "Tomboy" of the family....
ever since I was a little kid( yeah once upon a time I was small) I loved getting dirty, catching bugs and lizards, wrestling with the boys on my street( and winning! ha ha!) doing tricks on my bike, being one of the "boys", the outdoors was where I lived and thrived! I hated wearing dresses... and my stockings ( *shivers* I can't believe I had to wear white stockings) never went a Sunday without being ripped. I was very loud and boisterous, always making up imaginary games and going on adventures. pink was considered a plaque in my book...and shoes took way to much time to put on.
I wanted a brother so so badly.
I knew that once I had a brother it would like Batman and Robin, we would have SO much fun!
I'm the 2nd oldest.... with one big sis and 3 sisters after me. I never thought it would happen... even when I was in the hospital room as my brother entered the world, the Doctor holding the very loud and red baby up and announcing " it's a boy!" I remember thinking "no, nooo way, it's always been a girl. Seriously?!"

Abel has been such a blessing in my life!
even though he is the youngest, and the only boy, he is one smart, tough, hilarious, & independent cookie! ( and slightly spoiled I admit, aren't they always?)
Abel and I are 12 years apart. and even though I have quite obviously learned to embrace my girly side and even enjoy it to some extent ( a big extent I admit! ha ha).....
.... I will always have that tomboy inside me...
I have had so much fun with this dude over the past 7 years. we play football, catch bugs/lizards, wrestle, crack endless jokes, act silly, and tease and play tricks on the other sisters.
He's one bad awesome brotha!
with all that said I leave you with a vid of his most recent shenanigan, he's a goofball with some purty insane dancing skillz!