Saturday, July 31, 2010


( ok, I know I'm cutting it close, cuz it's about 4 minutes until 12) for the first time in, well, quite a long time, I slept in until 11. ELEVEN PEOPLE! woooow.
It felt oooh so good, to just sleep until I woke up on my own... no cringing ring tone or beeping noise bursting through my slumbering dreams like a teenage mutant ninja turtle! I just peeped open my eyes, verrrry slowly, glaceed at the time, and grinned.
and now I'm just sitting here, in frumpy, quite comfy, very baggy PJ's. pushing my glasses back up the bridge of my nose while scraping the last of the oatmeal outta my bowl.
does that sound sad? gawsh. =] ooh sweet summer Saturday. please linger a little while longer!

oooh mee. on a side note I went with an amazing group of people last night ( the majority of them new to me, which made it very entertaining and unpredictable) and we all saw.... *drum roll*


I was so skeptical about this movie. I really was. It looked like overkill waiting to happen.
let's just say, if you saw my face as I stumbled out of the theater after 2 and half hours.I'm pretty sure it wa sa mixture of shock/amazement/bewilderment/and the usual confusement.. the only word that came out of my mouth was wow. That movie was good. it was intense, and my brain felt fried and dazed afterwards.I seriously am considering going to see it again, something I rarely do, but there was SO much to the movie and my poor little brain can only download and process so much. I think I may get more out of it the second time. who knows?

ok ok. the REAL reason I went to see the movie?
cuz he was in it. ( the one on the RIGHT my dears)
and (500) Days of Summer is an all time fav of mine.
and he is adorable. I think we would be GREAT friends.

I hope your Saturday is just SWELL!!!

annnnnd P.S I finally remembered my FormSpring password, trying to decide if it's worth keeping... I love answering questions.... so if you wanna ask just CLICK HERE. but if things stay quiet I will probably just forget about it.. ha ha.


Eldarwen said...

I saw Inception a few weeks ago. IT WAS AWESOME!!!!! I can't wait to see it again!! When it comes out on DVD I'm *SO* buying it!! I kind of thought it was gonna be stupid, but I fell in love with it (especially the dark haired guy on the right in the pic). *sighs* LOVE THAT MOVIE!!! :D

Juliana said...

Oh my goodness! Was it not the most amazing movie ever? My fam and I talked about it for hours after it was over. That ending was too good.

"and he is adorable. I think we would be GREAT friends.THE END."
Haha. You are so funny!

Whitney said...

Joseph Gordon-Levitt! He's in '10 Things I Hate About You' as well!
He's a cutie.
I want to see Inception...oh so bad!

Sara said...

Love your blog and the focus on your faith! Can't wait to read more!

I haven't seen Inception yet (sad, right?), but I'm dying to see Joseph Gordon Levitt in it...he is so cool! 500 Days of Summer is probably one of my favorite movies!