Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Eleven Days

Ever get that feeling of realization?
.Your eyes get a little wider.
.Your heart beats a little faster ( or even takes a trip in a bounce house).
.Butterflies decide your gut is their new airfield..
.Your hands can't hold diddly-Squat.
.If there is anything above floor level your on your way to sit on it.
.A mixture of dismay/sinking/potential optimism/and reminiscing fill you up.

The end of one mind blowing, fast paced summer is quickly approaching.
Today I glanced at my calender
( for the life of me I am just bad with dates)
and it hit me like a bad rap song.
oooooh. my. goodness.
This just ain't right folks!
What happened to an endless summer????
School is literally on it's way to knock on my door.....
and this summer was sooooo gooood. and sooo busy.
I hope I can hold on to its' blissful memory as tight as a kid would with it's brand new balloon.
.Memories are so important.
I wanted to push the taunting voice of summer's end a.k.a "backtoattemptingtobesmartandresponsible"
into the very deepest darkest hole in my mind.
I tried to for as long as possible but boy is that thought a little Houdini!
I've rather enjoyed acting like a kid for 3 months. thank you verrry much!!

Eleven days.
( and grudgingly counting. veerrrrryyyy slowly)
Cuhh Razy!!! Where did 2010 GO??!!
I want to make this last chapter worth while.
Go out with a bang, shall we say?
ah ha. sounds like I'm planning my funeral.

whatta summer. ( a post about it soon perhaps?)

For those who have yet to enter the "use your brain" world,
how will YOU spend your final chapter?


Sara said...

Ugh, the end of summer crept up on me, too!! I am so bummed, but I'm still trying not to think about it so there's a slight hint of denial as well. I'm trying to decide between reading a HP book (lol, just couldn't keep away for an entire summer) or The Beautiful and the Damned.

They Call Me Thumper said...

"it hit me like a bad rap song"
i love it... where do you come up with that stuff?

Anonymous said...

Yeah seriously, "hit me like a bad rap song" made me lol