Sunday, August 22, 2010

ONE day left.

It’s thundering and lightning outside like Zeus had one too many extra shots in his coffee!! Goodness gracious. I love me an all out smack down thunderstorm. The sounds and smells…. the way the rain hits the windows and trees and sidewalk . It’s so comforting yet so unpredictable. I think one of the reasons God created thunderstorms was to not only witness his great power and all being, all knowing, and all mighty …but so people would have to slow down and take it easy. Who all, the minute a thunderstorm hits, grabs a good book or movie and curls up on the couch? Or just sits by the window or out on the porch and watches? ( me me me!) or for instance, take the time to update a blog? *grins* I had planned to blog several posts during this finale’ of summer bliss, but I have been quite busy gearing up for *coughs* fall semester *coughs*and all my free time has been spent with family and friends…. I am soaking it all up like a sponge!!!
My blog will always be here waiting for me to ramble….. ( perhaps the readers will move on, but this dear little blog will always have a blank post waiting to be filled with my pent up nonsense)
I will miss the free time that summer offers to just BE with people at any given time doing absolutely nothing. I will miss the feeling you get when you realize you have absolutely nothing planned tomorrow…and the next day…and even the next. Ahhh.
I will miss dearly the nights I didn’t have to roll over and set my alarm for the next day…because I didn’t have to crack open my little peepers at 6am. Ooh my lands sakes!

Ooho what can I say. This summer was incredible. I have been so so so HAPPY! And I don’t think it will be left behind when Tuesday rolls around….just mixed in with some dread and extra responsibility. The “r” word. Yes I just typed it out. For sho. *shudders*
Did this week go out with a bang? I think it did! Maybe it was just a little ole’ grandpa pistol, but it did indeed bang. I had loads of family time, watched a ton of movies I have been meaning to watch, made multiple mall outings and ice-cream stops, and read 2 novels, for fun, for hours at a time. It was deeeeeelightful!!!
[ Take that looming education! ]

I must say from catching up on all of ya’lls blogs ( yes I promise to comment more, really) it has cheered me to hear that you have all had equally ( if not better) splendid summers!!

Ah so, the fall semester starts Tuesday. 8am. bright and early. YIKEY YIKES!
. I gotta tell ya this semester at college ain’t gonna be no picnic with happy balloons and sprinkle cupcakes. No way hoooosea! Anywhoooo…. I have been accepted into the Veterinary Technician Program at the local Community College. ( where I’ve been taking classes already). I was THRILLED when I received my acceptance letter… mainly because I was shocked that they were agreeing to allow me. Rachel. Be around medical devices and equipment. Do pray for me…. I tend to repel and have battles with anything that has bells and whistles, beeping and flashing. You should see the stack of books required for the first term of the program that is breeding like mold on my dresser… nobody mentioned I was entering The School of the Insanely Mad Scientists!!! Lawwwwdamerrciii!!! I think I shall faint. It’s gonna be tough, or so say the brain dead seniors of the program ( seriously! Pick some better spokespeople for your program!!!) I am determined to make it out alive though, probably worse for wear and DEFINITELY lacking any mental ability to think, but at least alive. Oooh goodness I have rambled quite enough for today. I will be getting my navy blue scrubs soon ( required at every vet tech class) so perhaps pictures soon?
. I heart you.

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Eldarwen said...

*sniff* I hate saying goodbye to summer.... but not the heat! :P

Hey Rach I just wanted to let you know that you can fix the white photobucket box that's in the middle of your blog (making it kinda difficult to read your posts) by going to and getting the new html for the background you had before. They don't use photobucket anymore, so all their backgrounds with the old html don't work anymore. :)