Saturday, February 27, 2010


Yes. only 4 more post to go.
Huzzah and Zippydeedoodah.
and if it doesnt work out for you to make a mention of this shingding on your blog....
....that's fine by me, just comment and consider yourself entered.
cuz who knows when the next time I get a hankering to do this will be?
Have a Happy Sunday!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Fresh Minty Bliss

I am a true and devoted addict to these amazing little delectable treats.

Every time I make a run to store I emerge with one in my hand.

Minty, fresh, chocolaty bliss.

This commercial describes what I experience, when eating one, ... perfectly.

what's your checkout aisle guilty pleasure?

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Thursday, February 25, 2010

20 Questions

ah ha ha. I TOTALLY forgot about creating this. It's called Formspring and it's basically a place where you can ask people questions. anything at all. really. anonymously.
Curious? Any questions coming to mind?
You can ask away and I will answer away.
purty durn kool if ya ask meh.

*A big big thank you and virtual hug to everyone who has entered my very first giveaway!! Especially for the super sweet mentions that you posted on your own blog. Many thanks dear readers =] Ok folkS this is post numero 94!! I am hosting my first Giveaway in celebration of my upcoming 100th post!! so be sure to enter before I reach 100!!!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Young Victoria

Monday night I took my 2 sisters Sara and Hannah
( I am between them in age, yaa we are the 3 Amigos. ha ha)
To see the Movie "The Young Victoria"
My sister Hannah had stumbled across the movie online after I had burst into the kitchen saying "Hey! we should go see a movie!! It's been forever!" and really it has, I am a HUGE fan of movies, but I rarely have the time to go( or spare change for that matter) so usually the opportunity to go comes rather randomly and spontaneously.
So Hannah went online to check out what was playing.. and she found this movie!!
I adore the Victorian era, Jane Austin Era, anything along those lines... and I was incredibly surprised that I had never heard of this movie coming out!! We immediately decided that we HAD to go see this movie... we were in dire need of a good ole' England fix. the time of lovely dresses, balls, proper English, and mystery.
Now me, like I said, loves a good movie. I'm really not too picky.. I'll watch the Drama's, the Mysteries, the Suspense/Scary( I can only take so much of that though... sharp objects and contorted gory things.. ah. *coughs* NO.) I really like the Action movies( haa, I am such a boy sometimes when it comes to watching movies) aaaand I do enjoy the Romance as long as it's not too overdone and usually I only go to see romantic comedy with girlfriends cuz otherwise it aint my cup of tea....depending on the film that is.
This Movie? One word.
It was SUCH a lovely film, good acting, legit story line since it's based on the actual events of Queen Victoria. Very sweet and romantic, it surprises you a few times, , but really if you follow along with it it's so lovely. The Filming was really done beautifully too. Actors were phenomenal and I could totally see Prince Albert in a Jane Austin movie! and I really liked the actress they chose to play Victoria. She was a great and stunning!
It was a good clean movie.
So yes, go see it. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do =]
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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

EXTRA Terrific Tuesday!!

Dummmm dee dum dum!!!
Hello everyone!
Do YOU know what day it IS???
THE frighteningly GOODY good good third day of THE week!!
I heart tuesday.
Did you have a cheery weekend?
I did, and I must say I'm sorry for being so "spacy" with my posting this past week... the weekend was unusually busy with a BIG church fellowship meeting that is only held once a year.
It was amazing and I will totally be posting pics soon.
And that made my monday EXTRA crazy for some reason.
Anywho..... I AM BACK!! And I am giddy with excitement.
As I mentioned in my previous post ( click here or scroll down)
I am only about 8 posts away from my 100th post on this blog!!!
1-0-0 ONE OH OH
ONE HUNDRED!!!! this is pretty major!
a lot of words, ramblings, and what-not. and it ain't stoppin' there folks! tee hee I find and embrace any opportunity to celebrate and by George I think 100 posts is pretty legit!!So I have been brainstorming.....and thinking.... and wondering,.... and planning.
Are you ready for it?
EUPHORIA is going to host its' first OFFICIAL
That's right readers. followers, and whomever else visits here.
a giveaway.
the MORE the Merrier!!
Giveaway details
First off, I will be posting everyday until the
100th post as a way to count down to the finale.
Secondly, all of you can enter..even if you do not own a blog you can always enter by just commenting using the anonymous setting..( just make sure you put a first name in the comment)
The Terrific Giveaway is...
*drummmm rolllll*
I will mail the winner ( who is chosen by random drawing out of a hat)
A goody box FULL of a few of my FAVORITE things!!!
Yupp, I am going all out, and the winner will receive a box filled to the brim with things I find delightful and want to share with you. All things happy, yummy, delightful, random, sweet, and euphoric. A little box of ME to YOU
( the details as to what is IN the box? SURPRISE!!)
ever hear the song from Sound of Music? My Favorite Things?
that's kinda where I got the idea... I love gifts, and I especially love giving them..
this sounded perfect.... A few if my favorite things. to you.
because I appreciate you!!
To Enter:
This post is the one you will comment on to enter into the giveaway.
I will have a link to this post on all the others during the countdown so you will not get confused.
1. Leave a comment below , with your email address
( and anything else you wish to say)
2. Mention this giveaway on your own blog and be sure to have a link to THIS post
( if you do not have a blog that is fine!)
annnnd that's it folks! 2 easy steps
I am really really excited!! and I hope you will bare with me as this is my very first time having a giveaway. SPREAD THE WORD!!!!
Winner will be announced on the the 100th post by a random drawing.
( which will be around March 3rd)
p.s. FYI I sadly will not be able to ship out of the USA...

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Breathing the Change in the Air and Humming old Tunes

I have been soaking up a lot of good cheer this weekend.
So much that I couldn't fit into my chair to blog or do other networky thingys.
I'm about to burst...and I love it.
I have been praising my Savior.
Talking, laughing, smiling, and even almost snorting with old friends and new ones.
eating soft peppermints (the good kind, you kow, that melt in your mouth?)
Being vegetarian for a day without even trying.
taking pictures. in the black and white setting.
believing that an hour and a half drive was only a moment because I was with a kindred spirit.
basking in the warm SUN, catching peeks at the BLUE sky and batting my eye lashes at the gentle breeze. spring is coming.
Giving and receiving lots and lots of hugs. real hugs. not the sideways pat on the back hugs.
Singing. and Musing.
Thinking thoughts and changing Perspectives.
Waving goodbye and mustering up the saddest sad face ever to let the friends know they will be missed.
Remembering and Cherishing.
aaand the weekend isn't over yet folks.
P.S today is my 91st post!! followers, get geared up for something AWESOME to go with my 100th post. I'm thinking big. better details and explanations to come.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Ohhhh just a cup of cheer =]

First and foremost..... thanks to everyone for not minding my Tuesday absence...and Wednesday absence ( although generally I do not blog on wednesdays anyhow cuz I am just so darn busy!!)
actually, the amazing thing about blogging is there really is no "contract" or commitment rule.
Maybe that's why I like blogging to pressure eh?
Or perhaps I just can't refuse my constant urge to write, and compose, and ramble...
and talk talk talk!!
To share with you a little bit ( or in my opinion a big chunk) of cheer...
is having a simply UH-mazing Giveaway!!!
we are talking Lomolito 'disposable' camera that can be used again.
among many many other delightful things.
amazingness ends Feb 21st.

and part of the process to enter this giveaway is I have to fill in the blanks of "I always". "I sometimes" and "I never" sssoooooo Ladies and Gents you may perhaps learn some new-ish things about me. But then again... I frequently "confess" on my blog anyhow.. ha ha. guilty as charged.

I always welcome and embrace the opportunity to be goofy and cuh-razy and just all around carefree and quite optimistic. ( within good managed limits) lets face it. ......I just can't keep up the serious act for extended periods of time ( but I can and will be serious/focused when the need arises) but making faces, singing loudly, laughing a lot, smiling, skipping, being easily amused, and noticing the little things just balances out life so nicely!!

I will ALWAYS be attracted to the fast, high, risky , and challenging. It's just something that has always been in me, ask my fam( especially my mom). I'm sure it's mostly my fault any of them have or will get grey hairs. I admit I have an adrenaline junky/daredevil side.The highest and fastest Roller coaster? I'll be the first to volunteer. Skydiving? on my list. Crazy bike stunts? I did them. Extreme Speed? Thrilling! Jumping a horse over any jump from 2ft-6ft high?? My Favorite!!!

I sometimes wonder what it's like to be short-er.

I sometimes get caught up in this world and take for granted my SAVIOUR

I sometimes wear the same pair of jeans all week. {remember the long-haired me?}
I will Never be the poised and put together girl who never runs into doors and poles and people. who never trips or cuts herself, who never burns herself or never forgets things. ha ha

I Never stop loving my chocolate and sprinkles.

I Never want to trade my life for someone else's, God is good.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I wish I Could be Here right now....

But alas I have a to-do list blocking my path.
you see....
I am trying my very hardest to NOT procrastinate on studying and homework this week
really and truly I am.
so I have to postpone Terrific Tuesday to next week
(I was gone all day being busy as a bee and homework has piled up tonight)
*insert sad face*
I must refrain from the long Terrific post today
since my Algebra homework requires some attention....among many other things.
so very very sorry.
but it will all be worth it!!

I hope you have had a TERRIFIC TUESDAY!!!

Monday, February 15, 2010

What a Day

My Valentine's Day
- I made homemade valentine's with colored paper, stick glue, and magazine cut outs.
I felt like a kid( tee hee!!)... now not a super crafty person( really and seriously I'm not, I try but I can never be like BAM! crafty amazingness!! just isn't there and I am somewhat lazy and short of patience and over-think things..baking on the other hand.. ha ha. :D)... but once I added a quote that I felt fit the card and receiver of the card...... Viola! homemade is always special, not matter who makes it. =]
-I made 36 mini cupcakes for my church and some to take to dancing buddies =]
( I went CrAzY with the sprinkles and candy hearts!!! SO much fun!!... you should see my sprinkle collection. it's growing and growing!!)
they were extra delectable if I do say so myself. little bites of delightful love.
-I went SWING DANCING at THIS PLACE. with some AWESOME people.
what better way to wrap up Valentine's Day? I must admit it's so much easier for me now, the dancing part... and the hours flew by. so much fun!!
I am so blessed.
I LOVE my life.
I LOVE my awesome group of friends that is ever growing
I LOVE my family.
How was your Holiday?

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Because one must bake when hearty Holidays are involved.

oooor perhaps in my situation for example...... one must bake all the times, or whenever ever she feels the need!!! Have I ever ever told you how I just simply adore baking???

It's happy, fun, delectable, sweet, awesome, cheery, tasty, makes you feel productive and accomplished.
it's an all around mood booster. seriously, just go try it. even if you say you can't.
( and don't you DARE mention calorie count or carbs in my presence, ya hear??)
Tomorrow is the day to celebrate Love ( although I do hope you plan to celebrate it forever and ever anyhow) Everyone is eligible for flowers and chocolates and extra hugs and kisses!!!!
I Love love. ALL kinds. and yes, i am single.
BUT that my friends, makes no difference WHATSOEVER!!
God is love. Family is Love. Friends is Love. Sprinkles is love.
Rain boots is love. Love is Love.
the end.
and to share with you today, my baking adventure from yesterday.
Oatmeal Butterscotch Chip Cookies.
(recipe to come!!)

One must always have a strong man to do the mixing, a.k.a my little brother =]

3 CUPS OF OATMEAL!! and they were a smash hit!!

come know you want to bake something

TAAAA DA!!!!! deeee feenished product!!! ( and yes, I was already prepared with a glass of milk in the background. milk with cookies is a must!!)

P.S expect a little post about the amazing valentines and sweet treats I made either tomorrow or monday ( I dont want to post it today in case some local peeps see it and the surprise is ruined!!)



Thursday, February 11, 2010

Ra Ra Ra Raaaaamble

I'm am in no way whatsoever sure where in the big round world this little post is going. aaah ha. I just sat down, and my mind is a swirling with a bazillion ideas. buuuut this my friends is why we all have blogger, no? We can post whatever comes to mind ( generally speaking) and we never have to deal with the feeling the we've been "holding out" or perhaps it was not "good enough" smile, breathe, go swing or walk around with a balloon(s) or umbrella in hand. it's a new day. and there are more to come. ( Lord Willing) make someone smile today, or perhaps leave a post-it note with an inspiring message on the bathroom mirror...... give a hug. a real hug. the kind of hug where you actually feel the warmth from the other person, and the comforting safe feeling hugs always seem to give.
Embrace your TrIuMpHs.
Emrace Your CrAzY LoONy persona.
embrace thos TuMbLeS and FaLlS with the determination to skip on.
you are who you are and that's why everyone loves you so much!
Never change for others, but only better yourself for GOD and everything else will fall into place
Good Better Best.
Never Let It Rest.
Until Your Good is Better,
And Your Better Best.
Love, and show it. say it. smile it.
Sure, Valentine's Day is Sunday... but why not start spreading the extra love now? and keep it rolling on through the year.
Today on my morning drive to class I had this song playing over and over in my head.
( I've been known to belt it out from time to time.. it's just one of those songs)
I adore it. It makes me feel so carefree!!

On coming home I had muffins on the brain....*gasp* Lo and behold when I walked into the kitchen I find a plate of pumpkin muffins with cream cheese icing all made from scratch just WAITING for me!!! ooooh muffin man, I would marry you if I knew where Drury Lane

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Terrific Tuesday= L.O.V.E

Ladies, Gentlemen, dogs and butterflies...
It is once again THE.
Frighteningly GOOOOOOD
thirdy day of the week!!!!
(sorry this post was sooo late, but hey, its still Tuesday!!)
WOOOT! That's right, dance, skip, shout, smile, grin, laugh, giggle, twirl, huzzah and make all things joyful..... stop what your doing, take a deep breath, and just dwell on Terrific-ness ( me hopes part of that ritual now involves a visit here.. =] )
Folks, I feel that today's Terrific Tuesday is extra extra special.
it is only FIVE days until the day of hearts and love and little sweet moments of adoring memories and gestures.... flowers, chocolate, heart shaped EVERYTHING ( isn't that just awesome?????) pinks and reds and purples and conversations on little candies.
remembering your valentine, or joining me and many others in the "singles awareness day"
BUT, before you and the others go plummeting into a wallowing howl of depression... IT'S VALENTINES DAY!! we can spread the love to everyone, without having to single out one person, which means MORE valentines for me to make, and BAKING, and just all around loving goodness to give. I think that it's gonna make others jealous... eh???
it's all coming soon folks.
I am actually making my trip today to buy crafts supplies, baking ingredients, and candy hearts, and I am TOTALLY gonna indulge in this holiday with a merry heart!!
but for those of you who DO have a valentine, I salute you, and can't wait to hear all the sweet stories you will have to tell :)
Today's Terrific Item is really just a tiny collection of valentine stuff.
lovely pictures from WEHEARTIT to set the mood.
a sweet website and shop
and a lovely quote
remember readers!! your little job is to comment, and ADD to this post something else Terrific.
( I hope to just post some other valentine ideas throughout the week)
A true human being adores and delights in yummy for our tummy chocolates.
I seriously think finding another excuse to sell and give chocolate in bulk is BRILLIANT!!
Why not make your chocolate gift EXTRA sweeet by customizing??
checky looky lookiy and clicky this website out
TOTALLY CHOCOLATEoooooh ETSY dearest, you are my most favorite little site. I just found these adorable plush hearts and thought... how CUTE would that be on a gift? or bag of cookies? or just because. Click Here to visit them.

My Favorite Quote
"We are all a little weird and life's a little weird, and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it love." ~Author Unknown


Monday, February 8, 2010

They got my back,cheesy grin and all

oooh my! It is already Monday evening!!
I had such a pleasant weekend, how did yours fair?
among ther various things I did at home and abroad, I stumbled across old photos....and then with a delightful and splendid realization I remembered our home now has a SCANNER!!!!
HUZZAH! jolly good I say!!!!
*victory twirl*
aaand for starters I just HAD to post this photo of me and my older sister Sara. it's from around 1994, when we were living in Georgia- peaches, red dirt roads, little white farm house and peanut fields Sara was about 5 and I was around 3
( yup, I was a wearing glasses since I was 2 and half...the nerdiest tomboy around!! ha ha)
*sigh* oh to be that little carefree country girl again! wait, what am I saying? I still am , ha ha.
I'm just taking my own sweet time growing up dear friends! so I appreciate your patience during my childish antics.
*big cheesy grin*
For those who don't know, I have a somewhat large-ish family.
there are 5 girls, the one and only little brother, and my madre and padre
Eight, and by golly it's GREAT!
We are a somewhat dysfunctional, quirky, loud , full of laughter and teasing, odd, but most of all we are so close to each other. We know each other front and backwards, inside and out.
It's the bee's knee's and just too darn cool for any school I tell ya!!
I love my sister's to PIECES.
( oh and in case you're wondering, Im number 2 in the fam, Sara is the oldest, then me, Hannah, Lydia, Chloe, and Abel the little man!)
They are always there for me, and they just make me laugh and laugh and laugh.
they totally "get" my randomness, quietness, giggles, and just abnormal behavior.
each of them are extremely beautiful, talented, and just plain fun to be around!
aaaand my little 7 year old bro?
he is DA BOMB. my best bud, and so handsome and smart. yeah yeah, I am totally blabbing about my awesome family to all of you. deal with it, it's a package deal friends!!
I most certainly plan to eventually blog about each of them for you,
and BEWARE. I now know how to work a scanner.....muahahah!!
Family Quirks from the Weekend
  • If any of us siblings suddenly say "I don't believe in fairies!" the rest of us immediately start clapping furiously to bring the fairy back to life. ( read up on your Peter Pan if you don't get what I'm saying) us girls were doing that quite a bit this weekend because little bro kept saying it. the stinker. but seriously, you cannnot juststand by and let poor fairies DIE!!
  • Sara and I found ourselves watching "Driving Miss Daisy" while folding towels fresh outta the dryer.... the towels were sooo warm and toasty!! So we would wrap ourselves up in them, watch some of the movie, and then fold the towel and grab a fresh one to snuggle in. you should have heard us " ooooohhh, it's SO warm!!!"

Friday, February 5, 2010


sometimes I wear hair bands on my wrists for so long I have red marks....
............sometimes I binge eat on fruit..........
....................sometimes I completely forget about my new years resolutions.....
................sometimes I wear a hat all day cuz im too lazy to style my hair.............
...................sometimes I have really great conversations with restaurant people.............
....................sometimes I dress like I'm 12 and act like im 8.....................
.....................sometimes I attempt to look glamorous in photos, and I fail.. ha ha.....
....................sometimes I am a goofy goofy crazy loony hyper skipping CuhRazy girl.............
............sometimes I watch people and start imaging where they are going next, what their house looks like, their favorite music, their morning routine, their ambitions and dreams.....
...............sometimes I go barefoot for days...............
......sometimes I put off my laundry for so long I could create a new country around my bed........
..................sometimes I use way too much soap, dish washing detergent, laundry detergent, shampoo, lotion......but the more there is the cleaner and smoother it will be right?.............
.................sometimes I eat sprinkles right out of the container, and it makes me extra cheery......
.................sometimes I can be extremely serious and mellow and calm........
...............sometimes I and so hyped up and delighted I talk faster then my brain cant keep up!..
............sometimes I get in a mood where I blast country music loudly from my car......
......................sometimes when I'm cooking or baking I talk like Julia Child the whole time........
.............sometimes when I check my blog I squeal with delight to see people have commented.....
................ah sometimes I am much to easily amused and easily entertained..........


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

OH my GrAvY!

Yesterday ( ooh yeah yesterday was Terrific of course) I picked up my Kindred Spirit, Dahhhling Kelsey, and we went to a uber cool BBQ restaurant , simply because my other Kindred Spirit -Hannah (Da Panda), a lovely blonde,..(.us 3 combined are infamously known as Charlie's Angels heh heh... ) ....anywho.....she WORKS there, in fact, a lot of her siblings work there too. aaaaand I have been a promisin' and a promisin' Hannah for the longest time that I would go and eat there...and I finally did.

It was divine I tell ya!! Super weird and yet extremely cool to have her sister take our orders, and then see Hannah bustling around at the cash register and what-not. (for some odd reason I had the impulse to get her autograph or something...)

Instead I just satisfied myself with taking proof of the wonderful food I had and then Kels snagged the camera and got my gleeful expression of eating food, and holding a shiny spoon that was about to make its way into a mug full of strawberry shortcake.

yeah that's right folks, this aweome and cute eating place serves it in a mug, with Blue Bell ice cream on toppy top!! It was just too cool for school..Ihad such a pleasant time dining with my dear friend and having a taste of REAL yummalish southern food.

I'm totally going again.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Badabing Badaboom. Terrific Tuesday!!

ok. ok. ok.
This is an extra cheery Tuesday for me, since we all remember last Tuesday, It makes me much less happy when I cannot come here to share Frighteningly good 3rd day of the weeks thingamabobs....yuppers. Sadness indeed.
yeah, if you have been down in dumps all morning, or rushing around like crazy, or moping, pining, wallowing... stop it. right this very instant minute, yeah you, just chill.
Do what it takes to give yourself a moment to either read this post, or just stand still and think of anything terrific. Procrastinate if ya have to ( that's what I'm doing because for some odd reason my Tuesdays have become crazy busy and I was NOT gonna let this Tuesday sneak by me again) You seeee.....The cool thing about this whole shingding is whatever I think is Terrific AND whatever you think is Terrific on Tuesday, is well, Terrific!!! It doesn't have to be super duper cool, or huge, or major. It can be small, teeny, shiny, or bubbly or whatever! Savvy?
Hoorah Huzzah Jolly Good.
So today my Terrific and Frighteningly Good item may seem small to some, but I seriously think it's worth sharing with you. It will not only make your day and mine, but also the creator of it.
Yes, i am going to bring to light some TERRIFIC blogs I have stumbled across( and yes they are so Terrific some of you have probably already visited them..)... and I highly advise you go and read them.. and perhaps start doing that stalker thing ( don't worry they word it nicely it's called "following") and begin to enjoy the happiness of some one's little corner where they like to rumble ramble ribble.
These blogs are amazingly groovy and rad. each and every one. I'm only listing a few....but remember, You readers are now required ( yes if you've read this far through my post you might as well be signing a contract..yup. too late to back out ) you are required to share, by commenting, something of your own that is absolutely Terrific and in someway related to this post. ( it can even be your own blog, I'm sewious..)
Blog Numero Uno

I already told this Delightful Gal that she would totally be my partner in happy crimes if we were to meet. ( well in different words, but eh, same thing right?)I cannot even begin to describe how amazing her blog is ( or any of the others for that I wont go into too much detail, your job? click the blog name and you shall see for yourself!!)

Blog Numero Dos

The Heart of Flame Therein

This gal I know personally, and she is, well, Beautiful in every way. She is so happy with who she is and has an amazing personal style and just a way about her that makes you want to be her best friend. gooo go go!! clicky click!

Finale' Blog Numero Tres

E Tells Tales

ummmm she is rad, fabulous, adorable, and has splendid taste. She has to be the neatest and coolest teacher I have ever read about.... yeah, the titel? CLICK IT!!!

What about you????? Any Groovy blogs?????

Monday, February 1, 2010

So Long

.......Goodbye January..........
you were a whirlwind of new beginnings, drastic changes, lovely opportunities, goals, and oh so many busy yet wonderful happenings.
Thanks for being a nice month.
I'll miss you, but it is sadly time to move on.
February is already here.
kinda cool how the 1st day started on Monday....seems like Feb is making it's presence known even more so this time.
With a dark grey cloudy overcast and gusty breezes with a hint of cold rain.
Enjoy your Monday, and the 1st day of a fresh month!!!
Don't lose sight of what's important, and keep those goals in perspective.
It's only February....breathe, you can make it through the day and month!!
besides,,,candy hearts are beginning to make their presence known.