Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Terrific Tuesday= L.O.V.E

Ladies, Gentlemen, dogs and butterflies...
It is once again THE.
Frighteningly GOOOOOOD
thirdy day of the week!!!!
(sorry this post was sooo late, but hey, its still Tuesday!!)
WOOOT! That's right, dance, skip, shout, smile, grin, laugh, giggle, twirl, huzzah and make all things joyful..... stop what your doing, take a deep breath, and just dwell on Terrific-ness ( me hopes part of that ritual now involves a visit here.. =] )
Folks, I feel that today's Terrific Tuesday is extra extra special.
it is only FIVE days until the day of hearts and love and little sweet moments of adoring memories and gestures.... flowers, chocolate, heart shaped EVERYTHING ( isn't that just awesome?????) pinks and reds and purples and conversations on little candies.
remembering your valentine, or joining me and many others in the "singles awareness day"
BUT, before you and the others go plummeting into a wallowing howl of depression... IT'S VALENTINES DAY!! we can spread the love to everyone, without having to single out one person, which means MORE valentines for me to make, and BAKING, and just all around loving goodness to give. I think that it's gonna make others jealous... eh???
it's all coming soon folks.
I am actually making my trip today to buy crafts supplies, baking ingredients, and candy hearts, and I am TOTALLY gonna indulge in this holiday with a merry heart!!
but for those of you who DO have a valentine, I salute you, and can't wait to hear all the sweet stories you will have to tell :)
Today's Terrific Item is really just a tiny collection of valentine stuff.
lovely pictures from WEHEARTIT to set the mood.
a sweet website and shop
and a lovely quote
remember readers!! your little job is to comment, and ADD to this post something else Terrific.
( I hope to just post some other valentine ideas throughout the week)
A true human being adores and delights in yummy for our tummy chocolates.
I seriously think finding another excuse to sell and give chocolate in bulk is BRILLIANT!!
Why not make your chocolate gift EXTRA sweeet by customizing??
checky looky lookiy and clicky this website out
TOTALLY CHOCOLATEoooooh ETSY dearest, you are my most favorite little site. I just found these adorable plush hearts and thought... how CUTE would that be on a gift? or bag of cookies? or just because. Click Here to visit them.

My Favorite Quote
"We are all a little weird and life's a little weird, and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it love." ~Author Unknown



Hannah Sue said...

you have inspired me to make valentines gifts
and I love that quote hehe

Dani said...

Flowers you forgot flowers! AND peanut butter MM's.... yummo!

chelsea rebecca said...

i LOVE THAT first photo! absolutely adorable! and i love you bright and joyful attitude! mm chocolate and baking! wonderfulness!
i finished making and sent off my valentine cards on tuesday so that was terrific! and after class i am indulging in a delish muffin before a dreaded trip to the gym! ha!

love that quote! we are all weird thank you very much!

as for valentines day i believe is is about love! all kinds of love! and you don't have to be dating or married to participate in a day of love!!!

Saura Lnow said...

We always have a little party at our church on valentines day
...so even thought I'm celebreating "Singles Awareness Day" I'll still get to eat candy :)

FEDERICA said...

Don't miss the Valentine's Day Giveaway, tomorrow on Sweet as a Candy :-)

Whitney said...

Oooooooh. I like the first picture...:D

Happy Valentine's!!!
(single...and I still LOVE and celebrate Valentine's day!)