Monday, February 8, 2010

They got my back,cheesy grin and all

oooh my! It is already Monday evening!!
I had such a pleasant weekend, how did yours fair?
among ther various things I did at home and abroad, I stumbled across old photos....and then with a delightful and splendid realization I remembered our home now has a SCANNER!!!!
HUZZAH! jolly good I say!!!!
*victory twirl*
aaand for starters I just HAD to post this photo of me and my older sister Sara. it's from around 1994, when we were living in Georgia- peaches, red dirt roads, little white farm house and peanut fields Sara was about 5 and I was around 3
( yup, I was a wearing glasses since I was 2 and half...the nerdiest tomboy around!! ha ha)
*sigh* oh to be that little carefree country girl again! wait, what am I saying? I still am , ha ha.
I'm just taking my own sweet time growing up dear friends! so I appreciate your patience during my childish antics.
*big cheesy grin*
For those who don't know, I have a somewhat large-ish family.
there are 5 girls, the one and only little brother, and my madre and padre
Eight, and by golly it's GREAT!
We are a somewhat dysfunctional, quirky, loud , full of laughter and teasing, odd, but most of all we are so close to each other. We know each other front and backwards, inside and out.
It's the bee's knee's and just too darn cool for any school I tell ya!!
I love my sister's to PIECES.
( oh and in case you're wondering, Im number 2 in the fam, Sara is the oldest, then me, Hannah, Lydia, Chloe, and Abel the little man!)
They are always there for me, and they just make me laugh and laugh and laugh.
they totally "get" my randomness, quietness, giggles, and just abnormal behavior.
each of them are extremely beautiful, talented, and just plain fun to be around!
aaaand my little 7 year old bro?
he is DA BOMB. my best bud, and so handsome and smart. yeah yeah, I am totally blabbing about my awesome family to all of you. deal with it, it's a package deal friends!!
I most certainly plan to eventually blog about each of them for you,
and BEWARE. I now know how to work a scanner.....muahahah!!
Family Quirks from the Weekend
  • If any of us siblings suddenly say "I don't believe in fairies!" the rest of us immediately start clapping furiously to bring the fairy back to life. ( read up on your Peter Pan if you don't get what I'm saying) us girls were doing that quite a bit this weekend because little bro kept saying it. the stinker. but seriously, you cannnot juststand by and let poor fairies DIE!!
  • Sara and I found ourselves watching "Driving Miss Daisy" while folding towels fresh outta the dryer.... the towels were sooo warm and toasty!! So we would wrap ourselves up in them, watch some of the movie, and then fold the towel and grab a fresh one to snuggle in. you should have heard us " ooooohhh, it's SO warm!!!"


chelsea rebecca said...

old photos are the greatest! and you are too cute with your glasses!
i love my sisters so i know what you mean about your family.. but 8! me oh my... that is great {did i really just rhyme?!?!} how fun!

and i really need to watch driving miss daisy.
and i love your family quirks.

AND i love all your fun words you use!! makes reading your blog so fun!

Anonymous said...

You are soooo adorable!!

Elizabeth said...

Can I just say, I love all your names. Very solid, pretty, {and handsome for your brother} names.