Monday, October 26, 2009

Little Heart Flutters

A couple of boys,
that stole my heart when I was around 13-15
No, they weren't from recent films or tv shows.
They were old stars,
and they were the best.

October? huh? Fall? say whaa? when will that be?

*sigh* well my previous post about the weather is no more.

heat stroke is setting in again. *gasp* the humidity is stifling!!

I was out at the barn today, and after riding I was dripping sweat, and went through 2 bottles of water and could have had more.

I do so love the sun! It is bright, and happy, and yellow!! but the sun is still the same, even when the air is cold.

*clears throat* excuse me weather. but it is rather hard for me to believe that is is nearly the end of October! You know, with it being 90 degrees and all.

I just have one favor to ask of you, could you perhaps work on making your months and seasons a tad more believeable and realistic? Just a suggestion.

Monday, October 19, 2009


OH. my. goodness.

My DEAR dear readers.

Do you know WHY I am so much more happy then I usually am????

It has been around 63 degrees that past 2 DAYS!!!!

Florida is rather odd, it can be in the 90's one day, and then BAM..... it's suddenly pleasantly cooler.
MUCH more pleasantly cooler.

I do so hope this weather stays for a while, please do!
Even though with everything so green as far as the eye can see and it feels cold, it does sorta mess with your brain.

however, I will take green grass with 60 degree temperatures any day!! and the sky has been a beautiful deep blue!!! A FALL SKY!!!! not the bleached out look it has had for the past 9 months or more.

I wore a vest the other day... and today I shall wear a jacket, or perhaps long sleeves, and maybe even a light hat.


Friday, October 16, 2009

Ralph Lauren

Take a look at these yummy items made by a designer who directs the majority of his clothing towards equestrians. Just don't look at the prices, you will faint.
I will post just a few of my favorites.

Polo's are extremely popular among horseback riders, especially during formal english riding lessons, it just makes the rider look classy and serious about what they are doing. Personally, I am in love with this yellow one, I think polos, no matter when they are worn, add a nice touch. *whispers* the gloves are pretty cool too!

This dress, hmm, I want it soo bad.

Have a WONDERFUL day!!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I have often stated to those around me

" Maybe I will just become a hermit who lives in a cave and writes novels"

here I am, having spent the past 4 hours in my room ( for a number of days) hunched over the computer researching and writing literature analysis essays.


what was I saying....

Monday, October 12, 2009


You know how people don't always watch where they are going?
Cell phones.
and many other distractions...but cell phones are the biggest culprits. I have bumped into many fellow students because their eyes were clued to their cell phone and not their destination. In fact, just the other day I saw a young man walk straight into a pillar.... he was texting of course.

It makes me laugh... but aha! I have discovered something so genius, why, just the talent of it has left me speechless.

What fun it would be if all of our streets and sidewalks looked like these!!! What a brilliant idea.

But then again, would it not be an even bigger distraction? It would for me. ha ha.

have a great day, and be sure to watch where you are going... you never know what might pop up!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

the far away wayside


Do you remember me? Do even come to visit anymore?

I always remember getting all pumped as a kid when I would run across the street to my best friend Ryan's house to ring the doorbell and see if he could come out and play. and when no one answered the door? oh what a huge douse of sadness that fell on top of me. Play alone? it is much more fun with friends.

I am sorry you have had to play alone. ah, but surely you do not feel nearly as sad as I did as a child when doorbell ringing had no effect. But do you enjoy reading my ramblings? hmm, why do I ask. I shall continue blogging anyways... *big cheesy grin*

I have been realizing that for the past two weeks ( due to some rather unplanned stressful and dramatic events) that I have sorta mindlessly tossed several things to the side of the road... others have just plain taken a nose dive off a cliff.

I had to stop and think about this the other day. Things are very unbalanced in my tiny circle of going-ons. You know what they say " everything in moderation!"
Ah, but you see, I'm the sorta of person ( or maybe the only sort? hhmm) that when my attention is needed to be focused on something, or my interest is suddenly aroused in something... then I put EVERYTHING into it. and all the other little things that were orbiting me just. stop. yes, they just stop moving.

The wayside. the cliff. that's where they go.

taking walks, guitar, reading good books, drawing, visiting with dear people, singing, keeping a clean room, blogging, thinking deep thoughts, taking time to notice little things... the list goes on...

So I am setting a goal, starting next week, to re-balance life.
Sorta like a spring cleaning. Even though my schedule has become oh so busy it can have balance too!

yes! I love revelations.

have a splendid weekend =]