Thursday, October 8, 2009

the far away wayside


Do you remember me? Do even come to visit anymore?

I always remember getting all pumped as a kid when I would run across the street to my best friend Ryan's house to ring the doorbell and see if he could come out and play. and when no one answered the door? oh what a huge douse of sadness that fell on top of me. Play alone? it is much more fun with friends.

I am sorry you have had to play alone. ah, but surely you do not feel nearly as sad as I did as a child when doorbell ringing had no effect. But do you enjoy reading my ramblings? hmm, why do I ask. I shall continue blogging anyways... *big cheesy grin*

I have been realizing that for the past two weeks ( due to some rather unplanned stressful and dramatic events) that I have sorta mindlessly tossed several things to the side of the road... others have just plain taken a nose dive off a cliff.

I had to stop and think about this the other day. Things are very unbalanced in my tiny circle of going-ons. You know what they say " everything in moderation!"
Ah, but you see, I'm the sorta of person ( or maybe the only sort? hhmm) that when my attention is needed to be focused on something, or my interest is suddenly aroused in something... then I put EVERYTHING into it. and all the other little things that were orbiting me just. stop. yes, they just stop moving.

The wayside. the cliff. that's where they go.

taking walks, guitar, reading good books, drawing, visiting with dear people, singing, keeping a clean room, blogging, thinking deep thoughts, taking time to notice little things... the list goes on...

So I am setting a goal, starting next week, to re-balance life.
Sorta like a spring cleaning. Even though my schedule has become oh so busy it can have balance too!

yes! I love revelations.

have a splendid weekend =]


Max-Frederick said...

Oh goodness... I feel like you wrote this for me!!
I have terrible time management, and i'll start a new project, but then completely throw away other things...
And your blog is SO cute :D

Elly May said...

aw thanks so much!

ha ha, it is a never ending battle for