Thursday, February 11, 2010

Ra Ra Ra Raaaaamble

I'm am in no way whatsoever sure where in the big round world this little post is going. aaah ha. I just sat down, and my mind is a swirling with a bazillion ideas. buuuut this my friends is why we all have blogger, no? We can post whatever comes to mind ( generally speaking) and we never have to deal with the feeling the we've been "holding out" or perhaps it was not "good enough" smile, breathe, go swing or walk around with a balloon(s) or umbrella in hand. it's a new day. and there are more to come. ( Lord Willing) make someone smile today, or perhaps leave a post-it note with an inspiring message on the bathroom mirror...... give a hug. a real hug. the kind of hug where you actually feel the warmth from the other person, and the comforting safe feeling hugs always seem to give.
Embrace your TrIuMpHs.
Emrace Your CrAzY LoONy persona.
embrace thos TuMbLeS and FaLlS with the determination to skip on.
you are who you are and that's why everyone loves you so much!
Never change for others, but only better yourself for GOD and everything else will fall into place
Good Better Best.
Never Let It Rest.
Until Your Good is Better,
And Your Better Best.
Love, and show it. say it. smile it.
Sure, Valentine's Day is Sunday... but why not start spreading the extra love now? and keep it rolling on through the year.
Today on my morning drive to class I had this song playing over and over in my head.
( I've been known to belt it out from time to time.. it's just one of those songs)
I adore it. It makes me feel so carefree!!

On coming home I had muffins on the brain....*gasp* Lo and behold when I walked into the kitchen I find a plate of pumpkin muffins with cream cheese icing all made from scratch just WAITING for me!!! ooooh muffin man, I would marry you if I knew where Drury Lane


chelsea rebecca said...

i. when i saw your title i starting single RA RA RA RA ROMA ROMAAAA GAGA GAGA OHH LALA.
2. loved this post all of it!
3. i'm drooling over the muffins. swap? i'll send you a cinnamon muffin and you send me a pumpkin one! okay awesome!


Taylor said...

I love to hear your rambling thoughts, Rachel!! :D And I love giving *REAL* hugs too. ;)

Enjoy the muffins!


Elizabeth said...

You are always so silly and uplifting.