Saturday, February 13, 2010

Because one must bake when hearty Holidays are involved.

oooor perhaps in my situation for example...... one must bake all the times, or whenever ever she feels the need!!! Have I ever ever told you how I just simply adore baking???

It's happy, fun, delectable, sweet, awesome, cheery, tasty, makes you feel productive and accomplished.
it's an all around mood booster. seriously, just go try it. even if you say you can't.
( and don't you DARE mention calorie count or carbs in my presence, ya hear??)
Tomorrow is the day to celebrate Love ( although I do hope you plan to celebrate it forever and ever anyhow) Everyone is eligible for flowers and chocolates and extra hugs and kisses!!!!
I Love love. ALL kinds. and yes, i am single.
BUT that my friends, makes no difference WHATSOEVER!!
God is love. Family is Love. Friends is Love. Sprinkles is love.
Rain boots is love. Love is Love.
the end.
and to share with you today, my baking adventure from yesterday.
Oatmeal Butterscotch Chip Cookies.
(recipe to come!!)

One must always have a strong man to do the mixing, a.k.a my little brother =]

3 CUPS OF OATMEAL!! and they were a smash hit!!

come know you want to bake something

TAAAA DA!!!!! deeee feenished product!!! ( and yes, I was already prepared with a glass of milk in the background. milk with cookies is a must!!)

P.S expect a little post about the amazing valentines and sweet treats I made either tomorrow or monday ( I dont want to post it today in case some local peeps see it and the surprise is ruined!!)




Taylor said...

I LOVE oatmeal cookies... especially with milk! Yummy!! :D

Have a Happy Valentines Day, Rachel!!


Emily Anne said...

Mmm yum! Looks great. :)
Xo. Emily

Eldarwen said...

They look delicious, Rachel! =D I love baking, too! *high five* And yes, milk with cookies is a must. ;)


Max-Frederick said...

I can never get over how blue your eyes are.
and oh my gosh your brother!! I haven't seen him since that one time y'all stayed at our house.. he couldn't even walk yet!!
Happy Valentines day officially!!!

Kelly Spezzano said...

The valentine treats at church today were SOOOOOOOOO super delish! Jim was quite excited that his cupcake said "HOLLA" (he says that all the time around the house) :) However, I think he will be quite saddened to find out that the oatmeal butterscotch chip cookies did not make it to church!

Please tell Lydia too that the heart cookies were also very YUMMO!