Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I wish I Could be Here right now....

But alas I have a to-do list blocking my path.
you see....
I am trying my very hardest to NOT procrastinate on studying and homework this week
really and truly I am.
so I have to postpone Terrific Tuesday to next week
(I was gone all day being busy as a bee and homework has piled up tonight)
*insert sad face*
I must refrain from the long Terrific post today
since my Algebra homework requires some attention....among many other things.
so very very sorry.
but it will all be worth it!!

I hope you have had a TERRIFIC TUESDAY!!!


Max-Frederick said...

Procrastination is literally my middle name. Hence the reason I am commenting on your blog at 12:30 in the morning.
Girl, i could SO go for being in that place right now.
THat picture is absolutely GORGEOUS.

chelsea rebecca said...

that picture is gorgeous! i wish i could lay in the middle of the field with the sun shining down on me!! wearing a pretty little dress!

hope you tackle your to do list! getting started is the hardest part!