Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Badabing Badaboom. Terrific Tuesday!!

ok. ok. ok.
This is an extra cheery Tuesday for me, since we all remember last Tuesday, It makes me much less happy when I cannot come here to share Frighteningly good 3rd day of the weeks thingamabobs....yuppers. Sadness indeed.
yeah, if you have been down in dumps all morning, or rushing around like crazy, or moping, pining, wallowing... stop it. right this very instant minute, yeah you, just chill.
Do what it takes to give yourself a moment to either read this post, or just stand still and think of anything terrific. Procrastinate if ya have to ( that's what I'm doing because for some odd reason my Tuesdays have become crazy busy and I was NOT gonna let this Tuesday sneak by me again) You seeee.....The cool thing about this whole shingding is whatever I think is Terrific AND whatever you think is Terrific on Tuesday, is well, Terrific!!! It doesn't have to be super duper cool, or huge, or major. It can be small, teeny, shiny, or bubbly or whatever! Savvy?
Hoorah Huzzah Jolly Good.
So today my Terrific and Frighteningly Good item may seem small to some, but I seriously think it's worth sharing with you. It will not only make your day and mine, but also the creator of it.
Yes, i am going to bring to light some TERRIFIC blogs I have stumbled across( and yes they are so Terrific some of you have probably already visited them..)... and I highly advise you go and read them.. and perhaps start doing that stalker thing ( don't worry they word it nicely it's called "following") and begin to enjoy the happiness of some one's little corner where they like to rumble ramble ribble.
These blogs are amazingly groovy and rad. each and every one. I'm only listing a few....but remember, You readers are now required ( yes if you've read this far through my post you might as well be signing a contract..yup. too late to back out ) you are required to share, by commenting, something of your own that is absolutely Terrific and in someway related to this post. ( it can even be your own blog, I'm sewious..)
Blog Numero Uno

I already told this Delightful Gal that she would totally be my partner in happy crimes if we were to meet. ( well in different words, but eh, same thing right?)I cannot even begin to describe how amazing her blog is ( or any of the others for that matter..so I wont go into too much detail, your job? click the blog name and you shall see for yourself!!)

Blog Numero Dos

The Heart of Flame Therein

This gal I know personally, and she is, well, Beautiful in every way. She is so happy with who she is and has an amazing personal style and just a way about her that makes you want to be her best friend. gooo go go!! clicky click!

Finale' Blog Numero Tres

E Tells Tales

ummmm she is rad, fabulous, adorable, and has splendid taste. She has to be the neatest and coolest teacher I have ever read about.... yeah, the titel? CLICK IT!!!

What about you????? Any Groovy blogs?????


Max-Frederick said...

Rachel, don't you LOVE chelsea's blog!! I went to school with her, she's so cool.
I can't wait to visit those other blogs!!
(you're blog is happy :) )

chelsea rebecca said...

OH MY GOODNESS! this made my day/week/month/year! you are way too sweet!!! i was sure i was going to have to set my grandmother up with an account just to have ONE reader!!! as for favorite blogs?! yours!! and no doubt would we wreak havoc together if we were in the same city!!
i love your attitude and optimism!

p.s. thanks max!! YOU are too cool.

Jaeve + Things said...

What a freaking cute blog you have!

Dani said...

I think Whitney's blog is totally happy, it's pretty shiney over at Happy Thoughts... http://whimsicalharmony.blogspot.com

Eldarwen said...

Hi Rachel! I just found your blog and I love it! If you don'd mind, I'd love to follow! =D

Your Sister In Christ,