Tuesday, February 23, 2010

EXTRA Terrific Tuesday!!

Dummmm dee dum dum!!!
Hello everyone!
Do YOU know what day it IS???
THE frighteningly GOODY good good third day of THE week!!
I heart tuesday.
Did you have a cheery weekend?
I did, and I must say I'm sorry for being so "spacy" with my posting this past week... the weekend was unusually busy with a BIG church fellowship meeting that is only held once a year.
It was amazing and I will totally be posting pics soon.
And that made my monday EXTRA crazy for some reason.
Anywho..... I AM BACK!! And I am giddy with excitement.
As I mentioned in my previous post ( click here or scroll down)
I am only about 8 posts away from my 100th post on this blog!!!
1-0-0 ONE OH OH
ONE HUNDRED!!!! this is pretty major!
a lot of words, ramblings, and what-not. and it ain't stoppin' there folks! tee hee I find and embrace any opportunity to celebrate and by George I think 100 posts is pretty legit!!So I have been brainstorming.....and thinking.... and wondering,.... and planning.
Are you ready for it?
EUPHORIA is going to host its' first OFFICIAL
That's right readers. followers, and whomever else visits here.
a giveaway.
the MORE the Merrier!!
Giveaway details
First off, I will be posting everyday until the
100th post as a way to count down to the finale.
Secondly, all of you can enter..even if you do not own a blog you can always enter by just commenting using the anonymous setting..( just make sure you put a first name in the comment)
The Terrific Giveaway is...
*drummmm rolllll*
I will mail the winner ( who is chosen by random drawing out of a hat)
A goody box FULL of a few of my FAVORITE things!!!
Yupp, I am going all out, and the winner will receive a box filled to the brim with things I find delightful and want to share with you. All things happy, yummy, delightful, random, sweet, and euphoric. A little box of ME to YOU
( the details as to what is IN the box? SURPRISE!!)
ever hear the song from Sound of Music? My Favorite Things?
that's kinda where I got the idea... I love gifts, and I especially love giving them..
this sounded perfect.... A few if my favorite things. to you.
because I appreciate you!!
To Enter:
This post is the one you will comment on to enter into the giveaway.
I will have a link to this post on all the others during the countdown so you will not get confused.
1. Leave a comment below , with your email address
( and anything else you wish to say)
2. Mention this giveaway on your own blog and be sure to have a link to THIS post
( if you do not have a blog that is fine!)
annnnd that's it folks! 2 easy steps
I am really really excited!! and I hope you will bare with me as this is my very first time having a giveaway. SPREAD THE WORD!!!!
Winner will be announced on the the 100th post by a random drawing.
( which will be around March 3rd)
p.s. FYI I sadly will not be able to ship out of the USA...


Nicole Jeannette said...

Hey I'd love to win! I'll blog about it on my next post!

my email is nicolejeannette87@gmail.com


chelsea rebecca said...

can't wait till your 100th post!

email is shellsea712@gmail.com

crossing my fingers!!

Stephanie said...

Awesome! I just found you blog and I love it. I love your pictures, I love your posts, I love that you love Jesus! I am a follower now!
Congrats on the upcoming 100th post!!!

Taylor said...

I had a very cheery weekend ;) and I'm glad you did too!

How exciting about your giveaway, Rachel!! Yay for almost-100-posts! :D I'm entering! Here's my email...


Thanks a bunch! :) I'll post about it soon and let you know once I have.


Taylor said...

I just posted about it here:


Have a blessed day! :)

Lindsay said...

I would love to be entered in the drawing! I found out about you giveaway through my friend Taylor at "Proverbs 31... in Training!" What a fun idea!! :)

Here's my e-mail address:

~ Love,

xoxoKrysten said...

Yay to being so close to your 100th post! That's an awesome accomplishment!

Hannah Sue said...

omg!!! a box full of ur favorite things? I'm curious...
let's see... algirl@farmerstel.com
When is ur 100th?

elliebird said...

is this my first comment ever?
hm...i'll have to fix that.


very cute blog!

Owl of the Desert said...

Yahoo! You're almost to 100! That's fantastic!! You go girl.

Whitney said...


I'm entered.

and I posted about ya cutie ;)


Anonymous said...
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Eldarwen said...
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Anonymous said...
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Eldarwen said...

Hey Rachel!

1. I'd love to enter. Sorry, I deleted my last comment because I messed up my e-mail address. Sorry! Here's my e-mail address: thefaithfulelvenprincess@gmail.com


Hannah said...

OOOhhh!!!! I want in. A box of Rachel sounds scrumptious!!

brittany barney said...

yay! how fun. i'd love to be a part.
can't wait!

Hannah said...

Ok. I mentioned your giveaway on my blog and my email is southernbelle59@gmail.com

Have a sunny Sunday!

Amber said...

Love to! I will blog about it..hope I win, I love goodies in the mail!!
My e-mail is: one.step.at.a.time93@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

ok ok
here is mine

"ohh ohh pick me pick me!!" :D