Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Young Victoria

Monday night I took my 2 sisters Sara and Hannah
( I am between them in age, yaa we are the 3 Amigos. ha ha)
To see the Movie "The Young Victoria"
My sister Hannah had stumbled across the movie online after I had burst into the kitchen saying "Hey! we should go see a movie!! It's been forever!" and really it has, I am a HUGE fan of movies, but I rarely have the time to go( or spare change for that matter) so usually the opportunity to go comes rather randomly and spontaneously.
So Hannah went online to check out what was playing.. and she found this movie!!
I adore the Victorian era, Jane Austin Era, anything along those lines... and I was incredibly surprised that I had never heard of this movie coming out!! We immediately decided that we HAD to go see this movie... we were in dire need of a good ole' England fix. the time of lovely dresses, balls, proper English, and mystery.
Now me, like I said, loves a good movie. I'm really not too picky.. I'll watch the Drama's, the Mysteries, the Suspense/Scary( I can only take so much of that though... sharp objects and contorted gory things.. ah. *coughs* NO.) I really like the Action movies( haa, I am such a boy sometimes when it comes to watching movies) aaaand I do enjoy the Romance as long as it's not too overdone and usually I only go to see romantic comedy with girlfriends cuz otherwise it aint my cup of tea....depending on the film that is.
This Movie? One word.
It was SUCH a lovely film, good acting, legit story line since it's based on the actual events of Queen Victoria. Very sweet and romantic, it surprises you a few times, , but really if you follow along with it it's so lovely. The Filming was really done beautifully too. Actors were phenomenal and I could totally see Prince Albert in a Jane Austin movie! and I really liked the actress they chose to play Victoria. She was a great and stunning!
It was a good clean movie.
So yes, go see it. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do =]
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Nicole Jeannette said...

Looks great!

Erika said...

Great post! I was excited to comment on it and tell you I'm a fan of Young Victoria, too! Definitely my fav film of the year so far! The acting, costumes, cinematography, and well..everything was fabulous about it! Love love love it! hehe! :)

Dani said...

I haven't heard of it either, but it sounds great!

Elizabeth said...

I want to see this one so bad.

Marie said...

Hi Rachel,
I have been reading your blog now for awhile, and I think you are SO fun. I love your writing and all your super fun energy. Anyways I'm Elizabeth's sister from asailingjouney. I just posted about this movie and wanting to know if it was any good and my friend Jodi from told me you posted about the movie! SO I wanted to thank you for your lovely info!
Much Love