Saturday, February 20, 2010

Breathing the Change in the Air and Humming old Tunes

I have been soaking up a lot of good cheer this weekend.
So much that I couldn't fit into my chair to blog or do other networky thingys.
I'm about to burst...and I love it.
I have been praising my Savior.
Talking, laughing, smiling, and even almost snorting with old friends and new ones.
eating soft peppermints (the good kind, you kow, that melt in your mouth?)
Being vegetarian for a day without even trying.
taking pictures. in the black and white setting.
believing that an hour and a half drive was only a moment because I was with a kindred spirit.
basking in the warm SUN, catching peeks at the BLUE sky and batting my eye lashes at the gentle breeze. spring is coming.
Giving and receiving lots and lots of hugs. real hugs. not the sideways pat on the back hugs.
Singing. and Musing.
Thinking thoughts and changing Perspectives.
Waving goodbye and mustering up the saddest sad face ever to let the friends know they will be missed.
Remembering and Cherishing.
aaand the weekend isn't over yet folks.
P.S today is my 91st post!! followers, get geared up for something AWESOME to go with my 100th post. I'm thinking big. better details and explanations to come.


Saura Lnow said...

Haha I completely missed celebrating my 100th post...because I wasn't paying attention to the number of posts ... I was oblivious ...but 200 is coming up fast... and this time I will be ready!

chelsea rebecca said...

HOORAY for being an "oops" vegetarian! did you love it? can't wait for your 100th post! and i adore that photo. beautiful.