Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Making My Way Back...

Oh how sweet it is to be typing is this posting section of my blog again...
sweeter than a ripe plum I tell ya! gawsh. I cannot believe I have been away from my computer for over 2 weeks! Facebook was a nightmare when i returned, I feel oh so behind and had an itching to just delete it instead of trying to figure out what's been going on with my friends.
But then I saw a feed for some photo's and was promptly distracted and so you see the thought just skipped right outta my mind. *grins*
and blogger....oooooh me oh my I want to catch up on so many of your delightful blogs! So I'm just gonna start going down the list. oooh I could do this all night!! I love reading what you all write. I feel like summer has started to settle down a little for me,
all the big happenings are behind me.
for now, ha ha!

So house sitting. wow, I came to realize quite a few things while being alone on 55 acres.
- quiet has a whole new meaning
-The TV makes great background noise
and blocks out the sound of scary things at night.
-Mutant Ninja Cows really do exist.
- my dislike for little bitty dogs has once again, been confirmed.
- my laundry can pile up all week and still be done in just ONE load!!
- when it's just dinner for one, the possibilities are eeeeeeeeeeennnnndllessss
-Cow's are horrible listeners, Horses are great conversationalist ( if in the mood) and dogs will adore and agree with whatever you say if you talk in sweet tones.
-If I haven't gone crazy yet, I am now.
-waking up early every single morning during the summer ain't right.
-Coffee really does do wonders for the tired brain.
-Punching hay bales and cleanings stalls is a great stress reliever.
-who knew the love for one's own bed could be so great. ooh bed I missed you.
-having MY family come over to visit ME is..... weird!
-Family. I missed you. so much.
-naps, why didn't I think of them before?!
- I could be such a couch potato
-anything can be turned into a defense weapon.
-hugging a horse makes everything a little better and brighter.

The list could drag on.

So I have returned, and I do hope you continue to visit...I feel lots more posts coming on.

Hello Blogger. I missed you.


Eldarwen said...

Yay! Glad you are back, dear Rachel. :) Missed ya!

They Call Me Thumper said...

"If I haven't gone crazy yet, I am now"

brlracincwgrl said...

Hugging a horse is good for the soul! :).

Loved your list!

Hope Marie said...

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Juliana said...

Rachel, you crack me up! "Anything can be turned into a defense weapon". lol
And I know what you mean about punching hay and cleaning stalls!!!

Can't wait for your next post!