Wednesday, March 31, 2010


They say it's good for the soul....

~1. Sometimes I purposely don't accomplish what I have set out to do

~2. I adore my honey oh-so-much that I will pour/mix/& spread it on practically everything (within reason...or not)

~3. Sometimes I feel like I have missed a big important deadline when I'm not able to blog everyday.

~4. I am really attached to blogger.

~5. When I ride down the highway while listening to my ipod I make up movies scenes in my head.

~6. I can sound just like a guy singer when I want to. but get incredibly tongue tied when i try to rap.

~7. I find shopping overwhelming because I want to buy everything.

~8. I've stalked someone I didn't know with my car before.

~9. I've stalked multiple people in the mall before..

~10. ok. Im a stalker. but a nice one!!

~11. I secretly ( ha! not anymore) love reading children's books, and stories with magical happenings and cheerful endings.

~12. I have no sense of style when I'm at home, sometimes it's PJ's, glasses, uncombed hair and unshaved legs all day long.

~13. I could sit here at the comp for hours reading the blogs I follow... you are all such lovely people, you make me slightly jealous and incredibly euphoric! I wish I could come and visit.

~14. One day I am building a room. Where I can go in and scream at the top of my lunges for extended periods of time and no one will care. Or perhaps sing in my whiny off-key voice. Or whistle the same tune over and over and over. A place where I can let loose....a place where all my caged up quirks and can have a voice. how lovely...You should come visit. =]

~15. I often have conversations with my imaginary future husband while driving alone to class. or my future self, or my present self. It can get a little loud.

~16. Mr. Darcy? I'm waiting.

~17. I love wearing sunglasses so I can people watch without being too obvious.
( again with the stalker issue)

~18. I wonder if WeHeartIt will arrest me for obsessive browsing and borrowing.

~19. I purposely sit down and watch Criminal Minds or Law & Order:SVU and then scream and hide behind my ever ready pillow at any image of a sharp object , stabbing, or mutilated body. Why do I do this? ......I must be crazy.

~20. I am a all too easily amused, easily distracted, insane, rambling, confessing, multi-tasking failing, blundering, bouncy, happy seeking gal.

I heart you all!!


brlracincwgrl said...

I adore this list! :).

I, too, find myself completely attached/addicted to Blogger! I really need to find more time to blog! I get caught up in reading! Ha :)

Elizabeth said...

Loved honey on biscuits. You are a girl after my own heart :)

ViS!T0R said...

I can relate to... Most of that. :)