Thursday, April 1, 2010

I say Hello

............Goodbye March............
Oh March. You were a slightly tricky month to put into words at first.
You wooshed through oh. so. incredibly fast.
yet, you seemed to be as slow as molasses and I
swear I could hear you dragging your feet at times.
March you were like a roller coaster ride.
You had incredible highs! like SPRING & sunshine & a delightful break from school
big happenings ( concerts and lovely times with friends, Horse shows and happy scores on exams)So happy, so carefree, so cheery!!! Spring, what bliss!!! ah March, you seemed to hold on tight for a while.... you were such an earnest and persistent month.
You had incredibly lows.
Times where I was afraid I would never accomplish everything that needed to be done, I wanted to stomp and scream and just run away to Black Pearl and fight like a pirate.
There were times I was in the depths of despair when I would suddenly realize how fast time was going by, that it was already March, 3 months into 2010. yikes. There was so much going on, so much to come, so much that had passed.
March, you woke me up and in a kind way slapped my in face, I needed that. February had made extremely comfortable and lazy and like I had all the time in the world.....
Thank you God for another month of safety, blessings, and good health.
Hello April.
For some reason the very first thing that came to mind was this song
(one of my favorites, oooh Beatles I do like you quite a lot)
You seem so promising!!! and seriously a month that begins with hilarious surprising tricks and fooling has got to be some sort of happy sign.
I feel like this month motto is Git-er-done, there are lists waiting to be checked off! Productiveness. May seem daunting but the feeling afterwards is incredibly euphoric.
BUT at the same time this month we should all take special care to notice the little things, make promising memories, be thankful, make it count. We all know May is a tad crazy especially if any of your friends or relatives are graduating. So really, and seriously, make sure you include some YOU time, and time with friends. notice the sunshine peeking through the window, or the kind person who stopped to let you pull out into the busy street, or how delightful your coffee smells, or how beautiful and sweet your best friend Truly is ( and let them know it!)

and I have to admit this April fools I was fooled oh so many times. and epically failed at fooling others. for now... there is still time.

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i love this post!!