Thursday, March 4, 2010


finally, it's the moment we have all been waiting for.....
I am still surprised that I've reached 100 posts.
yupppp, this is numero one hundred!!!
and I want to thank each and every one of you for visiting my blog, leaving me bright rays of sunshine, encouraging me, taking the time to read my rumbles and rambles.
It's a blessing and I want to just hug you all!!
I hope to continue writing my thoughts here, it's been a great place to release what's swirling in my mind....and this blog keeps me happy, and your comments make me smile =]
thanks oodles and bunches to everyone who entered my giveaway!! and especially for the amazingly sweet mentions that some of you took the time to post on your own blogs.
aaand for those of you who didnt have the chance to enter, this was SO much fun to do that perhaps I will try it again sometime.

aaaaand now.
*drummmmm rooooollllll*



hoooray! huzzah!! hippy hip!!! yahoo!!!

I am super duper excited, and will soon have a box of happy on its way to you!!


Dani said...

Hurrah for 100! I love reading your super happy, bouncy crazy thoughts.

Owl of the Desert said...

Yahoo! 100 posts! Congratulations!

Bri said...

hi, i'm new to your blog and I think it's wonderful!
i just added myself as a follower =)
And congrats on the big 100!

chelsea rebecca said...

and here's to the next 100!

Eldarwen said...

Congratulations, Taylor!! =D Have fun with Rachel's Box Of Goodies! :)

Thanks for doing this giveaway, Rachel! It was fun! =D


Taylor said...

Yippee! :D
Thank you so much Rachel!!
This was a whole lot of fun and I'm really glad I entered. :)

~ Congrats on your 100th post! ~
I look forward to reading many more! :)

I hope you have a very bright and cheery day!!


tinypaperheart said...

congrats on reaching 100 posts! the picture is so sweet! :)

Kels said...

yay! one hundred posts i cant believe youve been blogging that long thats awesome :))

Juliana said...

Hello Rachel,

I just found your blog and became a follower.

Your blog has made me laugh so hard. You are one of the most upbeat people I've "known".

Thanks for all your words of encouragement. You've made me smile!

God bless you,

Hope Chella said...

I love the balloon pictures :)

Elizabeth said...

Yay!!! Congratulations on reaching your 100 post!!

I have been crazy busy and didn't get back to you on my blog about being in the sunny state of Florida now. And yes I am!!! You will have to tell me where you are on the map so I can see how far we are from each other :)