Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Terrific Tuesday!!

Huzzah. Hoorah and all things fabulously Terrific and delightful.
Indeed it most certainly is the frighteningly GOOD third day of the week!!!
Terrific Tuesday.
That's right, take a breather.... peek at the sunshine( I hope you're being greeted by warm rays like I am right now) sink deeper into your seat, eat some ice-cream, sprinkle some cookies.
It's a Terrific day and you should make the most of it!! Remember just because everyone is talking about this March maddness doesn't mean you have to let it fold in on you.
Everyone needs a mental break... and I do hope my little terrific posts give you that. =-]
So even if you are just taking a moment to think of a terrific happening today... do it!
Okay...okay ok ok. So today's TERRIFIC item may not mean a single thing to you at all. But it's happening tonight and I just CANNOT stop thinking about it!!!! So here I go taking total and complete advantage of the fact that one of the reasons I created this blog was for a moment just like this! To blab and ramble about who knows what. bah ha.
So, shocked some of you may be in a moment, but I am confessing right here and now that never in my entire life have I EVER been to a concert. NEVER.
aaaand boooyyy ooh boy do I LOVE LOVE LOVE my music!! I mean, my ipod has artists of every genre and type..( my taste is extremely random and out there) and you would think I would have dozens and dozens of concerts of various artists and bands under my belt.
nope. I'm not sure why....but the opportunity for me never came around, and perhaps it was because I never really looked into it when i was younger. Anywho...for whatever reason I have yet to enter the stadium or face the stage and here the crowd and tuning up and bass....*sigh*
Well whoopdeeedeee that is all about to change. This very night I am revisiting the Strawberry Festival with my kindred spirits to hear my one and only favorite country singer( not a huge country music fan but ooooh my I do love this guy and his voice!!!)
Josh Turner.
2ND ROW!!!!
2nd row!!
His voice, *swoons* ( and yes I am aware he is married, but still....)
I am beyond excited..... ha ha. really!!! I have never been to a concert, let alone 2nd row... and I have noo idea what to expect, but it's Josh Turner so I highly doubt I'll be disappointed!!
well that is my Terrific News. ha ha, I know...not much. but BIG to me!! and for sure TERRIFIC.
So, what about you? Tell me of your first concert experience.


Eldarwen said...

Ooh! :0 How exciting, Rachel!! =D Have fun, girl! Well, my first concert was a Billy Graham thing (or... however you spell his last name). DC Talk, Jars of Clay and other bands were there. I think I was like, 7 or 8 years old. :)


Saura Lnow said...

Ah! So jealous right now.
His voice is amazing...and his eyes...oh his eyes are gorgeous!

Hannah Sue said...

alack, I also have never been to a concert. It's absolutely tragic.

Anonymous said...

Your tastes in music are random?
heh heh.right.My Ipod has like one song from a thousand artists(not really a thousand) but seriously

Its like,"oh you have the weepies?...oh only one song.
OH! I love The Avett Brothers.....oh you only have three songs..."and so on and so on.
I like only one song by him(here we go again with the one song per artist) and its "Will you go with me"

And my first experience with a concert wasn`t very big.It was just Act of Congress.They are still VERY good.We know the lead singer and his wife took my sister`s wedding pictures,so it was sort of go-and-support-you type deal.They are good though!!haha
This is a long enough comment.Wuvs!

Dani said...

Hmmm... my first concert was going with the family to hear Journey, REO Speedwagon, and Stixs in concert in Huntsville it was really, really cool. I think was in high school.

The even cooler my junior year I won on the radio two tickets to here Chelye Wright (sp?) and Mark Chessnut in concert and me and Daddy went. I also got a few of their cds. I was so excited. It was the first time I even won anything.

Ok, too long and random. I will stop... right... now!