Monday, March 1, 2010


this is post NUMBER 97!!!!!!
ha ha, and if you didn't notice...... yes. I am very excited about my first giveaway.
yes. I do think if you are reading this at this very moment you should enter it.
( if you haven't already click here to enter) yes. I didn't post yesterday because Sunday is usually very busy for my family. yes. I am going to post 2 times today...or perhaps tomorrow... or something like that cuz im trying to speed the process along. Stay tuned.
Farewell February.
you were a delightful month. filled to the brim with love and blessings.
you were an easy going month for me...probably because you were making sure I rested up for this crazy month. I baked a lot during your visit. Made me very happy. You were a kind and friendly month. I made new friends and waved goodbye to visiting old ones. although you were slightly depressing and sad for a brief moment February. You were a turning point month for me, I finally made it over some hard to climb hills...I started some good habits and they are sticking. my perspective was changed on some things but in a good way. I gained some knowledge and learned from some mistakes. You were a FUN month, I felt so carefree and had so many pleasant outings with kindred spirits!
Thank you God for another month of good health, and many many blessings.
Hello March.
you graced me with your presence by greeting me with a somewhat chilly dawn that blossomed into a sunshiny morning. Although normally Florida should be rolling into a early summer by now, it's not... im actually experiencing a nice spring-ish, cold-ish, weather. especially today. *sigh* spring. I love spring!!! I love this month, esepcially this first day becuase it FEELS like spring!!! ( so I classify you as somewhere between an unruly little lamb and a very tame lion) I'm hopeful March, you hold some very exciting events and happenings....I just pray you don't get too March Madness on me ( fat chance, eh?) This month feels like it's going to be all about staying one step ahead, not falling behind, but also making sure I don't get too caught up amidst the craziness. For sure March will be a challenge....but there are some super big fun highlights that I will share with you soon that will make the busssssy month worthwhile.
p.s I have 2 very big exams this depending on how much studying I achieve and how little I procrastinate I may not be posting much until after Wednesday morning...but we are only THREE post away from the giveaway so the winner will be announced sometime this week as soon as I reach 100!!!


Owl of the Desert said...

I don't think I've ever seen two months described so well. It's starting to feel like spring up here, too. Maybe it will stick around, and not rush back to winter or hurry forward to summer. Hope your exams go well!

Eldarwen said...

Wow, Rachel, that was a beautiful post! I love your writing because it always captures my attention! I totally agree with Owl of the Desert: That was a wonderful description of February and March. :)


Taylor said...

Yay!! Can't wait for the giveaway! :D

Nahl said...

I'm glad Feb was didn't really do me any good.
But march brings me closer to my exams...eeks.

Kristin said...

Good riddance Feb. and a big fat welcome to March!