Wednesday, March 3, 2010

She needs her brain you see....

Dear Algebra,
I do not mind you, when I understand you.
( is it even safe to say I enjoy you when I understand you??)
but alas our relationship is hardly ever on the same wave link
and I rarely understand you fully.
therefore I do mind you quite a bit.
so sorry.
Please be a nice exam and let me pass.....that's all I want. seriously.
but ohhh algebra you are sneaky sneaky sneaky!!

Dear Algebra and other such things,
I am very small, and quite delicate.
I'm highly unorganized...seriously, where in the world is the floor in here?
one of these days I might start cleaning up this jumbled mess.
I am soo easily distracted, and I constantly forget where to save important things! soo forgetful. There's not much in here you see, and you algebra make me tired and confused and mushy. You think you can come in and mix things up, and then you start swirling all around my home pad and make me dizzy.
Please be nice.
-Rachel's Brain

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♥Bleah♥Briann♥ said...

Amen!!!! Oh my gosh thank goodness someone spoke against this rediculous thing called algebra that for some reason people think we need to learn. LOL.

passport in my pocket said...

haha good luck. algebra was never my thing, and thank God I don't need to do it for my profession! :)

megara said...

good luck! i somehow made it past that math class and more beyond that - and for me that's'll be fine!

chelsea rebecca said...

bleh algebra!

dear rachel;s brain,
I KNOW you are the smartest!!
you can do it!!
love always,
rosie the riveter and chelsea!

...::Mrs. Southern Bride::... said...

Algebra and I never got a long.

Love your blog. :)

Elizabeth said...

You're getting so close!

Good luck with that exam.