Saturday, March 13, 2010

Sunny Motivation

Happy Saturday !!
What a beautiful day God has blessed me with!!
after a soothing ( but extremely wet) rain for 2 days I woke up to sunshine trying to seep in through my closed blinds.
*smiles* Oh sunshine you make my day!
So I just got up, threw open my curtains and opened those blinds and the cheerful warmth lit up my entire bedroom.
It's going to be a good Friday was ultra laid back and lazy because of the weather. ( so nice compared to my non-stop hit the floor runnin' weekend last week!) and when the warmth woke me up this morning, ya'll I feel motivated!! woo!! (I'm sure the sunshine and extra sleep is helping a lot ha ha)
I've got me some motivational Shontelle and her song Battle Cry blasting right now as I finish off a tasty and wholesome bowl of steel cut oatmeal ( I just recently started eating this type of oatmeal, it's supposed to be purty durn good for your tummy and I love my oatmeal and this is actually really good! I top mine with/ cinnamon, honey, a little peanut butter and yogurt! yumm-o!!)
aaaaaannnnd after I finish my late breakfast I'm going to squeeze in a quick new workout I want to try. ( bah ha, see how motivated I feel today??? shocking) and then it's off to the barn to work, and of course give my horse a training ride.
Its' a beautiful day!! I hope each of you have been having a super duper fun, or relaxing, or perhaps uber productive weekend. God is good.
I would love to stay and ramble on and on and on about this day, but the sunshine outside is far too lovely and tempting and warm to just stay here inside and blog.


Hannah Sue said...

*sigh* I wish it were sunny and warm here. It was absolutely beautiful yesterday - while I was driving 3 hours home. But I guess the weather is out to get me, b/c first day of spring break is not looking too happy...

Taylor said...

I love oatmeal!! I guess that's a good thing because I have to eat it everyday for breakfast with this new diet we've started. lol I just put honey in mine, though. ;D

And I know what you mean... This week has been really bright and sunshiny and I'm just loving it! It definitely always makes for a much cheerier day. ;)


Amber said...

How lovely! Hey, so I thought, since I love your blog I would tag you! All you gotta do is answer some questions (which are at my blog) and share them with everyone else!! Anyway, I'm so glad you're enjoying the sunshine! I cannot wait until summer :)