Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Terrific Tuesday

I really like Pie.
No, seriously.
I really really love pie.
I'm honestly not much of a cake fan....
[aside from my cupcakes, and cheesecake-which is more like an overgrown scrumptious pie]
Pie on the other hand is delightful, and it's just so much fun to say.
Pie, pie, pie.
(ever notice how the word starts to look funny when you keep typing it out? psh)
Pie is just amazing, delectable, homey, my comfort food...and
there are SO many kinds and choices.
I had a chilled bite of pumpkin pie from the fridge this morning.
oooh la la.
perhaps that is why I have it on the brain.
Blueberry pie, strawberry pie, apple pie, lemon meringue pie, peanut butter pie, oreo pie...oh my gosh the list will go on forever.
Perhaps I am thinking of pie so much because it really is the summer treat, or at least for me it reminds me of summer and spring whenever I eat it.
oooh snap it's Terrific Tuesday.
oh snap!! *grins*
I know, I am totally not doing this the normal way, but quite honestly I just could not get my
mind to start blogging in the usual Terrific Tuesday context.
Don't you love how blogger doesn't force those kind of limitations on you?
You can just let it flow...or rock...or tumble...
but this has been going on for some time, the whole weekly frighteningly goody good third day of the week terrific-ness.
Take a breather, bake, hug a pillow, fold warm laundry, sneak a bite of pie, enter a giveaway..
take a moment to explore Terrific.
Today's terrific item is something ALL of you should take part of!!
I am beyond excited, it's so flipin' awesome!!!!
Chelsea-Rebecca over at her amazing blog is hosting her very first giveaway!!!
I must say this delightful, creative, beautiful, and just plain funny lady has outdone herself!!!
really you should. It's Terrific Tuesday.
what pie do you like?
*sheepish grin*


emilia. said...

I love pie too! So good. :)

Hannah Sue said...

mmmm I want some pie now...

Dani said...

I love my Grandmother's peanut butter pie, it's the best in the world, no one else's is as good. Last night she fixed me some apple pie, and today I had some lemon pie. ummmm... I'm with you pie is the best dessert, way better than cake.

Elizabeth said...

Pie for breakfast. It doesn't get much better.

chelsea rebecca said...

mm PIE!!! deliciousness!!! i loove me some pie for breakfast!
i love your terrific tuesdays! they are my fave!