Thursday, March 18, 2010

Straight to the Point

Yesterday I stared at a florecent lit ceiling, spotting faces in the cracks, as I tried to keep my mouth open while a purple putty type mold was being set. In my mouth. Sound familiar?
You guessed it! I paid a special visit to the orthodontist because I heard from so many people how fun it is to have molds made of your teeth!!!
ah ha ha,
.no. I'm totally kidding.
I did however go to the orthodontist for a consultation and such.
Because next Wednesday I will be getting braces.
Yes, and I am really thankful and blessed that my parents are able to do this for me!
I've had a long and not so great relationship with the dentist and such due to an accident as a kid, and now I will finally be able to straighten those babies up.
{Am I excited? huh, should I be?}
The funny thing is at my age most everyone has their so called "awkward brace face teenage years" behind them. They are all young college attending adults with straight, beautiful, pearly white chompers.
bah ha, even my younger sister's friends have either just gotten their braces off or will be soon.
So yeah... you could say I'm way behind the flow of things.... but compared to the 50 something lady at the desk who made my next appointment, completely decked out in her braces,
I think not!!
It just didn't work out for me until now. and I am thankful it's workable.
2 years is the jail sentence for my naughty crooked teeth.
{Will it seem terribly long to me? I have no clue.}
So readers, I will soon be entering the world of no chewing gum, rubber bands, and lots of metal. (Rock on dudes!!!)
I'm depending on you seasoned pros to give me tips and advice and encouragement! ha ha
sheesh, I'm sure you all REALLY wanted to know about this huh?
Anywho, expect brace face pics next week. heh heh.


Hannah Sue said...

fun... lol
Beth chews gum anyway tho

♥Bleah♥Briann♥ said...

Braces? Yeah, I have those...that horrible purple gunk makes me gag and I can't stand the way it smells. Or how cold it is.
You can still chew gum no matter what they say. I dunno why they say that. Starbursts on the other hands are different. And you can't really just bite into anything...hambuger, hotdog, bananna.


Dani said...

I confess, I chewed gum, ate nuts, and loads of popcorn too.

They told me that you can chew trident gum, you might ask about that, it doesn't have whatever it is in it that weakens the cement that they use on your teeth.

Cailie said...

I didn't think they were that big of a deal.. horse owners like you and me are tough so I know you'll be fine!:) I think I still ate most of the stuff they tell you not to.. My husband might get them at somepoint (he's 23) because his teeth are pretty messed up and his jaw pops! haha

Hannah said...

Braces aren't THAT bad. I mean, it hurts bad when they get tightened. You can't really bite into anything unless you want food stuck in the front of your braces. But, the reward of having straight teeth for me was definitely worth it. I can't wait to see your braces pictures.

By the way. I always thought girls with braces were the coolest. I'm not kidding either.

Kels said...

I chewed gum too or more so just put in my mouth I was always so afraid it would get stuck and Id have to fess up lol! but dont worry two years really goes by pretty fast!