Monday, September 6, 2010


It feels like ice ages ago since I blogged, *shakes head*
But diving into this Vet Tech program took some getting used to, I just needed some time folks to get my feet wet and try to organize my schedule.... * I still cringe at the word "schedule". Which meant not being distracted by my precious computer. ( I heart
That last balloon of summer? is being firmly gripped by me even though hurricane winds are trying to take it away.... NO. it's mine.
Anywho. I'm overdue a confession, *wink* so here goes.
-My phobia of knives, sharp pointy objects, and stabbing scenes in movies has yet to go away. I just watched a short movie last night that had me cringing behind a pillow half the time. Guns, guts, and blood? sure, not too bad. Stabbing? *runs away*

-I am very loud in my actions ( so say my family) I SLAM doors and cabinets, I run like an elephant up/down stairs ( I always take them 2 by 2) I drop things ALL. THE. TIME. I would make a horrible criminal or spy.

-I looooove making lists of everything! I also like making lists of goals, especially daily goals. However, most of the time my goals are written down...and that's are far as it goes.

- In my head I can be good at public speaking, or doing things alone up on stage. In real life it still gives me the willys and a case of the shakys. I claim it's genetic. *sheepish grin*

- It's sad when i go shopping because I always become overwhelmed by all the *things* I want to buy! I get all these great outfit ideas in my head, and the decor ideas, and food, and shoes, and the list goes on... until I count the money in my wallet. ha ha.

-I have tunnel vision when it comes to focusing on something I really enjoy or want to get done, I put all my energy and time into it unless someone from the outside starts knocking and distracts me. otherwise I just keep going!!

-I swear half my brain is an ultra freakish health nut, and the other half is a sugar addict. They have a lot of battles and chocolate wins a lot. However chocolate covered fruit makes both slightly happy.

-I really wish I could do a better job documenting with my camera! I always have it with me, but lately unless someone else is already out with their camera taking pics I don't think about it. so sad.

-Sometimes I go thru extremely quiet mellow shy fases. This apparently is a surprise to many people. I do a lot of inner reflection and thinking at times though.

-I forget I have braces , & I'm very happy after eating which means I smile a lot....which means the picture ain't always purty.

-I read a lot of blogs, yet I hardly ever comment. depressing, and im workin on it.


Juliana said...

Ha. You never fail to crack me up! You should write a comedic novel about yourself. I might die of laughter before I finished reading it.


Whitney said...

Heyyyyyyyy you..
I'm the same way on almost every single one of those!
But I hear ya ESPECIALLY on the half health nut/half sugar addict.

Thank ya for your compliment by the way.
I miss your long long long legs :)

ellie said...

sweet confessions. I don't think you want to see Machete the movie. That's funny about being loud. Growing up for a while with my grandparents in the country..we were always loud. So its hard not want to be loud, sometimes, now.

Love your header.

chelsea rebecca said...

i've missed your blog!!
you crack me up!

His Mercy Endureth Forever said...

I hardly ever comment on blogs too, but I love reading them! You're a great writer...keep it up!

Anonymous said...

HAHA! You have a great sense of humor. I like the whole loudness confession. I always know if my mom is in the kitchen shutting cabinets or if she's coming through a door because I hear *WHAAM.* If she walks through the room I'm in, I hear *CLOMP CLOMP CLOMP* ....don't tell her I said that though ;)