Friday, August 28, 2009

"If no one's in the kitchen, who's to see? "

hum dee dum.
I have been in a extra high mood of cheerfulness since yesterday.
So many many things wonderfully splendid things have happened.
Simple things.
But very pleasant all the same

I have made my way through my first week of learning at HCC
It was extroadinary!
I did dual enrolling there last spring so I already knew the layout
Yay for not having to wonder around aimlessly!
my classes are all convienantly in the same building
My teachers are very nice.
The people are very, very interesting.
It has so far been an all around pleasing experience
you know, the kind where you look forward to doing it again.
Congrats Community College,
you have taken temporary hold of my fascination

My older sister and I have been playing the roll of college roommates
The rest of the family has left us to visit relatives in the real south
they shall not return until Wednesday
So we have been "on our own"
It has been fun really, just the two of us
She works
I go to school.
We play "house" and clean and buy groceries

Last night, having nothing to do, I suggested we go see Julie & Julia
I have been pining to see that movie
One reason was because Julia Child was my favorite cook as a kid
I would watch her show on PBS quite often and then go around the house imitating her.
I knew this movie would be good.

Alas, we only had enough money for one ticket
So after searching the house for loose cash or change..
( ha! how silly of us! imagine finding loose cash in our home.. ?!)
I promptly grabbed my change bag
which was very very heavy
and dumped it on the kitchen table

we had nine dollars in change, enough for another ticket!
So my lovely sister and I headed out to see the 7:30 showing
Julie & Julia?
It was soooooooooooooooo good!
The kind of movie that really makes you feel warm all over
the kind of movie that inspires you to do something amazing!
I wanted to cook and learn french the minute we walked out of the theater
It was funny, romantic, and filled with glorious food and Julia Child!

I could not stop smiling as I drove us home in the rain.
I am still happy from last night....
*sigh* how nice it is to finally have something really worth watching at the theater

Bon Appetit!


Saura Lnow said...

Hey did you know that some theatres will give you a discount if you show your student ID?

Anonymous said...


Whitney said...

It was romantic! All the husband/wife moments were adorable! Those were 2 great marriages :D
I looooooooved the movie as well! So....amazing...
Oh. and your family is coming to my house today, and leaving tomorrow!
Hehe. I get the Abernathy's!!!!!!!!!

Brittany said...

Maybe I should go empty out my change too!

I want to see the movie now.