Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Up and Down, In and Out

Do you ever feel like your brain is one of those airport luggage organizers?
You know, where all the luggage goes.. ..ok, so I've never seen "the room"
I just know when I turn in my suitcase at the airport it rides on this little conveyor thingy into a dark hole in the wall.. and I imagine that it's this room where there is TONS of luggage. and it each one is destined for a different place.. so there are lots of different conveyor belts all going in different directions.. and luggage is everywhere, going everywhere!

My brain feels like that a lot. like right now I want to blog about soooo many different things!
but oh dear I'm afraid if I did you would no longer want to visit this happy little place, since you would be bored to death.

Sometimes my mind races.. wanting to think about EVERYTHING all at once!
People I've seen, conversations I've had, dreams, things to do, things I forgot,
places to go, places I want to go, silly little worrisome things, deadlines,
prayers, happy thoughts, sprinkles, family, friends...
oh my... do you see now?
It can be rather amusing, a tad overwhelming, and sorta stressful- all at once!

So you know what?
This is usually about the time when I drop everything I'm doing.
put on some comfy shoes.
Go outside.
while listening to some very inspiring, soothing, classical music
and just walk.
and listen.
and breathe.

This has to be one the most easiest and pleasurable ways for me to clear my head and cheer up.
It works.

This I am contemplating while happily munching on a big bowl of "Life" cereal. how ironic.

So go walk, listen to good music, and eat Life cereal. ( it is a super delicious cereal.)

Have a night full of dreams and a fresh tomorrow!


Dani said...

I can't agree with you on the life cereal. yuk, yuk!

Johnnie said...

hey i just found your blog-- i like it :)

(this is mj)