Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Grey Day

Oh my. Has it seriously been more then a moment ago that I last blogged?
It doesn't feel like it. no, not at all.
Most folks say " time flies" well, for me, "time skips by"

Some days the clock drags.... or even for weeks it drags. I feel like I have all the time in the world for anything, like sipping tea, watching old movies, reading novels, and daydreaming.
All of the sudden, "time" gets real excited and suddenly goes off skipping happily through my calender. Time is a rather spontaneous little thing. So you see, I end up sitting here, wondering just what it was I did the past week. I know it wasn't anything unpleasant, but I do know it must have held the majority of my attention for a while.

well, it appears Time has decided to slow down to a brisk walk for a little while. so here I am.

The other day as I was heading out the door to go to college, around 7:15, I had to stop.
A breeze?
Did I just feel a slightly cool-ish breeze blow by me?
yes. I did.
I felt it, and there was no humid, hot, after shock either.
Florida felt sorta different, like it could be letting down just a notch on the relentless heat.
It almost felt like the weather had left me a little gift, blowing that cool breeze by me, as if saying
" there's a possibility things might get a little cooler"

Right then and there I almost turned around and grabbed my fall jacket.
I have been dying to use it.
But that was a cool-ish breeze and I was already starting to get hot standing in the doorway.

I love the sun. It makes me SO happy!!! But I am pining for a dreary gray sky for just a little while. Not the stormy kind, but the kind that when you look out the window you know it's going to be a tad chilly when you step out. Or maybe even a deep blue sky with a pale sun, the fall sky.
That would make me happy as well.

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Anonymous said...

come live in alabama
we have plenty of cool weather
not meaning to make you jealous...

Dani said...

I got to see several nice grey fall skies this week, and Britt even got to use his little coat for the first time at a football game last Friday night. But alas, we have to return to the hot and sticky, non-fall like Florida weather.

Anonymous said...

I share your love for fall! I'm looking forward to the next few weeks as harvest time comes in Indiana!!