Saturday, August 15, 2009

Oh dear dear summer


So I realized today that I had made this blog, and just remembering that one little bit of information made me very happy inside! Ha ha, I am so easily amused and entertained... but aren't we all from time to time? If you are not, take heed while reading this blog because I am sure it will be filled with things I find extremely interesting.... *coughs*

oh dear dear carefree summer.
I will miss so many things of summer.

week long vacations, spontaneous trips with best friends to the beach,
singing school, church meetings, and so many little things like big floppy sun hats and just knowing that you could pack up and go anywhere or spend time with your friends at almost anytime..not having to even THINK about school.

The feeling of summer will be missed.. it's hard to describe that feeling, but I am sure each of you have experienced. Summer seems to have some sort of extra happy/lazy vibe to it.

I like to think positively about everything in my life, sometimes I do fail... but I just love being happy ( who doesn't?!) and making other people happy as well.

So. Going to college. it can either be dreaded as a death sentence, or looked at as a fun and exciting adventure.

I do love I choose the last statement.
I think it will be fun. Sure going to college means I'm growing up..have to be responsible..and be smarter then I was before... all those kinda things.

But seriously. College is like one of those adventure/drama/thriller movies waiting to be made!!

I have never been in any sort of "public" school building
or been in any "real" classes,
so this is all new.

I like to watch people, and learn about people, and meet people. This is the PERFECT opportunity.

am I boring you? ( or scaring you?)

Summer. I have exactly 9 days until my first " official" class starts. I will savor EVERY last second.


Kelly Spezzano said...

Rach I hope you have wonderfully amazing experiences in your adventures in college. If I had one piece of advice for you it would be: Sit as close to the front as possible- it makes for a LOT less distractions!

We are looking forward to reading about your adventures!

His Mercy Endureth Forever said...

College can be an amazing experience if you keep you focus on the Lord. We are so happy for all your accomplishments and can't wait to hear all about your new adventures!

Anonymous said...

I remember getting ready for college 3 years ago...I was so excited and yet nervous. Now as I enter my senior year, I can look back and give you this one piece of advice that has made my college experience more rewarding than I ever imagined it would be. BE A LEADER!! Never compromise your beliefs or your morals...and believe it or not...people will greatly respect you for that and the friends you make because of your stand are worth far more than the friends you would make by giving into peer pressure, etc.

Another piece of your homework, lol...learning that has helped me immensely.

Enjoy these days ahead!!

~*Sara*~ said...

hey Elly May.
my awesome sis! you now inspired me to try the blogging thing again.

Anonymous said...

oi.. rachel!!

i think you know who this is because you are following my blog

cool blog by the way!

Anonymous said...

Cool Blogity blog lol

Brittany said...

Cute layout : )Missed you at the barn the other day!