Wednesday, May 26, 2010

More Free Time? Pfffttt!!!

So I just wanted to let you all know I am not dead, or sick, or ditching my dear blog.
( perhaps I am just talking to myself these
days and you all have found more consistent blogs to follow. ha ha)

The thing is, summer graced it sizzling presence upon me, I had a few extremely lazy days.... and practically expected the next 3 months to be full of free time and boredom.
I dare say I completely jinxed myself.
*smacks forehead*
You all know a while back I blogged about my intern opportunity?
It was a small intern at this fancy smancy huge lovely Equestrian Center... I just went a couple days a week, and also worked my other job.
welllll....... I was offered a HUGE and AMAZING interning opportunity. Something I have been wanting and praying might come my way for years.
God is extremely good and I am beyond blessed.
I couldn't pass an intern position like this down... and happily accepted!!
It's a very demanding intern the first few weeks,
so this past week I have scarcely been home at all.
I am also working my other job and trying to squeeze in moments to enjoy the summer sun with friends. It's going to take some time for myself and my schedule to adjust... & hopefully blogging fits in the equation *smiles*
I am oh so busy but oh so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I will continue to blog, but I can't promise it will be



Amber said...

Hi! Um, I only read up to the part about the intern (congrats by the way!) because that "Spread a little love" video (which I love!)doesn't let me see the rest you wrote :(

Anyway, hope your doing well!

Sweet Blessings,

Anonymous said...

Oooh Congrats on the prestigious internship! Remember me when you're a famous horse trainer!

Dani said...

Well, we demand more information on the exciting internship!

Anonymous said... summer so far has been of painting and doctor appointments.

`nuff said