Thursday, May 13, 2010

What a Way to Start Summer 2010~

So to celebrate my new found freedom, I met my 2 most Kindred Spirits for Lunch, the day after my last final..... because the end of school and the beginning of summer for sure deserves a Par-Tay! Plus I haven't been able to see my two closest friends in eternity cuz I was so darn busy! I was out voted by the other 2 amigos and was forced to pick the dining place of the day ( we always have mock arguments about who decides where we are eating.. ha ha) and of course I had to choose one of my most favorite Restaurants on the planet. Maybe because the name itself shouts pure BLISS!! Yup. The Cheescake Factory
We had far too much fun, and I'm surprised I remembered to snap a few photos! We laughed until we cried, raised our eyebrows and whispered about the flirting waiter, and were easily amused by our food. the cheesecake? DIVINE.

The Happy Place

The super cool do-it-yourself lettuce wraps Hannah ordered for all of us!

My Creation

My Beautiful friend Hannah

and lovely Kelsey,

I'm gonna have to find a better picture.. this is the only one I took of her there, so I'm posting it. ha ha

and me and my big mouth taking the first bite of my wrap!

We had a lovely Tuesday, it was for sure Terrific ;)

p.s. The bang faze I went through has turned into a side swept bang faze... mainly because I'm too lazy right now to style them everyday, my part is impossibly stubborn, and its so hot they've been sticking to my face. *wrinkles nose*