Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Hello hello hello!!!! Oh my goodness gracious. Has it really been oh so long?
It felt like the ice age to me, ( I have yet to watch that movie, come to think of it)
This past week I crammed, stuffed, and shoved way more Algebra , Biology and countless other subjects into my brain than i thought humanly possible. for me.
because my brain is a complete and utter rebel when it comes to what I SHOULD be thinking as apposed to the countless daydreams of Mr. Darcy, the beach, and having my own little bake shop in Paris. ( *coughs* not that those 3 subjects is ALL i daydream about, but it was certainly on my mind the last few days)
ok, come, for real. which would your brain rather dwell on??
Monday arrived. My last and FINAL final!!!!!!!
I was incredibly pumped, oooh slap me silly I was far more pumped walking into that classroom to take my final exam of the semester than my poor dear sweet teacher expected.
I constantly forget that she's slightly delicate when it comes to levels of excitement and sarcasm.
but seriously. I woke up this morning, and you know when you wake up and things just feel different? a good kind of different, " change is in the air!" as they would say.
and after receiving oodle amounts of encouragement from friends, I dare say I drove to campus determined to push this final behind me and be done!!!
and then I sat down and saw the exam before.
ooooh boy. it looked hard, diamond hard.
that's when the feeling of adrenaline/butterflies in the stomach feeling kicked in.
It's a good feeling, I get the same feeling right before I go in to jump a course at a horse show
. Buts it's also the feeling you want to sorta push aside.
My word, you should have seen me fumble with my books after the 2 hours of crisping my brain.
I stumbled, and blundered out the door and some how made it to my car. dark circles under my eyes, eyes glazed over. flyaway hair. I looked like a coffee addict who had gone cold turkey.
My brain was fried, melted, squashed, juiced, and pureed.
and of course, me being the biggest worry wart of silly little things. I couldn't relax when i got home, I HAD to know my final grade. Nightmares of retaking college algebra flashed in my mind. I went online every half hour, I paced around the house, I flipped through a Parenting magazine ( umm... yeah, something I never ever do) I was on the verge of tears and at the same time on the verge of hysteria. so many emotions hitting me at once.
gawsh, im rambling again ( just making up for 2 weeks mmk?)
and then. a little red sign told me the grades were posted.
I cannot tell you the HUGE relief that hit me, like the tidal wave from 2012.
utter relief. *big exhale*
I did the Irish jig, I jumped around, I hugged people, I couldn't stop smiling. I giggled. I went CUH-razy!!!
No more homework.
No more studying.
No more cramming, or late night crunch times.
No more bruised shins from kicking myself when arriving at campus ( for the millionth time)
realizing I had forgotten my homework, textbook, or scantron.
No more early morning classes.
and then another wave hit me.
I've finished my first year of College.
I'm gonna be a Sophomore. in College.
In just a few days it would have been a YEAR since I graduated from high school.
I'm gonna actually miss things about this year.
No more Starbucks runs before or after class.
No more random doodles from friends in Biology class.
I'm Free.
I know and feel this summer will be beyond memorable.
Remember, time flies by. and it's gone before you have a chance to realize it.
Make the most of every Day!!! I plan to!!!
p.s. I'm back, to blogging, can't ya tell??


Anonymous said...

*Singing* "FREEE free as the winnnnd blooowwwwwws as free as the grassss grooooowwws" Ok I'm done :)

Hannah Sue said...

the best part for me is when ur all done and u walk out to ur car and u get in and the sun is shining and u drive down the highway with the windows down and the music blaring and ur hearts just like bursting! lol