Thursday, May 6, 2010

Still ridin' the scholastic wave man

First off, I can't believe I've managed to stay away from blogging this long,
BUT, no matter how much I hate to admit it.
It's really helped me focus on finals.
I have such a one-track, short attention, brain, that it was not in the least bit easy,
I would sit down, click on the blogger link... my brain screaming
" yesss!!! yes! finally no more logarithms and mitochondria mutations!!!! do it Rachel, blog the week away"
and then i would hear the
voice on my shoulder,
(who sounds an awful lot like Crush from Finding Nemo) droning out:
" Duuuuuudeeeee. for cereal, you made a promise, man. I conreto promise. Don't let em' down man. Dude ride it out, ride it like a waaaaave man."
BUT taking a blogging siesta
so far has been worth it.
I shall be back soon, only a couple more to go.
Monday, Monday. unlike the song it ain't gonna get me down.
Are you all still out there?


Dani said...

don't worry we are still here waiting on you to tell us how you aced your finals.

Hannah Sue said...


Anonymous said...

You can do eeet :)

Ashley said...

I awarded you! :)