Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I've entered the final two weeks of the semester.
quite a few of you know what this means..... oooh it's swell.
for the next 12 days I shall be consumed by
and immersed in studying and cramming and so forth.
So blogging, sadly, will have to be set on the shelf for the time being.
You all now I am a confessed & hopeless procrastinator of many things
( schoolwork being the numerous uno)
and blogging, since a love it oh so much, will be quite a distraction for me.
It needs to take a siesta.

I am so blessed to have such lovely & dedicated followers! I enjoy each of your blogs and reading your comments to my posts make me smile inside and out.
May 10th is my last day.....
and hopefully after that blogging will be in sync with my schedule again.
So if I do post between now and then it will be very little.
GAH! how will I survive?!
Be Back Soon.... summer is oh so close!!


Eldarwen said...

omiword, I can feel Summer hopping around the corner now!! I'm so excited!! =D Take your time, Rachel. Do absolutely lovely on your school work, so that you might be able to come back to the blogging world with all A+'s!! ;D


Amber said...

Oh! yay for summer! God Bless on your finals (gag) and all!!!!!!!!!