Monday, April 26, 2010

A little Confessional

I regularly visit Bing, even if I don't need to search something, because of the groovy photo.

I am pretty much in a big way a huge fan of Coldplay and One Republic.

It's not bad to be passionate about little things, like grinning.

Slay me modcloth.

little phone calls and little letters.
they make me incredibly happy.

This summer I'm running away to Neverland.

Embrace what makes you, you.
( my little crazy kid side, definitely a part of me worth embracing)


Eldarwen said...

LOL =D Rachel, you are sooooo random! *sigh* Yes, the picture is quite lovely. =)


Elizabeth said...

Rachel, it looks as though we are only about two or three hours from each other! Well, if you are ever up this way, we should meet! :) And if I am ever down your way we should meet lol! ;)

God bless ~ Elizabeth

Whitney said...

A little late...but.

Me too.
I love Greg Laswell!!!