Friday, April 23, 2010

Cheers of Yesterday

Oh mee oh my
I so totally meant to post this yesterday, but I crashed.
I've been extremely tired in the evenings lately,
and my stomach has been doing a lot of flip flops the past few days.
{nothin' serious, it just doesn't feel very happy. psh I hate ranting about myself, cause it doesn't seem fair to you all... so there, my little rant is over. =]
but one of the perks of attending community college is the fact that I never ever Have classes on Fridays. ( which means catching up on sleep)
So yesterday was one hug big ol'e blur in my face. You know, the kinda day where you are going non-stop and you can't even remember if you ate any food that day, or if you brushed your teeth, and your brain is about explode from all the studying.
And driving home from my intern at 7:30pm, I was in a complete daze. ha ha.
I was covered in sweat and dirt and horse hair
( ooh the Florida Humidity is creeping in already, but that means SUMMER!!!)
And my riding boots were caked up to my ankles in mud, and I just sat there, driving like an old lady who had just finished a water aerobics class.
My eyes glazed over and my brain was probably making sloshing noises.
I was pooped.
which means I was in DESPERATE need of a pick-me-up.
I was starving, and thirsty at the same time. but I was far too warm for heated up food.
oooh boy, I seriously needed something fast before I just drove straight off the road and into a house.
And what did I pass while creeping along the highway towards home?
Steak & Shake
Its' red, white, and black little building lighting up like a beacon.
The big milkshake billboard calling my name.

A Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Milkshake? YES PLEASE!

*sigh* yesterday turned out to be a very good day.



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Brittany said...

Icecream can boost any day!

Anonymous said...

I dont see any braces?!! ARE THEY GONE????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!