Tuesday, April 20, 2010

~tErRiFiC TuEsSdAy~

you know it.
you sense it
you feel it.
so don't be hate'n and don't be ignorin'
Frighteningly good third day day of the week is here.
Go chew some terrific gum and then twirl in the warm sun
while attempting to blow terrific bubbles.
{ anything can be terrific today, even hiding in a corner, I'm just sayin'}
So I don't know about you all , but when I have an awfully hard time falling asleep....
{ where your mind keeps racing with all the things you forgot to do and need to do, and no matter how many times you roll over it feels the same, and there is some ultra annoying sound or light blaring}
.....my ipod comes to the rescue. I have this one song that no matter what, the minute I play it , I can breathe, relax, and it puts me in the perfect mood for sleeping.
I call it my sleeper sound.
and that's today's Terrific Item.
My sleep sound/ artist is
Greg Laswell
his music in general is pure genius.
It gives me that "i'm so happy my heart could burst" vibe every time I listen to it.
His voice is incredible, and soothing.
{ ooh dear, am I facing a crush epidemic here? *sheepish grin* ooooh yes}
The one song of his I always go to play when I can't fall asleep is
And Then You
it puts me into a perfectly relaxed state right away, I'm not sure how or why it ended up being him and this particular song( the lyrics are so sweet!)
but it works. and I heart him ha ha.
So I just had to share this with you, because music,
especially music that helps me chill, is totally terrific.
Here's to a good night's sleep!
& the Terrific Question of the Day is....
What is your sleep sound?


Cailie said...

Enya! I also did homework to her which was sometimes a problem.. Coldplay and Jars of Clay also work for me:) Mmmm sleep sounds so good right now!

Anonymous said...

The Call by Regina Spektor

Hannah Sue said...

aw I missed Tuesday :( It's Thursday now

Dani said...

It use to be all sorts of stuff, but unfortunately the current fall asleep sound is Gary snoring, and if any one remembers the last sleep over at the Church, he has a horrible snore.