Thursday, October 21, 2010


So yes, it has been almost a month.
I am well... quite well actually, just oh so busy.
One week down one more to go.
( I do believe by the time I am done with this program I shall grey hair and ulcers!)
The Vet Tech program is.... INTENSE. I constantly feel like I should be studying... there is so much I need to know!!!
throw in 3 exams huge exams in ONE day and.....
stress has an all new meaning for me... ha ha.
But I am LOVING it, ( sounds like a contradiction eh?)
it's so different from the Gen Ed classes I took before, very focused on the big picture, and I get sad when Thursday rolls around and I have to leave all the other students and my teachers. sure we all look like the blueberry brigade in our matching scrubs...but its kool. lol
I actually enjoy studying a little( more so than before) *gasp*
Throw me a challenge and I am on it. *grins*
I am blessed with great teachers.
-when your Physiology and Anatomy teacher breaks out into a robotic dance during class or throws up his hands and shouts PHYSIOLOGYYYYY!!!! ROCK ON!!!!!! DUUUUUDE!!!- you know you're gonna get through the 2 years juuuussst fine.
I am blessed with AMAZING friends in the program, ehh, stuck with them all for 2 years might as well put on your happy face and make friends! ha ha.
but no, seriously, if it wasn't for the motivating and encouraging folks I found to study with, I would be ,drowning in the overwhelming load, pr no longer in the program!
So I apologize for the absence.... *blushes* I feel awful, but once midterms have passed perhaps a weekly post will be in order =] I do so miss rambling in my ittle corner on web.
I feel like I am learning SO much, I think I have found my "calling"
( midterm results will determine that for me)
School will be my life for 2 years *faints* but Lord willing it will be worth it!!!
..... and maybe I will emerge out of all of this with a slim whim of socialization skills left, and not too many grey hairs.... LOL
Here is some pics of what I've been up to the past month

Studying with a side of Moe's Veggie wrap.. yum

One of the sweetest patients!

Therapy time= spending a day at the barn

Late night splurge at Applebee's after studying= cookie heaven!!

A little friend who was watching me



Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you're having fun with it! That's the key!

Hannah Sue said...

I still haven't figured out what everyone else is so busy with. I've had like two midterms out of six classes. Maybe it's because I haven't gotten into my major courses yet...

Max-Frederick said...

You can do it, I believe in you!!
You got this! :D