Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Another Christmas Holiday has come and gone.... happy. sad. happy. sad. happy....
It's seem as each year passes the more vividly I can remember last years' Christmas and other holidays... as if it was literally just a month ago and not a whole entire YEAR.
I guess this is proof that the older you get the faster time flies.

I've never been a huge holiday fanatic, and I think it's because of how commercialized they have become ( especially Christmas) When stores are having Christmas sales in June and stacking all the Holiday "must haves" floor to ceiling the very second November rolls into town .... ehh.
It just puts a slight damper on my "holiday spirit" much to early! annnnd then the Music. I refuse to take notice of ANY of this until December 1st. Otherwise I might turn into a Grinch!! ha ha

This year I realized what I truly love about Christmas. ( besides the reason for this season!)
and I suppose it's just something that comes with growing up.. you see things in a different light then you did before, I've come to appreciate so much more of it and enjoy the process of it all rather then just the end result. I appreciate everything my parents did to make the day possible, the work and thought that was put into each gift. It's a weird weird feeling when you suddenly realize you've changed in some way, not who you are as a person but when you jump from one phase of your life to another... it can make your head spin when you try to catch up!

I love home and the families. I love how my family has little traditions that we do every year... Like having a xmas cookie baking day, watching the Preacher's Wife and Holiday Inn on Christmas Eve, and then White Christmas and It's a Wonderful Life on Christmas day, I love how we all grow even closer to each other, how we sleep in late on Christmas Day and then eat a big hearty breakfast before opening the presents, I especially loved watching my younger siblings experience it all as the day unfolds...... and how I used to light up just like they did and try to contain my present opening excitement while the parents took their time eating breakfast... don't they know we eat breakfast every day... can't they go FASTER so we can get to the GOOD part!!!??? Ha ha, and now I'm one of them who is actually taking her time at breakfast and chatting away.

So I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas Season, whether you are a slight Grinch or a huge fanatic.

Picture via weheartit because I just think it's adorable.


Nicole Jeannette said...

I completely forgot about the Preacher's Wife. That's one of the best soundtracks of all time! Love you blog!

Kelly Spezzano said...

Our little Rach is all grown up *sniff sniff* :) Sounds like you all had a blessed day!

Brittany said...

Aw...Looks just like Lexi!

Dani said...

Kelly, I was thinking the same thing. Where did the super serious Rachel come from? I mean we know she has deep thoughts, but I was expecting the crazy-happy-CHRISTMAS-screaming-slightly-like-a-small-child Rachel.