Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A Journey of Thankfulness-Day 13

Day 13- Prayer
I am so thankful that at any moment, place, time, or for any reason I can simply bow my head and lift my thoughts and prayers up to the Lord. This is an honor and privilege that I often neglect and take for granted. Even when I am in a place or situation where bowing my head or kneeling is simply not possible, I can still send a silent prayer up to the Lord. He is always present, ready to listen. 
I am thankful that I can personally have a conversation with God! WOW! 
The Creator of the entire Universe listens to MY prayers!
Prayer is a beautiful gift  to not only use when I am in sincere need of something, but when I am full of thanksgiving, praise, or lifting someone else up who is in need.  
Prayer is not meant to be a wish list to God, 
but a way to communicate with the one who knows you better than you know yourself. 
I am so thankful for prayer!

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